Silicone X-10 beads - sex toy by Cal Exotics - review by P'Gell

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An Eye "Popping" Experience in TPR Silicone

These delightful, graduated size anal beads from Cal Exotics are made from TPR Silicone. The toy is all one piece, starting with a small bead, and gradually increasing in size to the last and largest bead. Insertion takes some time, at first, but removing the beads provides an arousing, delicious "Pop" with each bead that can accentuate orgasm or just add to your arousal, in order to reinsert them again! Comes in three fun colors.
Graduated shapes, large handle, one piece toy with no placed for bacteria to hide, partly silicone
small beads too small, added TPR, thin handle, may be too small for extremely advanced users
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Cal Exotics 10X Silicone Beads are a set of graduated anal beads made of TPR Silicone. The main purpose of these beads is anal play and stimulation.

The beads are used by (after cleaning them) lubricating the beads with water based lube, then slowly and carefully (at first) inserting one bead at a time into the anus. Removal of the beads is very stimulating, as they "pop" when either expelled or pulled from the anus. I found this to be the most exciting aspect of these interesting multi sized set of beads.

As these beads have a large top bead (which some people choose not to insert all the way, but use as a flare for safety) and a large, easy to grip handle, they are safe for anal play. Being TPR (more about the material later) and possibly slightly more porous than 100% silicone, these beads should not be shared between users and never used in the vagina or mouth after they have been used anally.

Thrusting is pretty much impossible with this set, due to it's flexibility, but either short term use during sex play, or longer term use "for Day Wear" is possible with these beads. However, both insertion and removal or expulsion can be very stimulating, fun and exciting.

Those new to anal play may find the first few beads small enough to not be intimidating, but the larger beads are quite satisfying for intermediate and advanced users. They are designed so you can use as few or as many beads as you find comfortable and/or stimulating.

Lubricant (water based) should always be used with these beads, as with anything entering the anus. We found lubricating the first few beads completely, then lubricating the part of the bead facing the anus with the larger ones to facilitate insertion, but cut down on excessive slipperiness good for our needs. Other people may be more comfortable lubricating the entire set, with the exception of the handle. Keep a Puffs or handkerchief handy, as as you learn to use these, lubricant may tend to get all over.

These beads are really too long for use as a vaginal toy. If one were to use it for this purpose, it should only be done before any anal play takes place with them ever. Better yet, have two sets, one for vaginal play and one for anal play. As these come in 3 different colors, red, purple and black, it would not be difficult to distinguish which set is for what. However, I would worry about spearing the cervix with this set and it is probably best used as intended. (We did try them as a vaginal toy, briefly, before the first anal use, and I found them quite uncomfortable, and My Man found them nearly impossible to insert. "Well," he said removing what he had managed to insert, "That's not what they are for anyway.")

Some people use sets of beads for deep oral/throat play. Again, the same warnings go as for vaginal use. As there may be slight porousness of this set, (due to the mixture of TPR and silicone) if it is to be used orally, use only if no anal use has taken place, or purchase two sets, one for each activity. These sets are very affordable, so buying several sets should not be a hardship, if one enjoys stimulation of more than one orifice with these beads.
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Material / Texture

This set of anal beads is made from TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber) Silicone. This is a mix of silicone and a plasticized rubber compound. I can only assume it is less expensive than 100% silicone. It performs similarly to silicone, but with some caveats. Depending on the formulation (and I have no idea how Cal Exotics formulated this mix) it may be slightly porous. Some TPR has an aroma about it. These 10X beads have absolutely no odor or aroma, not even to my delicate nose. If I remember, they had a slight plastic-ey scent when they were removed from the package, but they were washed and we have had no problem with odors.

These beads are slightly soft and "squishy" and the entire set is very flexible.

This makes the beads comfortable while inserted, but does pose a slight problem when inserting them. The stem is not firm and we found inserting each bead individually, while holding on to the base of the bead was the easiest way to get them in.

Even though this set is very long, those new to anal play can use only the first few very small beads to acclimate themselves to the toy, inserting larger beads as they become more comfortable.

The handle is very stretchy and almost seems like it might tear. But, we gave it quite a work out, both before using it, and several times after to test it and it stretches but does not break.

The set is flexible enough to gently fold it and insert larger beads before smaller ones. As the beads increase in size, the stimulation increases. While insertion is pleasant, the most stimulating play with these beads is the "popping" when each bead is either quickly or slowly removed! As the beads increase in size, the popping sensation becomes more intense and the excitement increases! If you or your partner can time the removal of the beads with an orgasm, the sensation is absolutely delicious!

