Intimate Things - erotic video by Zero Tolerance - review by Viktor Vysheslav Malkin

Intimate Climate

Mike Quasar knows how to shoot a good adult film, he has so many times before, and Intimate things is no exception. Mike Quasar has a knack for finding some of the best locations, whether it be exterior shots, or the many elegant interior locations featured in Intimate things, Mike is tops in this department. Intimate things is a must have for all you lingerie lovers out there, six women try on multiple different sets of lingerie before getting down and dirty.
Sexy lingerie, hot performers, and some of the best interior locations ever filmed!
Anthony Rosano's impersonation of Manuel Ferrara, and constant change of locations.
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Covers & Presentation
The front Cover is absolutely amazing, and features Kagney Linn Karter front and center, not too far behind is Julia Ann and the rest of the babes from the film. The color design is awesome and the blue lettering really stands out against the whitish background/

The menus are very easy to navigate, and the full motion menu is extremely sexy, and features a clip from the movie.

Scene 1 - Gracie Glam & Chris Johnson
This scene starts off with Gracie dancing sensually and fully naked, using slow movements, Chris Johnson can be seen in the background holding a pair of powder blue panties. Gracie walks up to him and he hands her the set of bra and panties, and Gracie puts them on seductively. Chris then hands her a different set , this one a maroon thong and a upper body bra thingy (sorry folks, I do not know anything about lingerie, I know it looks good though). After Gracie puts it on and shows off for the camera, Chris moves in and the two begin to kiss, soon the upper bra thingy is lying on the floor, replaced with something new.

Now its time for Chris to lose something, he looses his shirt and his pants, as the two continue to kiss, and soon Gracie whips out his dick and begins to give oral sex. This leads to some hot vaginal sex in a number of interesting positions, and at some point the music cuts out.

Scene 2 - Kagney Linn Karter, Monique Alexander & Marco Banderas
This scene starts with Kagney and Monique putting on lingerie, Kagney sporting a pretty blue set and Monique a hot maroon and pink set. Soon those two outfits come off and the pair try on different sets. At some point Marco is introduced and the ladies begin to kiss him on a golden satin bed. Soon Marco looses all clothing and the two girls perform oral sex, which ultimately leads to vaginal intercourse with both girls, in multiple different positions.

Scene 3 - Mariah Milano & Michael Vegas
This scene also starts out with a guy (Michael Vegas) handing over some lingerie to a very pretty woman (Mariah Milano). She ascends the stairs and poses strategically; she then descends twice to get two different sets of lingerie, and repeats the formula. The two debark to another location in the house where Michael fingers Mariah, which soon leads to oral sex and vaginal sex.

Scene 4 - Julia Ann & Mark Wood
This scene starts out with the ultra lovely Julia sitting naked on a piano seat, and Mark Wood enters the frame shortly to hand her a nice set of red lingerie. Julia then poses sexily beside the piano, and then changes into another set of lingerie and repeats the process. Mark enters and receives a quick blow job before a change of locations. At this new location (a bed near a bar area), Julia continues with her oral skills and before you know it the two move to vaginal sex. The scene ends after mark ejaculates onto Julia's panties.

Scene 5 - Shyla Stylez & Anthony Rosano
This scene starts out with the very bust Shyla putting on white stockings all the while playing it up to the camera. Soon Anthony walks in and hands her a black set, which he does twice before the sex scene actually starts. Anthony enters again and before you know it, Shyla is giving him a blow job, the two then switch locations and Anthony does his best Manuel Ferrara impersonation (even down to the hair and mumbling). At this new location (A white bed/couch that is not leather) oral and vaginal sex ensues. The scene only ends after Anthony ejaculates over Shyla's panties.

Camera work:
The camera angles were awesome, as was the locations and the sets. The house in which the film was shot looked very elegant and made an awesome location. The use of colors, brightness and contrast was unbelievably good. The picture quality was up to today's standards of awesomeness.

Sound work:
There was music during the dressing/stripping scenes, and it all worked wonderfully, the music seemed to enhance the atmosphere. There were no sound issues in way of the actual sex scenes; everything was clear and easy to hear.

Bonus Features:
Behind the Scenes
Photo Gallery
Cum shot recap
Auto restart
Personal Comments:
Yet ZT (Zero Tolerance) another film that would not read on my computer. Two in one month, I am not having much luck. Perhaps ZT is using a new for of decryption on their discs, perhaps the new discs are not DVD-Rom compliant, or perhaps my computer is not as super as I think it is or it needs an update. Whatever the reason, I have yet to find an answer. Other films run perfectly on my computer.

This is an interesting flick to say the least. I have never been exposed to the whole lingerie fetish. This film must be paradise to those who dig sexy lingerie. To me though, I really only need to see these chicks in one set of lingerie, but hey, I am unsophisticated. All the lingerie sets were very sexy, and that I can say with some form of certainty.

As for a favorite scene, I would have to go with Julia Ann and Mark Wood's scene. Not so much for Mark Wood, he could have been a faceless man doll, and I would have picked this scene above all others. Julia Ann is smoking hot, and when you put her next to something as sexy as a elegant piano, fire works just go off. The set for her strip scene was amazing, and if I could make only one critique of this film it would be to keep the sex scene in this location. Perhaps it was not possible, but I think it would have made for a special and very sexy sex scene.

I unfortunately did have a least favorite, well actually I had two least favorites. I can not say I disliked one more than the other, I disliked them both equally. My least favorite scenes from the film were scene three (Mariah Milano & Michael Vegas) and scene five (Shyla Stylez & Anthony Rosano). Mariah's half ass moaning was a distraction to me, I am not so sure I really believe she was having as good of a time as she was claiming. Anthony Rosano also made me raise an eyebrow, I have never really seen this guy have a bad scene, but there is a first for everything. If you read some of my other DVD reviews, you may find that I have a love-hate relationship going on with Manuel Ferrara, the dude is good at what he does, but he mumbles and talks to much, in this film Anthony does every single thing Manuel does to a point that before I recognized Anthony and read his name on the credits I thought that this was Manuel and he had a circumcision. Even the hair looked just like Manuel.

This is actually a pretty good movie, one that I would have no problems recommending. I am going to give it a four star rating. Two of the five scenes I did not care for, but the three that I did like were spectacular. Each time I get a movie directed by Mike Quasar, I am surprised, I think this guy is just getting better and better, which is saying a lot when he is already so damn good.
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  • ZenaidaMacroura
    I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I pretty much hated it, but ya know. Different for different folks. Or whatever. I definitely hated Anthony Rosano here, though. Awesome review as always.
  • ZenaidaMacroura
    Sigh. Stupid phone. That was "different STROKES for different folks." Haha.
  • namelesschaos
    I don't think the lingerie theme will do it for me. Great review as always.
  • Redboxbaby
    I agree with your assessment of this film entirely! Great review as always.
  • arewehavingfun?
    We would like this movie if it had more actual sex and less modeling of lingerie. We do like sexy lingerie as a prelude to hot sex, but why all the changing and posing? Give us more sex--let the women wear the lingerie during sex, but have sex and stop posing.
  • yeoshua
    Is it modelling or sex that makes this movie?
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