Blush UR3 anal starter - probe by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Blush UR3 anal starter reviews

13 reviews
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13 reviews

If you are looking for the perfect anal beginner, look no further. Not only soft and gentle, this toy smells great and has multiple uses. This toy doesn't poke and prod you making you sore like others. This squishy toy fits and moves with you! What are you waiting for?

This toy was a disappointment. It was too soft and too small to add any pleasure to my sexual experience.

If you only want to use a starter anal dildo a couple of times, then this dildo might be for you. If you're looking to use it for years this is definitely not what you should go with. If you're into partner play, and you're the partner doing the giving, know you're in for a fierce battle with an asshole and a very small and mushy taper.

When I first got it I loved it I used it daily but over time I got another toy and stopped using it altogether it's a great starter toy I would still use it if I didn't think I was allergic to it.

Overall, this is a decent starter toy for your anal experiences. It didn't ROCK my world by any means, but it did the job and was pretty comfortable. Used with the right lube, this toy is pretty nice!

Overall, if you're looking to start fooling around with anal toys, I would look for a better - more firm - toy to start playing with than this one.

You will likely have more fun bouncing this off tables and whipping it around than inserting it since it is way to soft to feel. A tampon does more justice than this pitiful excuse for an anal starter. You can't even use it anally!

If you are looking to start anal play this toy is definitely worth a go. It is inexpensive and feels so soft when inserted. This is great for solo play or with a partner. Though if you are advanced at anal play look elsewhere for you will be disappointed.

The Blush simply didn't make me blush. In fact, the only reason I made a face at all was the smell.

This comfortable 1" anal starter can bit tough to manipulate due to its flexibility; unfortunately, the UR3 material is very sensitive and high maintenance. Overall this is a fair product for a butt beginner and at a decent price.

The UR3 Blush Anal Starter may be a little high maintenance when it comes to cleaning and storing, but the care is worth the pleasure. The Blush is soft, squishy, and realistic. It offers an enjoyable beginning for all wanting to start anal play.

I would buy one of these again. It will work, given enough patience, and time. While some would argue against spending time with this guy, I feel it did its job, and if it were made of different material, I'd keep it.

The Rating of NO STARS is for a good reason. The Blush is $10.99 of unsafe and frustrating material, that might as well be sent directly to your local landfill.

This toy needs a better name, ‘Mr.Floppy’! Not only was the toy floppy, the pleasure was a flop too. I was hoping for a cheap buy but this was a tad too cheap for me. This toy was a struggle to use, and next time I'll look more into the toy I buy.

This may be the ideal toy to start your ass on a new and interesting path, however it was not for me. I would recommend it for a male to consider if the shape is sexually appealing before purchase, as it is too late once it is home. If you answer yes, this may be a great addition to your collection! If not, find something more appealing for a fully pleasurable experience.

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