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Helix Helix

Prostate massager by Aneros

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Helix reviews

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17 reviews

I am not excited about this toy. However, I think it is well designed, good for beginners and good for people who have sensitive prostates and perineums (men, usually). It's also not super versatile, but could be good for someone who doesn't mind that.

If you want incredibly powerful hands-free orgasms and don't mind dealing with a learning curve, the Helix is for you. That being said, we were not huge fans of the material. For the price, and with the Aneros name, we expected a little more.

This is a nice solid prostate massager with a shape that hits the spot, but results may vary from person to person. I question the design of the perineum tab. Too pointy & not long enough. These toys are not really one-size-fits-all and results are all over the map. Ideal for kegels. Super O is as elusive as female squirters seem to be. It's questionable whether just anyone can teach themselves to have one.

If you are new to prostate massage and would like to buy something that will last you for years, then get the helix. It is the perfect high quality, entry level prostate massager. I am giving it 4 stars because it does require some practice and perseverance to elicit it's full effects.

The aneros is not just a toy that you buy but a training device. Some people have success very early but I had to do many practice sessions. Every single one was worth the time.

Honestly, this toy did not do what it said it would! My boyfriend is unsure about prostate pleasure in general, but this toy did not help his anal exploration. It is a good size for beginners, and the handle makes it easy to gently insert and maneuver. Maybe men who know they enjoy prostate play will find this toy useful and pleasurable, but we certainly did not.

I can't really fault much of a bad design on this toy, it satisfies most of the main complaints from my Tantus Pro Touch Plug review, but it still doesn't work for me. And since it doesn't want to stay in, it doesn't get used. A great toy that never sees the light of day, so sad.

The Anero's Helix is NOT a masturbator. It is a massager that will bring you to a CLIMAX rather than just an ejaculation. Purchase the Anero's, but do your research into how you should approach the toy since results may take a little longer to appear. When they do, they will be worth the wait!

Great size for beginners, and compatible with all lubricants. Washing is easier than you would expect with most toys. We do wish a different material was used simply to avoid breakage, but we found that the firm manner of the plastic was key in stimulating the prostate. Totally hands free, and can be used during intercourse. Definitely love this toy!

There is a lot of talk that with each use, your pleasure will increase (I didn't see it after three times). It was nice, but far from the great we were expecting.

Overall, I think this is a great toy. It provides lots of stimulation and is lots of fun. A hands-free orgasm like advertised might not be possible or might take some time to achieve, but even without a hands-free orgasm this is toy is lots of fun and well worth it.

This is a toy that would be useful for those new to anal exploration. The high price is certainly a downfall. Stimulation is hard to achieve without a great deal of practice. A number of toys for anal beginners can be had for less. It may be useful to some, though I would expect that pool of men to be limited in number.

The Aneros Helix is a well-known device in the prostate massage world which seems to deliver mixed results. While it did not work fantastically for me, it could work very well for another. If you are curious about this toy, consider your own expectations and how much patience you are willing to have.

The bottom line is, if you are at all interested in the prostate for pleasure, then this should be in your kit. While it may take some people a little time to get used to the types of sensations that it provides, it really has provided me with a type of orgasm different from anything I had felt before.

Phenomenal for both of us, and worth the bit of experimenting and practice required. While it's billed mostly as a toy for men, it's a wonderful toy for use during intercourse as well.

Despite all my criticism the Aneros is a good aid for prostate massage. It's small and easy to carry with you to on any travel. You just have to exercise quite a bit to reach the promised effects.

I noticed a few things, including if you are looking for an 'Oh My God' type of initial sensation, think again. This toy produces very mild and pleasing sensations at first, but the longer you have it inserted, and learn to use the muscles needed for control, the better it gets.

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