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Mood naughty small plug reviews

24 reviews
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24 reviews

The Mood naughty small plug is a great beginners' toy. However, intermediate users probably might want to steer clear of this toy because of its odor retention property alone.

Great bang for the buck! And definitely worth the wait. If you are curious about plugs and have never ventured far into it, this is definitely the one to start out with!

If you want to try out some anal play without committing to a full plug set, this item might be just the ticket for you. With smooth silicone and an ergonomic design, it is sure to woo even those used to higher-end luxury toys. Go ahead and explore your backdoor, because now there's just the tool to help you out.

This plug is soft, easy, and intimidating- perfect for those just entering into anal play- but for anybody slightly more experienced, the small size is a bit too gentle.

This plug might be smaller for those more experienced with butt plugs, but its great design and material make it worth buying IMO. It's a low-maintenance toy that's great for beginners, and I would recommend it always.

This is a great butt plug for someone not wanting to be too filled up. It is great for extended use. It is not expensive and is a nice addition to our toy box.

I would say that if you have done any anal play, this may be too small for you. Try one of the larger sizes and you will find more enjoyment out of it.

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Small Plug is totally worth it. At a lower price than many others, the plug is made of a perfectly safe material. It is an easy training tool to use and not intimidating to the beginner. If you're willing to try, this is the toy to start with.

The moody naughty small plug is almost a five-star item, but unfortunately, the base is just a little too flexible for my liking and a little too difficult to grasp for removal. For a more advanced user, these concerns would not be worth an entire star, but this is an item for beginners.

This plug is absolutely worth it. It's silicone, comes in 3 sizes and 2 colors, and has the most comfortable base I have ever felt on a plug. In addition to all that, it is an amazingly good deal at only $12.99.

The Mood Naughty Plug is awesome for beginners interested in the world of anal play. Its slim taper and size make for easy insertion. Made with silicone, it's a high quality toy, and it's easy to clean. Great for men, women, and everything in-between!

I picked up this plug for experimenting with longer term wear, but it is just too small for me as an intermediate anal player. I would have loved to start with this toy, but for me now, it is just too small. This is a perfect toy for those first starting out, but it is on that most will probably out grow quickly

So this is a plug that you can count on and is high quality made. I would recommend this plug to anyone.

Overall this toy is just simply amazing. I do recommend to any girl who wants to try anal play to get this toy. It's perfectly safe and durable. I do love this toy very, very much.

Simply put, if you're a beginner interested in *extended wear* anal play, this plug is a 5-star toy for you. Otherwise, look elsewhere. There are plenty of other more interesting and exciting toys available to suit your needs.

This is great for beginners, but honestly most men's fingers and thumbs are larger than this. I would have perhaps gone with a larger one if I were a beginner. It is very comfortable to wear for long term. You almost forget that it is there. So if you have never had anything in your bum before, go for this one! Can be worn for solo play, intercourse, and long term!

My boyfriend and I have a lot of fun with this little guy, and I have quite the time even when it's just me. It is definitely a good toy to add to the collection because some days you just want a little rather than a lot. This little guy has yet to let me down.

I would recommend this little guy to anyone looking to get started with anal play. It provides a gentle introduction and is very comfortable to insert and wear. This is a great toy!

The Mood Naughty is an excellent, non-intimidating introduction to the world of butt plugs and anal play. It's inexpensive but is still made from one of the safest materials you can get! This toy is easy to clean, easy to store, and is travel friendly. It is a little difficult to insert and is probably too small for someone more experienced in anal play, but overall, would make an excellent choice to a beginner.

The Doc has the right prescription in the form of the playful Mood Naughty Small butt plug. It's a wonderful treat that can be used often because of how easy it is to clean and the pleasures of using it by yourself or with others.

This is such a cute little butt plug! I think it's the ideal starter plug for those new to anal play because it's small, very tapered, and is made from flexible, body-friendly silicone. It's easy to insert, very comfortable to wear, and stays put.

I have nothing negative to say about this Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Butt Plug. This little tan be used in conjunction with sex, masturbation or any type of anal play. The silicone is easily washed and sterilized.

The Mood Naughty small plug is a great plug for beginners as it is about the size of a finger. It is great for extended wear and is extremely comfortable during use. The flared base sits perfectly between your butt cheeks and stays in place.

The Mood Naughty Small Plug is an butt plug that is meant to wear for extended periods of time to prepare for anal stimulation by providing it at the same time. It is very comfortable to wear and has a nice flared base. The plug is comparable in size to a finger, so it is a great beginner plug.

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