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Poor Gia

If you like porn movies with excellent plot development and the interesting twist of monologues from real life porn industry professionals but don't care if the sex scenes are all ordinary, this movie is for you. With eight scenes there was room for variety but it just wasn't there.
Interesting monologues, good plot development
Too long, boring sex
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This is one long movie. Three hours. Eight sex scenes. Sunny Leone is the star, playing the model turned porn star Gia, who achieves fame and success, then slides down from drug abuse and other problems. Sunny stars in five of the sex scenes. The most interesting part of the movie is the brief monologues from people who are in the porn business in real life, most notably Ron Jeremy. These monologues are scattered throughout the movie and serve to tie all the scenes together and paint a fuller picture of Gia's story.

About two thirds of the movie is sex. All of it is vanilla. Much of it is girl on girl. Thankfully toys were used in many of the girl/girl scenes and Sunny does seem to know how to stimulate a woman with her fingers. But I didn't feel that there was enough variety in the scenes to hold my interest. And certainly there wasn't anything that would make these scenes different from so many other movies.

The movie begins with Gia working in a bar while a coworker urges her to find something else to do where she'll earn more money. She answered an ad for figure models, not realizing that the job was for more than just modeling.

Her job interview includes a photo shoot of her without clothes. Her first assignment is to model a bathing suit. The second assignment is with a female photographer. This one turns into her first sex scene. The highlight of this scene is that each uses a glass toy on the other.

In the next photo shoot, she asks that a woman who is standing nearby (Tori Black) join her in the shoot. Predictably, they end up in bed afterward, in Gia's apartment. As with the first scene, they are both entirely too loud. A marvelous looking, large toy, then a vibrator, is used in this scene after which Gia is DPed with both toys.

The next morning Tori leaves and we see how needy Gia is as she begs her to stay.

Gia calls her agent because she can't sleep. He advises her to take the pills he gave her. So starts her path into drugs.

Gia then arrives for her first movie only to find that the make up artist is Tori. The tattoed man (Ariel King) her scene is with gives her drugs to relax her. While waiting for her scene, she watches another couple do their scene. They are the loudest kissers ever. The woman in this scene begins moaning before the man even begins oral. Multiple positions are used but all boring vanilla sex.

Then Gia's scene begins. You know she's going to be moaner by her strong reaction as he kisses her abdomen. Their scene is relatively brief. She then has a date with him. We see snips of her date plus Gia attending a few porn events. Then we fast forward to them living together.

During Sunny's scenes with Ariel, her acting is incredibly bad. You are completely aware that she's acting the entire time. Or maybe she just has trouble acting when arguments or negotiating are involved. She breaks up with him, but later, she is forced to have a sex scene with him when he substitutes for someone else at the last minute. Her distaste for him shows in the first half of the scene. Gia's friend Tori looks on with disgust at her behavior. Or maybe she's jealous. It's hard to tell. I actually liked this particular sex scene the best. I've been waiting for a porn actress to for once not act like every single action of their partner sends them to the stars.

We see at the end of this scene that the bed they are on for this porn movie scene is the same one that is supposedly the one in their apartment when they lived together. Perhaps there were only so many beds available for this movie.

Gia becomes successful and tries to insist that she only will do girls, but her agent pushes back.

She gets back together with Tori. Sigh... another girl on girl scene. They use toys and she again holds dildos in her mouth as she uses them on her partner. Afterward, she sneaks into the bathroom to do drugs. She then shows up to direct her next movie while obviously hungover and unable to give direction to the actors. Gia looks bored throughout. She should be. Their scene is entirely vanilla.

We then see a few scenes that show her continued descent into drug addition and how her life and how the good parts of her life are spiraling away from her because of it.
She goes to rehab and we see her struggling with withdrawals there. She returns home, but is never the same again.

Once again she tries to direct but she is still exhausted and unable to direct. We see her try to direct once more, with dark glasses on, as a couple does their scene, which this time includes anal.

I don't know how the Angelina Jolie movie by the same name, of which this is a take-off, ends. I imagine both Gias meet comparable fates.

While I really enjoyed the regular injection of monologues from real life porn industry professionals and that the plot was better developed than in most porn movies, the sex scenes seemed like scenes I've already watched multiple times in other movies.

The first disk can be played in sex-only mode. The second disk contains Behind the Scenes footage, interviews and photos.
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  • Contributor: Stinkytofu10
    Thank you for the review.
  • Contributor: November
    Good review. You were very thorough! It's too bad this film was so boring for you. Three hours is a long time, especially when you're bored!
  • Contributor: Tuesday
    November, Thanks. I was already in a bad mood when I started the movie, but sadly, nothing in the movie changed that.
  • Contributor: Viktor Vysheslav Malkin
    Great review Tuesday! I think that the industry needs to look at the film Pirates 2. Not that everything should be compared to it but with Pirates 2 they really hit a good balance with their scenes, they were still sexy but did not drag on. So many films seem to have sex scenes that drag on and on and on and on and on..... and on..

    Great review! I enjoyed reading it!
  • Contributor: Tuesday
    Thanks Victor!
  • Contributor: DiamondKoala
    Thanks for the great review. I thought it could be significantly more interesting as well.
  • Contributor: Missmarc
    Thank you for sharing!
  • Contributor: BusyMe
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