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The dipper reviews

8 reviews
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8 reviews

This toy was everything that its ment to be just a little big for someone with no experience. People who are a little more familiar with anal play will enjoy this toy.

The Dipper's a good anal probe for intermediate users. It's got nice curves for anal stimulation while stroking, and it's a decent length to work on depth issues without being too thick. It's also a good warm-up toy for more advanced users looking to play with larger toys/partners. Its size will probably be intimidating for people really new to anal play. It's made of top-quality, body-safe, and hypo-allergenic material, so it's safe for people with sensitivities.

The Dipper is an interesting anal toy. It’s marketed as a butt plug, but I would call it more of an anal probe. It doesn’t stay in very well and it’s very long. However, it’s made out of silicone, is waterproof, and pretty. I found I liked using it as a toy to warm my up butt for bigger toys. I would recommend you purchase The Groove over this one. However, I still like this piece, just not as much as The Groove.

Overall this is a great toy to be approached with a few bits of knowledge in your back pocket; not for sissies and not to be thrusted without caution! But for those who like anal it is great to expand horizons, is a great buy, and beats nearly all sizable anal plugs I've seen.

Overall I would just stay away from this toy. It truly was a major disappointment which is sad since I expected more from a company like Doc Johnson when it comes to anal toys, especially their 'Platinum' silicone line too. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone as it simply is not that exciting and a waste of space if you ask me.

Although the dipper offers some unique sensation (not quite like a butt plug, and not quite like anal beads) it falls short of being a perfect hybrid. It doesn't stay put as a plug and it doesn't provide enough sensation as anal beads. Instead, it falls somewhat strangely in between. It is, however, still fun... as a novelty. The dipper has a very pretty design, and its a good option for those bored with most anal toys. If you're looking for a staple butt toy, keep looking.

I enjoyed the Dipper. It didn't send me to ecstasy, but it's made with some of the best materials and stays in well, as one hopes a butt plug would, and gives a good ride. It’s a "door-opener" toy and for some, maybe a "key" to open the room to "dip" in larger toys. If you’re beginner or are moving to intermediate, it may be for you. It can also be for experts who are just looking to get the fun going, before moving on something bigger. I would say it’s a versatile double, or triple, dipper toy.

I would recommend this product as a start for a beginner of anal sex and you will never be disappointed with a real partner. It allows you to take your time and relax at your will, no rushing or tearing of the anal area.

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