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26 reviews

To me this film is just not worth the time or money, as I know there are probably better films out there that cater to lingerie enthusiasts or fans of "clip" style pornography.

I was excited by the concept of this film, but was let down. It didn't have enough of different things to keep my interest and I wasn't a huge fan of most of the cast and or pairings. I would love to see this redone with a more polished look.

If you have a lingerie fetish, this may be the DVD for you. If you don't, I suggest you find a different DVD.

Beautiful production values and a tight focus on the target fetish make Intimate Things a top choice for those who love lace and lingerie; and still a solid purchase for anybody looking for a great straight-focused DVD.

Besides the great back drop for this movie and the hot people in it; this movie doesn't offer much. I found the womens moans to be too loud and distracting. As well as the whole putting on lingerie before having sex got kind of boring after the first 1 or 2 scenes. Overall this movie was/is not one of my favorites.

If you would like to give your gal a date night to remember, this is the film to have. It is a film for making love.

I recommend this only if you like hearing all of the slurps and other sounds associated with sex along with the women over-acting. Otherwise keep on looking.

Mike Quasar knows how to shoot a good adult film, he has so many times before, and Intimate things is no exception. Mike Quasar has a knack for finding some of the best locations, whether it be exterior shots, or the many elegant interior locations featured in Intimate things, Mike is tops in this department. Intimate things is a must have for all you lingerie lovers out there, six women try on multiple different sets of lingerie before getting down and dirty.

This DVD is just not good. It's boring, most of the actors pretty much phoned in their performances, and the editing was poor. The lingerie was pretty, but most people don't get off from just looking at lingerie. If you're a hardcore lingerie fan or enjoy vanilla, repetitive sex, you may enjoy this porn, but others should look elsewhere.

If you have a lingerie fetish, this movie is for you! Most of the movie seemed to be putting clothes on and taking them off. The scenes were good, but not great by any means.

Intimate things is a porn that focuses on ladies wearing lingerie. The scenes have similar layouts and all have the ladies leaving at least part of their lingerie on. If you love ladies and sexy lingerie, you'll definitely find something to get you off in this movie!

This is a collection of five rather vanilla scenes which only stand out for their focus on lingerie. If you love watching women change in and out of bras and panties, you might find it compelling, but if you're looking for hot sex scenes that stand out from all the rest, you'll likely be disappointed with this release.

This DVD is great for someone who enjoys watching women dress and undress repetitively. If you enjoy two and a half hours of the same thing over and over with an emphasis on blow jobs and intercourse you will enjoy this movie. The camera shots and lighting was great and the women were very sexy. The outfits were also very sexy, but for me, one outfit was enough.

Intimate Things is the kind of porn I imagine teenage boys watching. It is formulaic and there are many large breasts and fancy negligee. Though the whole cast are professionals and proficient at what they do, it wasn't enough to turn my crank really. There are some things to love about it: some beautiful asses, lovely women dancing and moments of good chemistry. Overall, though, you're not going to get anything in this film that you wouldn't get somewhere else.

Intimate Things is a porn designed for lingerie lovers. A basic porn bursting with gorgeous women in beautiful lingerie. Stunning. Watch it for inspiration regarding lingerie selection or watch it to get aroused.

All in all, I really did not enjoy this movie. I, however, do not have a lingerie fetish. If someone that does watches this movie they can have a total different opinion on this film than I have. One thing that really turns me off on porn films is when you can hear the director giving directions to the actors! And the sex was very vanilla, especially the so called threesome in this movie.

This movie has no plot, but it does have sexy women with lingerie. They put it on and take it off and then have sex. Good for people who want to watch straight sex without having to fast forward to the good parts. Also good for people who like sex with lingerie on.

Oh this thing is just a DVD that will take up space in our drawer and collect cobwebs. It is simply five scenes of chicks putting on lingerie, taking it off again, doing some oral, having some straight vanilla sex and the guy cums. The moaning alone made me want to wander off....

I was surprised to find that I enjoyed this film for the most part. The music was fitting and other than the bedroom talk there is no dialog at all. The lingerie is beautiful. If you need some ideas of how to dress sexy for your partner, this movie might give you some great tips.

If lingerie is your thing, you will surely appreciate this movie, even if all 5 scenes are the same thing.

While this porn is visually attractive with its gorgeous background setting, luxurious lingerie, and well-lit camera work, I just found myself bored and disappointed. It consists mostly of women putting on lingerie before having sex, which was all the same, and then moaning loudly and without any realism over the nice background music. Just not my thing at all.

This is a movie for men who like to frequent strip clubs. It will also be apealing to those men who ONLY think about their own pleasure when it comes to sex.

Intimate Things is on unsure footing as a lingerie fetish film, or even as a couple's film. It is, however, a pretty good no-plot gonzo sex film. The actress are hot, the sex is steamy and it's well made. It all depends on what you are looking for. Regardless, if you're a Julia Ann fan, this is worth checking out.

If you are looking for a vanilla movie with tons of lingerie, this is it. That is about all it has to offer though, so if you want a movie with a plot or a lot of variety this is not for you.

This movie will appeal to those who enjoy watching women slowly put lingerie on, then slowly take it off. Marco Banderas excels in this movie, but the rest of the sex scenes were good but not remarkable.

If you have specific fantasies about women removing and putting on lingerie, this porn is for you, but it's not as inclusive as a regular porn movie.

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