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Silicone X-10 beads reviews

43 reviews
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43 reviews

I was very pleased with this product and I'm glad that I purchased it when I did. It brought excitement to my marriage and now anal sex is one of my favorite things to do in bed!

These beads are absolutely perfect for beginners if you're not looking to get too adventurous from the start and would like to ease into things. If you're just curious or you want a little more fun with your partner, pick it up. I don't think any beginner (solo or not) will be very disappointed with it.

What seemed promising for the price was not to be - the design of the handle is too fragile for me to feel comfortable recommending these.

If you have never done anal play before, this is a good toy for you to get used to it, if you don't mind the flimsy ring. Otherwise I'd look somewhere else.

I think this product is fantastic for beginners, but if you have previous anal experience and are looking for something slightly more exciting and bigger, then definitely look for something a little larger; either a bigger plug or beads. I support the use of this product and think that it is amazing and feels fantastic, especially for those that are just starting out!

These were my first anal beads and among my first specifically anal toys. They were a step up in quality from the toys that I first bought, and I thoroghly enjoyed them. The X-10 Beads helped cement my love for anal play, and I've since moved on to bigger and better things. If you're at all curious about exploring the world through your back-door, these are a great place to start. These beads are fun and not at all intimidating, they'll help you appreciate the fun that you're missing!

These anal beads are definitely worth the reasonable price. They're great for anyone looking to try anal penetration without getting a sizable plug. The ability to insert them one by one is a definite plus and it's easy to keep going. Oh! And they're super easy to clean!

These anal beads are a great deal for the price, with a design and flexibility that is friendly for beginners and advanced users alike. Be aware that this toy is made of a silicone and rubber compound, so those who either do not or cannot use rubber ought to continue their search elsewhere.

If there is a con, I haven't found it yet! The device as a whole is stretchy and seems like it could break if you didn't care for them probably. As long as you care for them and check them for signs of damage often, then I don't see this being a problem.

These silicone anal beads are like no other beads on the market. Soft and flexible they make for an awesome toy for you and your lover.

Overall this is a good buy, great accessory toy to have in a collection. Well worth it for the safe material and the great price!!

The Silicone X-10 anal beads are made of body-safe TPR silicone. They gradually increase in size, making them ideal for beginners and advanced users alike. Storage and cleaning is a snap. However, I can't give them a high rating because of their extreme floppiness and flexibility, which makes insertion difficult and mostly impossible. I did not achieve the experience that I desired because of the complete lack of rigidity.

This toy, though very enjoyable when properly working, is not something that I feel anyone should spend their money on. The ring is much to flimsy, leaving a problem once it snaps in your hand.

This item is worth the purchase for beginners looking for a bit of anal play without using a full dildo or anal plug.

Wonderful for a beginner, but dangerous, especially (I would imagine) for those who play with bigger toys. Stretchy handle and its tendency to follow the beads in could make for a bad situation! But for someone just beginning anal play, this product is a good way to find out what you like.

These are fun to play with but consider the limpness of these before you decide to get these instead of the jelly ones. They feel wonderful inside and being put in or pulled out, but they can be aggravating to get started.

I would say that this product is well worth the money. It is a great starter for anal play. We use it, and it has led to us trying other thing like "pegging".

..Not that kind of Scat, but you had to look anyhow, huh? A bit Scat-er brained about now, are we? Scat stands for Seriously cool anal toys.

These beads were meant to be a safer version of the original X-10 anal beads, since they use TPR Silicone (safety rating 6) as opposed to jelly (safety rating 2). However their odor-retaining qualities and tendency to stretch or break upon removal make these beads not the best choice for many.

Great starter toy for those new to anal, and something for those with experience who enjoy good foreplay before intercourse or larger toys! I love these beads, they last for such a long time with proper care!

Inexpensive, comfortable, easy to enjoy just about anywhere, stimulating and can be used with other toys. Easy to take on trips and very discreet. A fun experience!

This product is worth it for the money but be cautious of poor materials. Easy to adapt for those with little to no anal experience.

