Honestly, didn't take much time to get used to!

Great size for beginners, and compatible with all lubricants. Washing is easier than you would expect with most toys. We do wish a different material was used simply to avoid breakage, but we found that the firm manner of the plastic was key in stimulating the prostate. Totally hands free, and can be used during intercourse. Definitely love this toy!
Compatible with all lubricants, Targets the prostate perfectly, Feels amazing, Hands-free
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My husband and I have been on edge for near half a year. Get the Aneros, or don't? We were stuck on the "don't" side after horrific stories from friends, but the reviews on EdenFantasys really changed our minds. We were, however, told that it would take a while to appreciate the toy. We were told it wouldn't be enjoyable right away, and the effects would not be noticeable righ away. I am so surprised because my husband and I slipped this thing in just yesterday and my husband had one of the most powerful orgasms during sex that I have ever witnessed!

Material / Texture

This Aneros toy in particular is made of an FDA approved plastic. It is Non-porous and phthalate-free, which is good to hear. However, curious partners shouldn't share their Aneros' as plastic can have tiny cracks which aren't felt yet hold dangerous germs. Being an anal toy alone, this should be common sense.

The first thing my husband said was "This is a heavy plastic toy. Feels very full". Now, it isn't extremely heavy. He just expected it to feel much, much lighter. We can tell that this plastic isn't hollow due to the weight. This is good to my husband as he really prefers weighty anal toys.

The texture is smooth as can be, which is another good thing as my husband cannot stand any texture on an anal toy. The slightest of textures can be a major NO to an anal plug or probe. We did notice some scratching on the top. Not major, but my fingertips could feel it as well as his bum. Didn't hurt, "I just noticed it" in his words.

The handle and premium massager on the bottom are odd. The are flat, and not bulbous as one may think by looking at pictures. My husband says they feel great, but being so flat he is worried of accidentally breaking them.

Design / Shape / Size

I don't even know how to explain the design, so looking at the pictures is your best bet. It isn't what we usually go for. My husband and I are always aiming to find toys that star small and get larger.


My husband and I were overjoyed at how quickly this product showed results. And since many say it gets better with time, you can definitely count us in to be extremely excited about what lies ahead! It was very comfortable to wear and stimulated areas that my finger or a regular anal plug cannot stimulate on its own. It does not give a full feeling, but the areas it stimulates makes up for all of that and my husband did not complain at all. We will be using this regularly to see how much progress we can make. I'm sure the results can only be good!

Care and Maintenance

Using a toy spray, antibacterial soap, or rubbing alcohol can easily clean this toy. There are no areas in which fluids can get stuck so scrubbing isnt really necessary. We kept the box as it had a storage area inside, however it is a bit large and some may not prefer to keep it. Like I mentioned, I would simply make sure you keep it somewhere where it cannot be crushed.

All lubricants are compatible with this product.


You get a big sturdy box that contains all the information you'll ever want to know about the Aneros and its benefits. There is an instruction manual and an area for storage if you wish to keep the box. Although it is large, keeping the box may be preferred to avoid breaking the toy over time.

Personal comments

This toy was meant to be used similar to how women may use kegel exercisers. Tighten and release the sphincter muscles. After a while you will notice an orgasm stirring up! For some it has taken longer, but my husband had one on the first day! This may be because he has practiced these exercises on regular old plugs and his own fingers - who knows! Anyhow, practice makes perfect and I'm sure any man can appreciate this.


Overall, my husband has already had a fantastic experience. (NOTE: Today is day TWO (2), so if you see the word "today" and "yesterday" used it is because I started writing this yesterday. We were just so impressed with our quick results that we had to write early. I think a lot of our success had to do with the fact that my husband has already practiced these types of prostate/sphincter exercises, but maybe we just had good luck? Who knows! Anyhow, I would definitely give this Aneros line a try because it is amazing!

We noticed major differences in:

- Erection: My husbands erection was HARDER, LASTED LONGER, and he was literally appearing to be LARGER. The second it slipped in I felt his dick firm up big time.

- Ejaculation: Let's just say my husband had to empty a truckload of cum... It was amazing.

- Sex lasted longer
Follow-up commentary
LOVE! This morning hubby positioned himself upright, sitting on a pillow and rocked himself. Best orgasm he claims he has ever had. Jealous!
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