Dr.Joel Kaplan prostate massager - vibrating prostate massager by Cal Exotics - reviews

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Dr.Joel Kaplan prostate massager reviews

23 reviews
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23 reviews

This toy is at a great price for a beginners' toy. I recommend it to anybody interested in getting started with prostate toys, or anybody who likes to have a slim p-toy in their collection

All in all it's a great product and very affordable. It's durable but I wish it was waterproof and run on AA batteries.

For $20, it is a great introduction to using something to put up your man's butt, especially if you don't want to use your fingers. Is it cheap and made out of plastic? Sure. Are there some design problems? Yeah. But if you don't like it, you'll end up tossing the toy, and if you do like it, you'll toss the toy for something better, so who cares about durability?

This toy is great for men starting out with anal play, the slim size in not intimidating at all. The toy looks cheap but actually holds up very well. I have had mine for almost 2 years and the vibrations haven't slowed down at all.

This toy is better off being used as a G-spot Vibe than as a Prostate massager, so I would not recommend this toy to anyone who wants a prostate massager.

Will have to say it was one of our best purchases! Sure it isn't the highest cost or highest quality product for this use but it allowed us to open up and start exploring and playing with prostate stimulation. This toy opened a whole new door for us and it was a great starter to do that. Not to mention it is a great toy to tease your woman with. Great for clit stimulation, as well as hitting her g spot perfectly!

It is great for the first time explorers, with it's length and size. Definitely invest in a quality toy cleaner and lube, then enjoy!

I do recommend buying this toy to anyone who wants one. It is a good toy to use for everybody. My fiance really does use this toy quite a bit and she does recommend it, as well.

This is the perfect toy for introducing prostate play and for first time anal play. This is the toy I would give any of my guy friends that told me they wanted to see what prostate play was like. So I happily give this product a solid 4 star rating. Only losing a star because of some issues with getting hard to handle once the lube gets flowing.

This toy is worth it for beginners. It is small and smooth. It is also easy to use for female and males. The Dr.Joel Kaplan prostate massager is a long lasting toy that my man and I really like but wish it had different and modifying features about it.

If you are a curious beginner, look no further. I started here years ago and now I enjoy not just prostate massage, but insertions of almost 7" inches in diameter! I'm glad that I started small first. If you are an advanced anal player, you'll probably find limited use in this toy unless you are turning on a new partner to anal pleasure.

If you want a sex toy that is universal all around, the Dr. Kapalan prostate massager is the toy for you. Fabulous product great for men and woman!

If your looking for a P-spot stimulator that looks like a G-spot stimulator, that's better for clitoral stimulation, than this is the product for you.

While this would be a great toy for a beginner who wants a little butt play, I wouldn't recommend it for anyone who has experienced a prostate massage because I don't know if that could happen to anyone's satisfaction. Better to use it for the medium vibration qualities and the insertion value.

I would recommend this toy to anyone. It is great across the spectrum of beginners and advanced users. This toy is to the point, easy to care for, and pleasurable.

For a beginner I thought this toy was amazing. It made me, as a hesitant straight male, want to explore anal play at a higher level. The only drawback to this toy is that it has to be wrapped in a condom to keep anything from getting into the head.

Overall, I would have to say this toy is best used by beginners. Advanced anal toy users are going to want to look elsewhere for higher intensity products. It's a great deal for the price, and would make a good "first" anal toy. Hits the P-spot dead on, and the curve seems to be just the right angle to fit anyone comfortably. The only issue is that it isn't intense enough for most, and it's really hard to use solo.

This is the perfect product for prostate play beginners. It is long enough to hit the p-spot with enough shaft left over to hold on to. This toy is waterproof too, which makes clean up a snap! Overall, this product is a great deal for the price!

The look of the toy is ideal for men who are turned off by realistic looking toys. Overall, this is a great toy for couples who want to explore p-spot stimulation or anal play.

Over all I'd say this is just an ok toy for beginners because it is inexpensive. A good toy to see if you will enjoy this type of play but I'm sure their are better prostate massagers out their.

My main reason for suggesting this toy is it's overall beginner friendly shape and size. It delivers very prominently to the "prostate massage" arena.

No matter what we tried we just couldn't find his prostate. Several attempts later we have finally given up on this toy. Might work better for someone who knows exactly where their prostate is.

I like it because as a guy new to anal experiences, it is small enough to satisfy but not so large as to intimidate or cause discomfort.

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