As they are solid and all one piece, they are waterproof, and could be used in the shower or bath, but only water based lubricant should be used with them, and lubricant is necessary, so that needs to be kept in mind.
    • Bumpy
    • Flexible
    • May be somewhat porous

Design / Shape / Size

This set has 10 beads with about half an inch between each bead. The beads increase in size as you come closer to the handle. The smallest beads are less than a quarter inch across and the largest bead is approximately three inches in circumference.

Smallest bead

largest bead

Those more acquainted with anal play may find the first 4 or 5 beads superfluous and in fact, I may remove them to make the set easier to use and to avoid having to deal with them. However, those just staring out with anal play or anal toys may find the first few beads exactly what they need to learn their way around this type of play.

The most difficult thing about these beads was starting insertion. I find it nearly impossible to do myself, as I have very short arms. The first time we used them, I could hear My Man grunting in frustration, as the set tended to flop around and make insertion difficult. However, after a few uses, we found our groove and use them with little difficulty. I still think I may remove the first few beads to make the set easier for us to use, however.

These beads can be easily stored or packed for travel. They are flexible, and I wind them up in a handkerchief and store them in a toy bag from Eden. They can be coiled to take up less room, but I do suggest wrapping them in something fabric, as I do not know if "melting" may occur if the material touches itself over time. I tend to think this will not be a problem, but I don't take chances.

As for discreetness, I assume it depends on the sexual sophistication of the person viewing the product. It looks like a set of anal beads to me. I would certainly not leave them on the dining room table.

My beads......on the dining room table.


I found these beads comfortable, fun, exciting and stimulating. Aside from the first few fumbling attempts to insert them, (as most toys have a learning curve and these had a very different and more flexible texture than our old set of beads) we learned to use them easily and found the performance admirable.

Although I enjoy them quite a bit, there are a few things that keep them from being perfect.
1) The handle could be a sight thicker. We found that the TPR Silicone is very stretchy and seems nearly impossible to break (have not heard of a handle breaking yet) it does feel a little thin and seems to stretch almost to the breaking point. My Man or myself either grabs them from the largest bead for removal, while holding on to the handle. A thicker handle, with less stretch would be ideal.

2) While I do think these are an improvement on a similar set of beads by Cal Exotics, which are identical, but made of Jelly Rubber, ideally, 100% silicone would be the best material for these beads. It would make them absolutely nonporous and sterilizable. (TPR is not able to be sterilized or boiled, although 100% silicone is.)

3) The first few very small beads do little to nothing for me. While these are probably necessary for newer users, I may just snip the smaller beads off and make a shorter set with less excess length.
    • Comfortable

Care and Maintenance

TPR Silicone is a mixture of Thermoplastic Rubber and silicone. Not knowing the exact proprietary mixture of these materials makes it impossible to know just how porous this specific toy is. Porousness determines not only safety, as pores can trap bacteria, viruses and fungus, but can determine how the toy can be used, cleaned and even used.

I treat this toy as if it were "slightly porous." That requires a thorough cleaning before the first use; (any toy should be thoroughly cleaned before the first use) I cleaned it by spraying it with a Triclosan based toy cleaner by Cal Exotics, letting the cleaner sit on the toy for several minutes then washing the toy in hot water and a detergent based soap. As "anti-bacterial" soaps really do not get things cleaner than any other soap and hot water, I usually use whatever hand or body soap we tend to have in the bathroom. Hot water is helpful for killing germs and cleaning the toy thoroughly. I, personally, do not feel that toy cleaners are any substitute for hot water and soap, so I always clean my toys in soap and water. Toy cleaner is good for until you can get to the sink, while doing a deep cleaning, which will then be followed by soap and water or when you are in a place where you do not have access to soap and water. Some toy cleaners leave a residue of anti-bacterial chemicals, which could upset the balance of one's vagina or anus. Also, many can be quite harsh even in small amounts on delicate tissues. It is best to follow the use of toy cleaner with a complete wash in soap and hot water.

After use, complete cleaning, using the fingers, soap and hot water to clean each individual bead and it's surroundings is suggested. Also, the base of each bead can be cleaned with a cotton swab dipped in toy cleaner, to remove any particles which may have accumulated on the toy during use. Even though my personal use of toys tends to not leave any detectable residue on the toy after use, it is still an anal toy for safety's sake, the assumption should be made that the toy needs thorough and exquisite cleaning after every single use.

