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Entirely not my cup of tea.

If you have a lingerie fetish, this may be the DVD for you. If you don't, I suggest you find a different DVD.
Girls look pretty.
Scenes are all similar, too much time focused on lingerie.
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Content / Genre / Audience

Let me start by saying that there was nothing about this DVD that I enjoyed at all. I felt like it was more a fetish DVD than a regular couples DVD. The entire focus was on lingerie, and was more about the lingerie than the sex (in my opinion). I felt like I could sum the entire DVD up by saying that each scene went like this: Put lingerie on, take it off, put on a different set, have normal vanilla sex.

The girls were hot, the lingerie was pretty and sexy, the scenes were elegant and nice, and the music was pretty, but this DVD just didn't do it for me. The opening credits kind of summed up the movie too. They pretty much showed all the scenes in the beginning, and even though you only saw pieces of each scene, you didn't really miss much. I'm never a fan of a DVD that shows the entire contents in bits and pieces during the opening credits.

I felt like the lighting was soft and sensual throughout the DVD. It helped set up the scenes. I think it made them feel elegant and soft. Sadly, that's all I could really get out of the entire movie. Soft, it was too softcore for me, and too focused on lingerie stripping.

The music is fairly dominant in the stripping and dressing parts, where the girls put on and take off lingerie. I suppose it fits the scenes well, it sounded nice and wasn't overly annoying. It stays loud in the beginning of the sex part of each scene, which is a little annoying. But it dims into background music after the scene gets serious. Eventually it tapers off completely, and you can hear only the sound of the couples.

Camera angles
All the camera angles worked well enough, I believe. You can see everything that is going on. My only complaint is the amount of times that it cuts to show another angle and fades out the other scene. It's a little excessive. I understand the girls are stripping/putting lingerie on, but I don't need the angle to change by cutting the scene every few seconds.

There are a total of five scenes. Each scene is fairly similar to the last, only a change in scenery, lingerie, and actors/actresses. Pretty much each scene goes through two pairs of lingerie on the girls, sometimes more. They put it on, take it off, put another set on, and then have sex. The sex typically goes in a routine for each set. Oral sex, vaginal sex—it's very vanilla and doesn't really get me going. A couple of the girls can deep throat well. The sex positions aren't varied all that much between scenes. Pretty much every one is finished with the guy coming on the lingerie. I also felt like the girls were extremely loud and made too much noise. Mariah Milano doesn't shut up the entire scene, she talks the entire thing, and while it is dirty's just too much. I wanted to ram a sock in her mouth.

There is one threesome scene, F/F/M. It still goes the same as the other scenes essentially. The girls try on lingerie together before the guy mysteriously appears when the scene changes. The girls in this scene annoyed the hell out of me because they made slurping/sucking sounds the entire time they were doing the blow job, which was entirely unattractive and unnecessary. They weren't sucking dick when they made those sounds, they just would let their mouth hang open and make slurping sounds. It was just annoying to me. I don't mind slurping sounds when the cock is actually in your mouth and you are making the effort to give a blow job. But just staring at the other girl, or at the camera and making those sounds every two seconds is just disgusting. One girl continued to make these sounds the entire scene, even after the blow job. I ended up getting so annoyed with it that I skipped most of the scene.

These were the actors and actresses paired together, in order of scenes:
-Grace Glam & Chris Johnson
-Marco Banderas, Monique Alexander, & Kagney Linn Karter
-Michael Vegas & Mariah Milano
-Julia Ann & Mark Wood
-Shyla Stylez & Anthony Rosano
    • Hetero
    • Threesome scenes


Anthony Rosano, Shyla Stylez, Mark Wood, Chris Johnson, Mariah Milano, Michael Vegas, Julia Ann, Gracie Glam, Monique Alexander, Kagney Linn Karter, and Marco Banderas.

The actors and actresses seem to have enough chemistry with each other—there were only a few scenes that I could tell there was no chemistry. The threesome scene was bad. The girls interacted poorly with each other and often times weren't involved, period. I just wasn't into the entire thing. I don't have a fetish for lingerie. I enjoy the lingerie, and I like that girls look sexy in it, but I want to see them take it off and then have sex. I don't really care to see as much focus as there was.

On the plus, the girls looked very pretty in the lingerie. Often times, it looked like the lingerie got in the way during sex, and it showed by them constantly tugging at it or messing with it and trying to move it. It just seemed unnecessary to me.
    • Interesting costumes

DVD Features

-Scene Selections
-Behind the Scenes
-Length: 2 hours, 30 minutes
    • Not very discreet packaging

Personal comments

I didn't like most of the scenes, nor the idea behind the DVD. I like Michael Vegas, and therefore enjoyed his scene, but even it was sort of ruined by the fact that Mariah Milano wouldn't shut up the entire time.

The threesome scene was poorly done, and therefore was really out of place during this DVD, especially since every other scene was just a couple. One threesome scene, where the girls don't really interact much, just could've been left out.

Also, this is going to sound hateful, but Shyla's boobies look fucked up. Her nipples the wrong place. I was so distracted by that that I didn't pay much attention to anything else in her scene.

The only really interesting part of this movie was the behind the scenes, which I actually enjoyed watching. There was a bit of sex going on that had better chemistry "off set" rather than on.
Follow-up commentary
I've pretty much tossed this to the very bottom of my porn drawer. I have not watched it again and have no interest in doing so. I'm hanging on to it for the chance that I might run into a friend that may want it, because I hate to throw things out. But I'm still severely disappointed in this one so much that I have no desire to try again.
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