My fiancee and I agree that this toy is a great, inexpensive product for beginners looking to try some anal stimulation. These beads are very comfortable when inserted, and we have not had any problems with them. Even though this product is a great deal, keep in mind it is somewhat porous due to it not being made out of 100% silicone, and it may be a little small for advanced users. She says: 4/5 He says: 4/5

This is a great starter set for people interested in trying anal beads. They are small enough not to be intimidating, and you can work your way up to the larger beads slowly. The flexibility of the material allows them to be very comfortable, and the single-piece construction makes them easy to clean and more sanitary than traditional plastic and string anal beads.

These beads are fantastic for the entry level anal enthusiast and will provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment for both partners. I love the feel, material, and smooth contours of these beads. They are a bit difficult to insert since they are so flexible, but once you get past that they are fantastic and feel incredible when being pulled out.

As a first time user, I loved these beads. They feel sexy, and they look sexy! Great color, felt strong so didn't worry about losing beads in never-never land, and the beads were just the right size for me as a beginner in anal play.

These delightful, graduated size anal beads from Cal Exotics are made from TPR Silicone. The toy is all one piece, starting with a small bead, and gradually increasing in size to the last and largest bead. Insertion takes some time, at first, but removing the beads provides an arousing, delicious "Pop" with each bead that can accentuate orgasm or just add to your arousal, in order to reinsert them again! Comes in three fun colors.

If you've been wanting to experience anal beads, these are the only basic beads I would recommend. Superior material for a superior experience. For those used to smooth dildos or plugs, the feeling of beads will lead to a unique pleasure that will leave you cumming back for more.

The product is amazing, very easy to use. It is a little more difficult to clean but overall a very impressive toy!

These beads are perfect for anybody who's looking to start experimenting with anal beads, or even a more advanced user that prefers a smaller girth for their beads.

Simple. You know what your getting. This toy will probably last you a lifetime. The ring is used to pull it out...sometimes quickly :)

Overall, these beads were a great buy and have served to bring both myself and my boyfriend repeated orgasms when used in addition to our normal sex life. They're also very cheap and easy to use, no matter your experience with anal sex.

These beads were AMAZING... they are what pulled me into anal play and what's gonna keep me stuck to anal play. They are so easy to use. idiot proof. and easy to clean... and i can take them anywhere

This is a great toy for the beginners and with its low price even if you do not like anal beads you have not wasted a great deal of money. She loved it and it has led us on to bigger and better things.

Overall these are certainly not the worst beads we have tried but they can be difficult to insert, and they limit your lube options. We would recommend the X-10 Beads which are made of Jelly instead of these which are made of silicone.

This toy is exciting to say the least. It is versatile and can be used by yourself or with a partner, it can be used on women or men and is great for the inexperienced or the veterans.

These beads are perfect for an anal play virgin because they're easy to use. Part of the reason why they're so great is that not only are they firm, but they're just flexible enough. If you're looking for something to make solo play more interesting, or sex a bit naughtier then these fit the bill. However, if you're an avid fan of silicone lubes or sharing, then these are probably not the best fit for your needs.

If you're thinking of buying this toy, do it. It's affordable, well designed, and will enhance your sex experience. It's a great toy for introducing you to anal play, and lets you decide how many or how few beads you want to take on. Fair warning, though, you may be back in a few weeks to buy a plug or a vibrator.

This set of beads feels great going in and out. They are too long however and need to be altered. They are a great price for the quality though and a good pair to have. They have no smell and are safer to use than other materials like rubber or jelly.

This product can be used by anyone: men, women, old, and young. The feeling is absolutely intense, especially when combined with sex. This is the most exciting sex toy in my house.

Great for first time anal play! Very velvety and goes in very comfortably. Simple to use. I love my X-10.

The X-10 beads are great for anal virgins who want to try something new for the first time. Interesting sensation. Great to use with other forms of masturbation or sex play.

These beads are hygienically superior to other beads in their price range. They're very smooth and silky and feel incredible to insert. While using them I never once experienced discomfort, they felt amazing. I don't normally swoon for anal toys, but these beads are an absolute keeper.

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