Not Just Boy's PFun

Pfun isn't just for boys! Its unique design is divine for G-spot stimulation as well as P-spot stimulation. It's smooth, nonporous surface makes inserting its tapered, bulbous head a dream. Just don't wear it with lacy thongs!
Odorless, stainless, nonporous, feels divine.
Not lacy thong friendly, falls out if not worn backwards.
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Pfun is marketed and designed for male anal use; namely, prostate stimulation. However, its bulbous head is amazing for anal G-spot stimulation, as well.

Pfun can be worn for extended periods of time or just for a quick masturbation session. One can wear it under the clothes with little to no hassle, though I wouldn't suggest wearing it with lacy thongs.

It's metal, which makes it great for temperature play. Run it under hot or cold water, but please don't microwave! Unless, you're trying to commit arson. And even then, think of the children!

I'm kinda waffling on whether or not I think this toy is okay for beginners. While 1 1/4" doesn't seem all that big, it is cold, hard steel. There is no give to this toy so it feels a little larger on insertion. It's absolutely divine for the experienced anal player but beginners should probably proceed with caution. That's not to say they can't use it and enjoy it. I just might try a smaller plug first.

Material / Texture

My favorite thing about Pfun is its material. As with other Njoy products, Pfun is made of stainless steel, which is nonporous, heavy and firm. Its slick, smooth surface hardly needs more than a drop of lube. That makes it divine for extended wear.

With materials such as silicone, jelly or rubber, I almost always have a problem with chafing. It doesn't matter how much or how little lube I use, or how long I wear it. If it's a "tacky" material, the traditional rectangle base is going to eventually make my skin sore. With Pfun, this isn't a problem.

Pfun smells and tastes slightly metallic. But because it's made of stainless steel, it doesn't pick up any odors or stains from any areas you use it in.

However, do remember that heavy, firm toys tend to feel bigger than they really are. You may need a little extra warm up before inserting this toy due to its lack of give.

Design / Shape / Size

The Pfun, being designed for prostate stimulation, is slightly curved with a bulbous head, a narrow neck and wide shoulders. It then slims down to less than half an inch and flares back out into a thin, two inch wide and one inch deep oval handle.

This plug is four inches long, three and one half insertable. It's one and one quarter inch in diameter and just under four inches in circumference. The "neck" is a half inch in diameter and the "shoulders" are an inch in diameter.

And it weighs in at a pound and a half. Can you even begin to imagine how nice that much weight feels?

Its shape makes it perfect for extended wear. While the handle looks like it would be uncomfortable, it actually nestles nicely into the crack of your ass while sitting.

I had two issues with the design. When wearing a pair of lacy thongs, the lace got caught between my ass cheek and the metal. Ouch? The other issue was if I tried to wear it turned down toward my G-spot, the weight would pull it out of my ass. Turned with the head pointed up toward my back, the only time I had a problem was when I used too much lube. Thanks to the slick material, a little goes a long way.


Mary Poppins, eat your heart out. This butt plug is practically perfect in every way.

It's filling. Amazing for G-spot or P-spot stimulation. Divine when you turn it. Awesome to wiggle on. Spectacular to wear on your morning walk. Extremely comfortable for hours of extended wear. Needs almost no lube or maintenance. Takes no elbow grease to clean.

Don't wear it with lacy thongs and tie a rope harness through it, or something, if you're going to wear it with the head pointed down rather than up toward your back and you'll love Pfun as much as I do.

Care and Maintenance

I store Pfun in the box it came in nestled in a dresser drawer amongst the rest of my insertables. But if my toy collection keeps growing the way it has been, I'll probably be making up a couple padded bags for my glass and steel, and the box will find its way to the closet till we get a bigger place.

It's incredibly easy to clean. Wash it with anti-bacterial soap and warm water. Place it in the top drawer of the dishwasher. Pour boiling water over it. Wipe it down with a ten percent bleach solution. Because it's nonporous, you can disinfect and share this toy with your partner.

Need a little lube? A drop of water, oil or silicone based lube is all you'll need with Pfun thanks to its slick surface.


This toy comes nestled elegantly in satin that is that neat sort of color that looks simultaneously too red to be purple and too purple to be maroon. The satin sits in a black box with a hinged lid and tucked up underneath the lid are two pieces of ribbon holding a book with the other Njoy products inside.
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    "Mary Poppins, eat your heart out. This butt plug is practically perfect in every way." Big smile
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