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X - 10 beads reviews

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Anal beads should be a great pleasure to behold in your behind! These are rigid, unsanitary, and pose a mild threat of internal cuts/scratches if one is not careful. If you're a beginner, be careful and mindful and you will be fine! They feel great size-wise, but definitely can't be jumped into blindly.

Given the small staring beads and the low price, the X-10 is perfect for people new to anal play. If you end up liking it, you can upgrade. However, if you don't, you didn't spend a lot on it.

Just can't empasize it enough that the smell coming off the plastic is such a turn off and a serious concern. The design is actually fine as the diameter of the beads makes for easy insertion, the material between beads is stiff enough to make for easy insertion. These could be a fun intro to anal if not for the smell.

Avoid this product. It's cheap in price and cheap in quality. Unfortunately, it is a potential health risk as well.

While this toy is great for beginners to anal play or for those who prefer smaller toys (the X-10 would be great for them), experienced users and size king/queens will be rather disappointed in this toy.

This item is worth the money to find out if anal beads are something that you would be interested in. It is a great size for beginners, and while it does have flaws (in my opinion), it is easy to use and can give a strong sense of what other anal beads may be like.

I was excited to be getting this. However, this is the most useless item I think I've ever owned. It's too rigid to be anal beads, and is actually just a really long anal probe.

I would recommend these beads to everyone that likes anal play, from beginners to more advanced users. I just don't like the fact that the safety rating of it is at a 2 on the safety scale, Other than that, is a great toy.

From her: Overall, I was not disappointed with the selection as a first introduction to anal beads as far as the price goes, but these won't be a toy I keep around for very long because of the difficulty of sterilization and the possible danger of being lost anally.

A wonderful product for people who are new to anal play. It's cheap and durable. Just make sure to check for sharp edges and to file them down. Also, be aware of where the toy is, sometimes it can get sucked "in" if you aren't paying attention at all.

The X-10 beads seem to be a great starter anal toy. They're cheap, small, and well-suited for those with more petite anatomy or complete beginners. However, the cheapness shows in the material and make of the toys, and the toy overall was not as exciting as I anticipated.

These are a great set of beads. They are nice and long but easily handled as they are not overly wide. They are great for anyone from beginners to more advanced users as there is such a range in size of the beads. They are made of jelly, so if this is a negative for you, get the silione.

These anal beads are great for beginners and advanced users alike, although they may be a bit on the small side for some. Unfortunately, these anal beads aren't made from a safe material so it loses stars on account of that, but it's definitely a good investment for first time anal players.

Simple Pleasures

The X-10 Beads are a great set of anal beads for someone wanting to try out anal play without investing a lot of money. They're a traditional set of anal beads that does what anal beads should do: provides interesting, textured sensations during insertion and wearing and makes orgasm mind-blowingly intense when they're pulled out during climax.

Overall, these are a low cost intro to anal play. Since they are not made of silicone, I would consider them a trial run, only to be used while you evaluate if you'd like to pursue purchasing a higher quality set.

If you're looking for a way to introduce anal play into your life then this is the non scary way to do so. It's not expensive, no batteries needed & the size of the beads is not going to give your lover a heart attack when you show them.

Even though these are cheap and pretty straight-forward when it comes to anal beads, I can't recommend these at all. The little ring on the end is not anal safe, and these beads are made of hard jelly, which means they can't be properly cleaned.

In summary, this toy resulted in a giant "meh" from me. While there were some good qualities, the downsides kept the X-10 beads from being anything too thrilling. It's a decent design and fans of anal beads will likely enjoy them, but they're far from the most fun anal toys on the market.

The X-10 beads are ok. They weren't really that stimulating and too long in length. If you must get a set, these might not be your best choice. 2 stars.

Great toy for the inexperienced anal enthusiast! Perfect toy for starters. Would love for it to be longer or have bigger anal beads. I was able to fit the entire toy in no problem. Easy to clean. Easier to store! Great toy for the price. Awesome to use in the shower.

This toy is a good place to start and not a bad warm up for the more advanced user. This toy is OK but not a must have.

I was excited to try out anal beads, but I was disappointed by the construction of these and the fact that they aren't that great for solo play. The concept is great: graduation in bead size and a nice retrieval ring? The toy is inexpensive, so if you are looking to try out anal beads, you won't lose much here.

These anal beads are very easy to insert due to the small size of the beads and have enough space between them to relax if needed. They are also smooth and easy to clean, but I still do not recommend them very highly due to the fact that they retain odor well and that they are much too long for the average person to insert into themselves.

A good buy for someone looking to get into anal. A good price for a product of this caliber. Fun and easy to use.

If you have never had any type of anal play these would be useful to you. If you want to actually be able to use and enjoy your set of anal beads, look elsewhere.

I have had only good experience with this product. Just be sure to pair it with a good lubricant! Wonderful toy, favorite in my toy box! :)

The item is simply too small for my liking. It would be better to buy a larger toy and slowly work up to mastering it. This toy is mastered after the first insertion.

I think this toy is great for the beginner, or for the advanced user that prefers length over girth. Please keep in mind when purchasing that jelly cannot be sterilized and has a shorter life than other toys. For extended use, invest in beads made from a safer material such as silicone.

These are great for beginners. They are the perfect size, and add another element to intercourse that you can't reach easily without them.

I would only recommend these to someone if you cannot purchase the purple anal jelly beads as a first set for some reason. These beads are not a bad purchase with a gradual increase, or someone experiencing anal for the first time since they start so small, but are not manufactured with a very high quality standard.

A great intro for anal virgins, but not safe enough for extended use. Take care when using it, and you should be able to get your money's worth for a simple intro piece. For extended use, go with a safer material.

The beaded aspect is the only good thing about this toy. It's not worth the risk of injury and the general annoyances of the toy. There are other anal toys far better (and at a safer length) than this one. I gave this two stars simply because the graduated bead aspect and spacing between the beads is good for beginners, and are hard features to find in an anal toy.

To sum this up, I highly recommend this product for anyone who loves anal pleasure or is just getting started. The 10x anal beads are very easy to use, very comfortable to wear and can produce very intense sensations.

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