I then dry the toy with a clean towel and store it coiled and wrapped in a gentleman's handkerchief, then placed in a padded toy bag from Edenfantasys.

Due to the TPR, I would not suggest boiling this toy. Absorption of a 10% bleach solution is dependent on how porous a material is, and as we don't actually know the exact content of this product, you may want to keep away from bleach, or take a chance of a Clorox smelling toy for a few days.

As this toy is made from both silicone and a rubber based compound, water based lubricant should be used. Both silicone based lubricant and any oil based lubes could compromise the integrity of the material of the toy, rendering it unsafe and perhaps destroying it.

You may choose to place this toy into a condom for additional safety, but with the size, shape and texture of the toy, I think it may be difficult to place into a condom and most condoms would be too short to cover the entire toy. Again, this toy should not be shared between partners (not even if you are fluid bonded, as anal bacteria is very different than other sexual fluids in terms of disease and bacterial contamination) nor should it be used vaginally, once it has been used anally.

I, personally, would not even try to use a condom for sharing or vaginal use, as I assume both breakage of the condom and incomplete coverage would render the condom ineffective. I advise to use two different toys if two people would like to play with this toy and both want to use it anally.
    • Easy to clean


The set of beads came in a plastic clamshell package, molded to the shape of the toy. There is a cardboard insert with the requisite half naked woman on it, although her belly, not her bottom is showcased by the photo on the package. the package has the also requisite "for novelty use only." With a warning that if you use the toy improperly "or for medical purpose" and harm yourself, Cal Exotics is not responsible for your error. (Who may I ask, would use anal beads "for medical purpose?" And what "medical purpose" would that be? Wonders never cease, I guess.

I tend to not use most packaging for storage. One could use this package for storage, as the size is not excessive. But, it is a small toy, especially when wound up and I find storing it in fabric bags much easier. Plus, we have certain bags for certain uses "The Big Vibrator Bags" "The Dildo Bags" "Accessories" "Cuffs and Stuff" and "Butt Toys" so cloth bags, either Sugar Saks or Eden Bags, (and cosmetic bags and small back packs for large wand vibrators) work best for us.

You could certainly give this product as a gift in the package. My Man gifted me with a different set of beads a long time ago, but he simply removed them from the package, thrust them into my hand and said, "Look! Butt beads!" Mr. Wonderful, he is.

The plastic which the package is made of is not listed on the package. It appears to be PETE plastic, which is recyclable, but without knowing for sure, I will most likely simply throw it away some day.
    • Not discreet


We bought these beads in an attempt to rid our toy collection of all jelly and jelly rubber material. We have a set of LuvBeads which are firm, heart shaped jelly beads, in a slightly shorter set. My Man gave these to me as a gift a few years ago, and as I learned about the properties and safety of certain material, I realized I needed to replace my beloved "Heart Beads" with something made with a more sensible and safe material. I waited for JoyDivision's JoyBalls Anal Wave to become available for us to purchase, but as it hasn't yet, we purchased the 10X Silicone Beads instead.

I do enjoy the 10X Silicone beads quite a bit. I was worried that round beads might not provide the same "popping" sensation that the interestingly shaped Heart Beads did, but I was not disappointed in the least by the new 10X Silicone beads. Both insertion and removal are exciting and arousing sensations with these beads, once you learn to work with the flexible material.

I have never had a problem with the larger beads coming out before I wanted them to (with the exception of the occasionally expected expulsion during orgasm) in fact, they give some resistance when being removed, which only adds to the popping sensation and to the fun!

My only regret is that they are not 100% silicone. But, as they are not shared with anyone else (My Man does not enjoy anal stimulation on his own body) they are working well for us.
Follow-up commentary
This follow up is for my altered version of the X-10 Beads. (See video.)

A lot of fun can be had by these beads, and we found they were more fun once altered and shortened. As I said before, the smaller beads were simply too small to give much sensation and the toy was a little too floppy at its original length. So, while making the video, I chopped off four beads, with a sharp scissors to make the toy more friendly to the way My Man and I play.

It became more compact and the larger beads were readily accessible more easily.

I have to say, it still has a nice "pop" when pulling out, due to its stretchiness, (and it's a lot of fun putting in, too) the larger beads are easier to insert and there is less tail left hanging down. Despite its really stretchy ring handle, it has not broken in many uses.

I haven't had any problems with the material and it has held up well.

A really fun bead toy, made better by our alterations. But, many find it a good back door toy just the way it comes out of the box.
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