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24 reviews

A lovely toy for anyone who likes to engage in prostate play. However, if you're looking for a small, quiet clitoral vibrator this makes a nice option too.

Since vibrating prostate massagers tend to be larger, this is a good introduction into the vibrating ones after you have tried manuals. Prostate orgasms take practice to achieve so because you don't get their the first, second, third time etc, be patient you can get there. In the mean time, use this toy on the sensitive part of the underside of your penis, masturbate with Billy inserted, even use it on your partner for some extra zing to foreplay fun!

This item was a little pricey, but well worth it. It can rumble my entire groin area in a few minutes. When the tip is directed on my prostate, the feeling is exhilarating. My wife will ask me why I'm moaning under the blankets, never suspecting Billy is at work due to its whisper quiet motor and powerful patterns. The only serious improvement they could make would be a design to stop it from sliding out on its own.

If you're a fan of anal and/or Prostate stimulation, Billy's the boy for the job. The downside is that you really have to learn the controls before you get full use out of him. Not only is this an excellent and powerful quality toy, it also means that men too can lie back and use their very own vibrator. And when you consider that this is just a hop, skip and a jump away from the women's 'Liv' toy, the woman in your life can get just as much fun out of Billy as we boys can.

At over $100, Billy had better be the Ultimate Prostate Vibrator. Even though it isn't perfect, right now, for this reviewer, it is as good as it gets. Its terrific shape and wonderful power are more than enough to keep me cumming back for more. There are plenty of speeds and settings to keep you from getting bored.

I think this toy is very gender-friendly and can please anyone, so I would recommend this item. Every vibration was easy to handle, from small vibrations to intense ones. This item is great for travel as well, and looks very discreet inside the box or the satin pouch it comes with. No more buying batteries, which is a plus, because it is rechargeable. Billy gives the right size to please any woman or man, so this would be a must-have to add to your collection.

The Billy, in short, is worth it. It's smartly designed, using premium materials and care. Rechargeable with a long charge life, intensely and intricately customizable with options for mode and intensity that mesh together seamlessly, it's hard to say anything negative about this toy. When you throw in the versatility of the shape, this is a heavy consideration if you're a fan of prostate stimulation.

Give your man the gift of luxury. LELO’s Billy is the perfect way to pamper your man and show him you care. Don’t have a p-spot? Not to worry, Billy also stimulates all her pleasure zones too. With 5 powerful vibration patters, Billy is the ideal all around vibrator.

Lelo has created a wonderful prostate massager. While the price is very, high once you open up the box and see see the fancy packaging you know that you have spent your money wisely. The massager will give you a new type of orgasm that can not be experienced by only using your penis. I look forward to seeing what Lelo will come out with next for its male customers.

This toy is worth every penny. I'd pay to use it! Great for all levels of anal experience, and as a G-Spot toy. So far, I have not tried a toy that can be compared to Billy. Definitely a must for all who love prostate play.

The Prostate Massager Billy made by Lelo is an extremely luxurious vibrator. It will make any man moan in pleasure and scream your name. Massaging the prostate is really an experience that makes someone moan in a way that you have never heard. Billy is rechargeable, lasts forever, has multiple speeds and vibrations, and makes you turned on as much as it does your man. I love the reactions that Billy gives to my partner and is the perfect prostate vibrator on the market in my opinion.

I've used my Billy several times since it arrived a few days ago, and I'm just as excited about it as I was when I first took it out of the box. It is the most comfortable of any non-glass toy I've used, thanks to the smooth, slick silicone coating and gently curved shape, and the vibration patterns vary from standard pulses to a novel wave. The rechargeable battery means it's always ready for play, and I can get several sessions in on a single charge.

Overall I’m very pleased with the Lelo Billy, and would be inclined to recommend it, but rating it becomes a little difficult when considering the value-for-money. It’s clearly marketed as a luxury item, and the price reflects this, but when you’re spending that much, you could quite reasonably expect it to be waterproof, to be a somewhat larger than it is, and to have a little more power behind the highest vibration level.

Billy, though a bit expensive, is a versatile toy that can please many audiences. While not very large or ultra-powerful, Billy satisfies perfectly in his own way. A great introductory toy for anal/prostate play, and great for couples, Billy is an excellent addition to any toy collection.

Billy is the sort of toy that you invest in, and the rewards may not come immediately, but they do come eventually. Despite its high price tag, I would recommend this product to novice and even beginner prostate players due to its size and potency, plus the recharge feature. All around, a great toy.

I'd recommend Billy to anyone looking for a vibrator that doesn't require replacing batteries, is compact and powerful and will likely last a long time (save for the battery life) even if the price is a bit high Billy is definitely my (second) favorite vibrator to date; it's totally up to the buyer if they think the product is worth the high cost though.

Billy is very unique in his strength and variety of pulsations, making him one of the most competitive prostate vibrators on the market.

The Billy is top of the line. You get what you pay for, and really, it's worth it. The material is smooth, the design is simple, the vibrations are intense, and it just feels good. But if you're looking to stick something in your ass and move on to other areas, go with a different toy. Don't plug and play; spend some time with it!

The flaws in the Billy's design would be easy to fix, but they're also easy to overlook. If you're going to buy one toy to help you or your partner achieve an anal orgasm, I would recommend the Billy. It works well as a clitoral or g-spot vibrator as well, so if you want a toy to share, the Billy is a great choice. However, if you're looking strictly for something to use during intercourse, there are cheaper and better options.

The Billy may just be the perfect toy for the couple that shares. Great for prostate play, g-spot play, anal thrusting, vaginal penetration, clitoral stimulation - and santizable, to keep it safe! Vibrations range from barely there to a high moderate in intensity and are mid frequency so not too rumbly, not too buzzy. The perfect middle of the road vibe no matter how you use it!

Billy is a great anal vibrator from Lelo. He's meant for prostate stimulation, but women will enjoy him anally as well. He's super smooth and his shape makes him easy and comfortable to use. He has strong vibrations and 4 patterns that work at any vibration level. He's on the expensive side, but his performance makes him worth it.

Lelo Billy is a great little toy. It's all-purpose and can work as a p-spot or G-spot toy. It's rechargeable and has multiple vibration settings and modes to please even the most picky person!

Billy may be a little pricey, but as a toy for a guy or a toy for a couple to share, he's well worth it. Prostate massage, G-spot stimulation, clitoral stimulation... Billy does it all!

If you’ve been looking for a way to spoil your prostate, your search may be over. Billy adds a vibrating prostate toy to the Lelo line-up. In many ways it is very similar to Lelo’s Liv, but it has an added ridge designed to make Billy more anal friendly by keeping it from going too far inside. The shaft end is covered in velvety textured silicone which makes it easy to clean. Billy’s vibrator has no less than 7 power settings and 5 patterns and it’s rechargeable. What more could you ask for?

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