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Pfun plug reviews

26 reviews
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26 reviews

If you want an indestructible prostate toy worth its weight in gold you found it. The Pfun Plug is an amazing crafted, beautiful sex toy masterpiece. It provides great stimulation, has a nice design, is wonderfully comfortable, temperature play ready, and so much more. An absolute must for any man's toy chest.

The njoy Pfun Plug is a gorgeous toy that I found to be very effective for G-spotting. It is firm, cool, smooth, and just screams luxury. It is easy maintenance and comes with a beautiful storage box. This one is a keeper and a great introduction to stainless steel.

Boasting the same high quality as Njoy's other stainless steel products, the Pfun Plug is sure to please both men and women (although it's obviously geared towards the former). The surprising amount of comfort means that this is something you'd want to wear for hours - unfortunately the plug wants to slip out each time I stand up.

This is our third Njoy plug. Njoy plugs are perfect. The only addition I would make to this toy is to somehow make it a vibrating plug; I love a prostate plug that vibrates. I don't think that is possible with a metal plug, but that being said... the weight, design, and easy maintenance of the Njoy Pfun plug makes it one of our favorites.

Hands down my FAVORITE anal toy. Njoy is really the best brand out there for stuffing my ass. I own the whole series.

It looks great, it feels great in your hand and in your bum, it looks stunning, and it's so easy to clean, a blind ostrich could do it. Top notch attention to detail that really fills its good value for money.

The Pfun is a medical grade stainless steel plug that is completely flawless and stunning. It's comfortable to wear this heavy weight plug. It's a little on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for, and that is high quality. The only con I have is the packaging, but that is something I can deal with. Overall, this is a wonderful buy! Pfun is my new favorite anal toy.

Pfun, like any other Njoy product, is an experience all its own. From the fantastic packaging to the heavy stainless steel shaft, Pfun is completely off the charts when it comes to pleasure. Everytime I open the box, and I see that gorgeous toy twinkling back at me from its purple satin bed, I feel like I am being proposed to and invited into a world of decadence and sensuality.

I personally would consider myself still on the front side of the learning curve when it comes to anal/prostate stimulation. I bought this toy hoping to achieve the big 'O' but have yet to reach that point. I think this plug definitely has the potential, I just need to find the correct way to manipulate it. I think that intermediate to advance anal players will find this toy to be a great addition to their collection and will be sure to provide great pleasure.

Although this plug did not work out as well as I had hoped for me, don't let that discourage you from purchasing a Njoy plug. They make very high quality toys, and this one is no different. It just did not fit my body right.

If you enjoy prostate play, this would be a great addition to the toolkit. It probably would not be my recommendation for someone new to anal insertion, but I can endorse it for any one not afraid of a little girth. If it stayed aligned better, it would have gotten five stars.

This item is worth it for prostate stimulation lovers who crave the feel of steel. There's nothing better on the market offering the type of feeling this toy has. I do think those with less toned pelvic muscles would benefit from training up first. It is a challenge to keep this toy in without using hands.

I'm a big fan of Njoy and the Pfun Plug is consistent with the quality we expect. When used for prostate stimulation you can expect the powerful orgasm that you've been searching for. Quickly wash it off and wait for your next chance to explode.

It's a great toy, it's good for solo, for couples and for general prostate health. Its durability, cleanness and design make it an excellent addition to those who are looking for a toy that will serve through the entire lifetime. Tons of pleasues year after year. Enjoy!

This an excellent toy and is well worth the premium pricing. I highly recommend it for those new to butt play as well as for experienced folks who are looking for a step up from the standard plug.

The pFun Plug has a great shape for prostate play. It works great if you want to milk your prostate (or have it milked) and it enhances orgasms with its curved tip. I love this toy!

The Pfun Plug is a gorgeous anal plug from NJoy. NJoy continues their amazing job of making great sex toys that are comfortable, easy to insert, and do exactly what they're made to do.

The Pfun is a great addition to my Prostate toy collection. Great stimulation and the weight feels just awesome during use. The price might seem high but this toy can last until you can not use it any more, it will not break, rust or be damaged from storing it next to a jelly toy. It will provide a lifetime of pleasure and firm stimulation to you Prostate or G-spot.

In summation, this toy is definitely a keeper, even if not for my own use. I can't think of a significant con to this toy. I have had loads of fun using this toy with my boyfriend. I have to say that, although I am generally a submissive, there's something delightful about putting this plug in him before going out and just grabbing his ass and watching him jump. Yeah, there's more than a little top in me.

This toy is fabulous! Great for stimulating the P-spot. May be a little advanced for beginners, but with careful and slow preparation, can lead to an amazing experience.

Beautiful toy! Feels good in your hands; heavy, smooth, and shiny. It feels even better in your ass and zeros in on the prostate in a heavy heavenly way.

Pfun isn't just for boys! Its unique design is divine for G-spot stimulation as well as P-spot stimulation. It's smooth, nonporous surface makes inserting its tapered, bulbous head a dream. Just don't wear it with lacy thongs!

The Pfun Plug is a substantial, gleaming steel piece of art for the ass. Gorgeous packaging, a curvy and filling design, easy to use handle, comfortable for extended wear, excellent for use during intercourse. The Pfun plug is superb!

The Pfun plug is something that every guy should own, despite the price tag. The hard 316 grade stainless steel is what I believe to be one of the best materials out there to properly massage your prostate. The design of the plug targets the male g-spot and had me wanting to cum within minutes.

The Pfun plug is in a class of its own due to its unique material and mind-blowing sensations it brings to the prostate. You will come again and again from this toy. If you have never experienced multiple orgasms, this is your toy!

If you are looking for a toy that can provide serious prostate stimulation then you have come to the right place. The Pfun plug by Njoy is made of exquisite stainless steel which has been formed and curved to provide excellent pressure to your prostate. It is not well suited for long term wear, but sometimes you just can't have it all.

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