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Anal beads with loop handle discontinued

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I got this toy to provide a gradual introduction to anal for my girlfriend and succeeded in finding an amazing toy that we use regularly with great enjoyment for both. Toy is a lot of fun to use while my partner rides me and it's inserted into her. I think the face for the pull handle gave us both a laugh and actually helped her relax when we first getting her used to the idea of anal play/sex. Plus kind of novelty/cute kind of design that helps you realize sex is supposed to be fun so lighten u

One of my favorite backdoor toys, Felix is a flexible little dude who is composed of five small, tapered beads that are arranged from smallest to largest as a continuous string of silicone. He's very small and delicate, with a fun, whimsical design; nothing about him screams "Anal Destroyer", which may be a plus for those who are looking for a low-key, non-threatening way to incorporate backdoor play into their sexy time.

Whether you're new to anal play and looking for a benign way to get started, or you have experience and know you don't need a feeling of fullness, the Flexi Felix is a winning choice. And come on; look at that cute little face!

Fun Factory pus a new spin on the classic anal beads. Experience the pleasures of anal play with their Flexi Felix anal beads. An easy to use and easy to care for string of erotic fun, there are no strings to worry about. Perfect as your first anal toy, beginners are sure to love it. However, no matter what your experience level is, these are sure to curl your toes.

Felix is an amazing toy guaranteed to please even the most experienced anal lovers. He creates amazing sensations, and is another great example of the quality of Fun Factory toys.

This toy is a great introduction to ass play, and incredibly sensational for her (and him) during intercourse. It is very smooth and fun to play with and allows for easy clean up afterwards. Insertion can be a bit tricky when covered in lube, but after a few plays, we got the hang of it. It is easy to put in and take out, and a fun, cute addition to the bedroom.

Flexi Felix is Full of Flexible Fun!

Felix is just plain adorable! I recommend him if you are a beginner or an advanced user. He is made out of safe silicone, is really easy to use and clean. His cute face makes a good and safe handle. He is super comfortable during use. If you’ve never tried anal beads, I definitely suggest you try Felix! I’m so glad I did. Felix has become my favorite Fun Factory product.

Totally worth it. It's a unique and non-threatening addition to my toy box, and a wonderful toy for teasing and warming up. Also, it's so cute!

Flexi Felix is an adorable set of anal beads made out of luscious silicone. Insertion and removal might take a little practice because they are VERY "Flexi", but feel very comfortable once in place.

I'm looking forward to using this more, however with the first use, I was not as impressed as I thought I would be. Given, I have only used it a couple times. I can't really base my entire opinion off of that. I plan to purchase a new BETTER lube to use with it and maybe that will add to the sensations of this adorable toy.

This toy earns a great big A+ from me for multiple reasons. Not only is it one of the cutest toys I've ever seen, it's also extremely safe and a whole lot of fun. Trust me, you want Felix in your toy box!

The best anal toy I've used thus far. I would recommend it to anyone who is open minded enough to explore anal pleasure.

Felix is yet another awesome toy by Fun Factory. I was a bit worried I wouldn't like him at first, as he's a very long wee beastie, but he inched and squirmed his way into my affections, and I ended up loving him! I found this toy to be a wonderful beginner's anal toy, and it worked well for stretching up to intermediate sized toys!

An adorable, safe and fun little silicone critter just waiting to please you. Great for any level of users and well worth the price.

I love these beads over all that I have tried as of yet, and honestly have no complaints over them. They feel great, are very safe, and I would certainly recommend them.

What makes this toy stand out is that it's 100% silicone and so flexible that it can be used like anal beads on a string. Anal beads like Felix are very rare. But it's the cute factor that pushes this toy into super-stardom! The handle is just sooo cute! This is an especially good toy for newcomers to anal play because it is cute and unassuming, safe and hygienic, and soft with petite beads.

Fun Factory turns out winners. This little Dude is no exception. It has its pros and cons like everything. But its artful and clever appearance and impeccable craftsmanship make this toy stand out amongst the pack of beads. Its deliciously comfortable silicone is ideal for beginners or anyone looking for a mellow set of beads to relax on. Great for your butt, your collection, and as a gift for your friends.

I am in love!

This anal toy is incredibly comfortable, good for multiple uses, easy to clean and adorable! What more could you ask for??

I have to say these are my favorite beads for what I am looking for. It gives me the "pop" sensation that all bead lovers look for while not completely straining myself. The football shape of Flexi Felix's balls give a slow stretch compared to some other balls. Easy cleanup. I think that these are completely worth the buy.

With an adorable flared base that is easy to hold on to due to 2 holes in handle, escalating oval shaped beads and medical grade silicone Flexi Felix is a toy that is perfect for beginners and a toy that experienced users should not pass up on.

Bottom line - Great toy. The silicone material is great for this. Love it. A must have for beginners and pros alike

Flexi Felix by Fun Factory has the distinction of being my favorite toy from one of my favorite toy companies. I love this product because of its superiorly hygienic material, its brilliant design, its delightful cuteness, and its ability to give me an immensely satisfying experience.

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