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Gia: Portrait Of A Pornstar reviews

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19 reviews

For some reason I thought this was really a documentary, even while watching it because of the style, but it's just an attempt at a story-arc in porn. It's not worth the price, not even when it's free.

I didn't know when I got this DVD that it would be two discs, and when I opened it and saw that it did I got excited. The first disc is the story behind the porn star Gia. It starts by showing how she got into doing porn. She did not go straight into it at first, it just kind of happened to find her. In between each scene is commentary from the people that knew her, people in her life, producers, directors, other porn stars, friends, and ex lovers.

Gia is loosely based on the 80s supermodel, and this 2 DVD disc set allows you to watch the full movie or, if you’re not into plot and acting, just the sex scenes. Sunny Leone is featured in 5 of the scenes, including 3 girl/girl scenes, and the second disc comes with a bevy of extras. If you’re a Sunny fan and and enjoy a heavy dose of girl/girl in your porn, you’ll likely enjoy this.

The acting was awful, the lighting was bad, the sex was... lacking. I'm not really sure there is anything good I could say about this movie.

Director Spencer Benedict's masterpiece, and one of the greatest adult movies of all time. Just be warned, this is not your typical Triple X fuck fest.

This is a porn for people who enjoy a story with their sex. It is kind of long but has some well place, acted, and filmed interviews with real life porn stars to help bolster the story. The sex ranges from common to entertaining with most in the common category.

I'm giving this a rating of 3. I'm taking away stars because it was ridiculously long and it's silly to expect people to watch a porn for 3 solid hours. I also felt that there wasn't enough variety in the vanilla sex that the movie presented.

Gia: Portrait of a Pornstar is unlike any porno I've seen before. It's based on the real life rise and fall of Gia, played by Sunny Leone. All in all, the film is great! The sex is beautiful and luscious, it's shot well and the story was interesting. If you are a fan of girl-on-girl and particularly if you are a fan of Sunny Leone, check out this film.

I really believe that this could have been an amazing movie. Maybe if they had spent more time going over their lines and getting them down to the point that they flowed as well as the Behind the Scenes interviews, this movie could have been really good. I enjoyed the sex and I love that you can watch the sex only on this dvd, but overall I enjoyed disc 2 so much better than the actual movie itself.

In this 3 hour film, you can get a glimpse of the rapid rise and fall of a pornstar. Loosely based on the story of the supermodel of the same name, Gia succumbs to life in the porn world.

The story of Gia is one of ups and downs, raise and falls. From one of the most sought after stars of her age to being confined in a jail cell. This film has a good story that is made better by even better actors and actresses. The film has sort of an artsy quality within it that adds a certain dramatic flare. However, some may find the drug use and the fall from grace of a human being a little bit unsettling.

Gia is a movie that portrays the familiar story of a young woman and her rapid rise and fall from stardom. In this case, Gia is a promising fashion model that quickly becomes involved in pornography and drugs before she flares out. Although the sex is for the most part vanilla, the film does make several attempts at creativity not seen in typical porn, although with mixed results. Ultimately, poor technical aspects regarding the film quality and a disjointed storyline doom this film for me.

Gia is a reimagining of the real life model who lived a rocky life and later died. This version shares the her bi-sexual ways and a few key plot points, that is about it. With a higher quality equipment and an editor on board who knew what they were doing, some creative changes could have made this an awesome feature. Watch the sex only version and you'll thank me.

Gia is a really interesting porn film. Loosely inspired by true events, the story follows the rise and fall of a successful porn star. The lead, Sunny Leone is great in this film and the acting from everyone else is really good for a porn too. There's not enough non-vanilla stuff to keep me watching this again and again, but I'd still recommend it and will watch it at least once more before passing it on.

If you like porn movies with excellent plot development and the interesting twist of monologues from real life porn industry professionals but don't care if the sex scenes are all ordinary, this movie is for you. With eight scenes there was room for variety but it just wasn't there.

A movie based on the life story of a porn star that was as beloved as Gia is a fascinating prospect. Vivid entertainment has done a credible effort at showing the behind the scenes life she lead through interviews with other stars who knew her. The movie is ambitious and just misses the mark simply because there was just too much going on to be compressed into 3 hours. Broken up and possibly without the sex scenes this would have been a stellar movie.

Gia is an enticing glimpse into what it takes to become a porn star. Follow the heroin as she enters the industry and listen to stars give interviews about her. Plus, see some really great sex which spans everything from vanilla to hard core.

I suggest approaching this as two different films: Watch the sex scenes only, then watch the documentary part and fast-forward through the sex scenes so you can follow the plot. Not great cinema, but a great effort at doing something different.

If you like vanilla, "typical porno sex" that overshadows the plot, then this movie is SO for you! However, if you're anyone else, go ahead and skip this one. Chances are, you will be just as disappointed as I was with it.

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