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Tristan reviews

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14 reviews

The Tristan is a large, not for beginners, butt plug. Its smooth silicone material makes it ideal to wear during sex or masturbation.

Vixen Creations is renown for its beautifully crafted silicone plugs, and Tristan is no different. While the smallest one is really not that small, the Tristan offers all the advantages of silicone with a shape that seems to keep the toy in place. Anal players should definitely give this line a try.

The Tristan Butt Plug is a small to medium silicone plug, made by Vixen Creations, with a unique shape designed by Tristan Taormino. The plug has a wonderfully comfortable and safe flared base, an initial bulbous head with a gentle tapering into a long and comfortable neck. I’d highly recommend this plug to those entering into anal play and are looking for a safe and comfortable addition to their toy collection.

The Tristan anal plug, designed under the guidance of anal sex educator Tristan Taormino, does more than just feel good. It seems to be directed to those who want to be on the receiving end for anal sex. Its masterful yet simplistic design not only stimulates the rectum, but helps the wearer relax and open up for anal sex. For inspiration, I have the Tristan in my butt as I am writing this review. I just love the way it feels.

The design seems promising, but what you get in reality is a plug that pops out easily in spite of being difficult to insert. At 1.5" inches in diameter, this is not an ideal toy for beginners or those with sensitive anal tissues, nor is it convenient for long term wear. At least it's made of a high quality material!

I expected a lot from the Tristan plug, since it was designed by Tristan Taormino, who wrote The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women. I thought that Tristan would be great as a warm up for anal sex, thanks to it's wide neck, and it is. Unfortunately, I discovered that I can ONLY use it as a warm up toy. Tristan's base isn't comfortable for my body, so I can't wear it throughout sex or masturbation, or around the house.

Stick this plug up your butt! It is a nice, smooth in, it stays in, and it leaves you nice and full and turned on. It's great prep for getting plowed in the ass, especially if you have trouble relaxing with a partner, use this to get you going on your own. It's also great for thrusting and play with a partner!

The Tristan is a gorgeous little body-safe silicone plug that is intended to feel filling and pleasurable to the wearer. This is not for a beginner, but it's not hard to work up to. It's a high-quality plug that will be a great choice for many anal lovers.

I consider the Tristan as the medium between the Ace Plug Small and Ace Plug Royal. It inherits the much more comfortable base of the Small, the thicker neck and head of the Royal and is an overall great toy with great silicone. It's a great plug and I would recommend to anyone looking for an all around good plug.

If you are looking for an extended wear butt plug, your search is over. Tristan has all the bases covered and every detail of this plug has extended wear crafted into its design.

Very highly recommended! The Tristan plug is beautiful, tasteful, and discreet enough to be worn often- very often! It will definitely get lots of use!

The expert design really shows - it just fits so well. Comfortable and pleasurable even for a relative beginner, I can't really find any faults.

The Tristan butt plug was designed by the anal sex expert Tristan Taormino. It is a relatively soft plug that feels great for extended wear providing ongoing stimulation. Provides DP stimulation for vaginal sex, solo play and a great warm up for anal sex. Guys like this plug as well.

If you are new to anal play, Tristan should be part of your collection. It provides great hands-free anal play.

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