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17 reviews

This movie not only has great production value and a good plot, but some really fantastic sex scenes that appeal to a variety of interests.

Overall, this is the kind of movcanny partner and I can enjoy together. I really prefer these movies because I find them more arousing then straight sex. It creates investment and attraction that had me aroused. It was incredibly well done. High cost production and you can tell. Very fun to watch too!

This movie was GREAT. Worth the price because not only do you have the full movie, but it comes with extras. If you want to skip the movie and just watch them fuck, you can with the extended sex scenes.

Summing it up... It's a great movie for all. Whether you're just starting out, or you love it -- either way you will enjoy it, male or female.

Pirates is a fun and light hearted film that doesn't take itself seriously at all. For the most part the acting is really good. Just the sex is just a bit vanilla for my tastes.

A lot of "modern" (read 21st century) porn is formulaic bang-bang-squelch. "Pirates" remembers when a cohesive story was a part of the package as well.

I really enjoyed this and wished I had gotten it sooner. There was mostly plot to this movie, with about 5 minutes of sex scenes thrown in here and there. The scenes were typical porn, and they got me aroused. But if I was wanting to masturbate, they would be too short before moving back into the plot. The cast did a great job, they had some really funny lines, and the movie was well done for a porn.

This film is definitely worth the money. It is by far the best adult film that I own. I plan on watching the second on as well.

If you're looking for a movie to watch as a couple and are nervous or uncomfortable with the idea this would be a good choice. If you're already an avid porn watcher this will probably end up being an enjoyable movie or something you watch with a group of like-minded friends.

It's Pirates of the Caribbean, only with some sex in the middle. Not bad for an all-around or a couples' first porno. But, there are probably others that outshine.

Pirates really revolutionized what should be expected from porn movies. It has a high budget that led to realistic plots, environments, and actors. The plot has lots of great humor, and Evan Stone played the lead role with great acting and really improved the entire movie.

This movie is a ton of fun to watch, especially for the pirate fans among us. Watch it with a partner and have a giggle and a good time.

This is a big-budget traditional porn great for those new to viewing. Also great to watch/act out with a partner. Truly impressive blow jobs, hot male/female scenes and some SCORCHING female/female action--including a late scene with the use of candles for vaginal/anal penetration...will definitely have you hitting rewind.

More than worth the price, Pirates is an excellent adult movie with incredible sex scenes performed by incredible actors. The writers really worked the sex into the overall plot of the movie. A must see that one can watch over and over and never get tired of it!!

This is a very good movie! I recommend it to everyone who is interested in adult films, and many who aren't!

A very well made movie that features soft core porn, and a decent plot. Fun for couples to watch together.

...the girl on girl scenes far exceeded the guy/girl scenes in quality. They seemed less scripted, and the chemistry between the girls was more visible, less forced. The small women with their huge silicone breasts tried to dominate each other and wrestled around.

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