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Tristan for your Pleasure

The Tristan is a gorgeous little body-safe silicone plug that is intended to feel filling and pleasurable to the wearer. This is not for a beginner, but it's not hard to work up to. It's a high-quality plug that will be a great choice for many anal lovers.
Filling, body-safe silicone, flexible and firm, gorgeous colors, comfortable, good for extended wear
Size is a little large, base is too wide for us, work up to it
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The Tristan is a silicone anal plug named after Tristan Taormino and made by Vixen Creations. Vixen Creations makes great, high-quality sex toys, and they actually were having a contest on Twitter, and that's where I won this gorgeous toy. It's three and a half inches long, and at the widest point has a diameter of an inch and a half. It's completely smooth and actually has some squish to it. A Tristan 2.0 has now been released that seems to have a wider neck than this regular Tristan does.

I can't comment on the packaging since I'm not sure if the Tristan I received was in the regular Vixen Creations packaging. It comes in both a black and purple. The black is pretty basic black, but the purple is a really gorgeous purple made of mostly purple with some black swirls mixed in. It's a sexy color. The plug itself is made from silicone and tends to enjoy "grabbing" things, so if you put it in a plastic baggie, it might take a bit of time to get it out. The plug is extremely flexible and will go at about a 45 degree angle if need be. However, because of the girth and size of this toy, it also still remains perfectly firm enough to be comfortable and easy during insertion while still having some squish for comfort.

Now, the one who uses this with us is actually my boyfriend. And he was frightened when he saw it. Granted, it's not huge-mongous, but this is a lot bigger than he normally takes. He normally only likes something of a diameter of an inch or less, so seeing the 1 1/2 diameter on this one did frighten him a bit. That having been said, this is probably not an anal beginner toy. The boyfriend has been using anal toys for awhile now, and this still frightened him a bit. I'd imagine that, if you showed this to someone who's never tried anal, they will run and hide in a corner. The bullet-shaped head along with the large base just makes it look a lot more frightening than it really is.

Insertion wasn't too horrible after I convinced the boyfriend his butt wasn't going to tear in two. We used lots of lubricant and took it slowly - having used a smaller buttplug beforehand seems to have helped as well. During wear, he commented that he felt like the plug's stem actually felt a little too large in girth for him. He felt like it was holding up open in a slightly awkward way, but he said it also felt very filling. After whining about it a bit, I'd imagine he got adjusted to it since he seemed to start enjoying it and not finding it bothersome.

Something else he commented on was the size of the base. Since no other reviewers seem to mind it, I must imagine it's because of the boyfriend's small size. The average BDSM paddle covers the entire area of his butt, so having a base that was this wide with his 6 foot, 145 pound frame felt uncomfortable to him. It felt like the plug was uncomfortably pushing his cheeks apart, and he wasn't really fond of it. However, unlike the NJoy toys, this one wasn't uncomfortable to sit on - it actually made it more comfortable. It was standing and other positions that made the base uncomfortable.

The plug tends to stay in as well which is neat. He walked around the apartment with this in and said it stayed comfortable. He was sitting around with it in, and it was comfortable for him then too. It doesn't seem to push itself out and still provides that nice, full feeling that a lot of people are longing for.

For cleaning, you can boil this little guy or use warm water and antibacterial soap. The boyfriend has taken to rinsing off his anal toys after use then leaving them in our sink in sitting water for at least twelve hours. He's convinced that it makes the smell go away a bit. Honestly, it does seem to be working. Maybe it's magic. Because this is silicone, only use water-based lubricant on it. For storage, I recommend storing it in the packaging (whatever it may be) or honestly putting it in a plastic baggie. This one seems to attract all the fuzzies like it's its job.
In the end, was this his favorite plug? No, actually. He still is a lover of his Bootie and will happily go back to that one. He says that the Tristan provides a great, full sensation, but that's not something that he particularly enjoys. He also says that the base is too wide for him, but again, he has a small size. He just also wasn't fond of having to work up to the size. So was it the perfect plug for us? No. But it could be the perfect plug for you. Our issues were personal, not with the toy. But if it sounds sexy to you, I know a lot of other reviewers swear by it.
Follow-up commentary
The Tristan is a great plug - don't get me wrong. It just takes a lot more warm-up than the boyfriend usually participates in - so it never gets used. For people who have more anal experience and do anal more often, it would work fine. However, we rarely do anal, so this plug is just too big for us.

However, Tristan is a quality plug, and if you enjoy anal at all on a regular basis, the Tristan is worth a look.
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  • ToyingCouple
    Surprised that the base on this was a little uncomfortable. It always seems to be the design meant for longer term wear. Excellent review!
  • Kayla
    I think it was just so uncomfortably because my boyfriend's butt is so bony/lacking in fat.
  • Carrie Ann
    Nice review - I had a feeling this base would be odd. I've avoided it just cuz it seems so big compared to the shaft.
  • Annemarie
    They need a Tristan .5, that's like a 1" diameter. I like the shape, but it looks scary!

    Wonderful review.
  • gone77
    Yeah, this is too big for me and I'm not fond of the look of the base.

    Great review!
  • Owl Identified
    Wow, this is biggg. The base certainly looks uncomfortable, although I'd think with all that flexibility that it'd be slightly more accommodating. Great review.
  • Brian
    Nice review Mistress Kay. I would agree with your BF that the neck on this is really thick. Perfect if you're wanting to stretch out but that makes it not as comfortable. Honestly this toy isn't much bigger than the popular ryder plug and the silicone is so soft it feels great. Although unlike your BF mine likes to fall out consistently
  • Kcito
    how does this compare to tantus ace plug royal?
  • Kayla
    @Kcito - I honestly have no idea. We've never tried that toy.
  • ScottA
    The base looks like it might be uncomfortable, but it's made of very soft silicone so I have no problems with it poking. The Tristans do stretch you out pretty fast, so they need to have more warm-up than some other plugs.
  • Blooddragon
    Great review!
  • Miss Morphine
    Wonderful review. Me and the boy are starting to think about this one since it might be more comfy for his flat bum.
  • starklover
    Thank you
  • lalapetitee
    Thanks for the review!
  • pixxie87
    great review
  • amazon
    Nice review. Thanks!
  • xjonxthexgreenx
    thanks for the review
  • Anne
    thanks for sharing
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