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Trojan her pleasure sensations Trojan her pleasure sensations

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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Trojan her pleasure sensations reviews

58 reviews
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58 reviews

Overall they are great for vaginal sex stimulating her in all the right places and helping her achieve her orgasm a little more easily. They are not so great for anal sex, however, because the ribs can cause more discomfort than pleasure. They are great if you want to use them to add some texture to a smooth toy. Almost everything that Trojan comes up with is a great product; this is up there with some of their best ideas.

Disappointing for those who want an intimate experience and are used to the feel of skin-on-skin. Can help him go longer, but are ribbed to the point of non-erotic pain.

This was a definite let down for me. There were no added sensations for me and it was just a regular ole condom. I would have liked more lubrication on the condom, but hey, that's just me. If I wanted an ordinary condom, I would stick with the ordinary price.

Overall, this wasn't a terrible experience. It was more so an educating experience. These are too thick, and desensitizing due to the thickness. I need a condom much thinner. The taste and smell is ridiculously strong and Trojan really needs to fix that. Forget getting or giving head while using these. Texture can't be felt by your gal so just forget that. However, these fit well and won't break if used correctly.

These condoms are good for the value as well as how many you get in each package. It's definitely worth a shot if you are looking to try new things.

These condoms are extremely thick and ribbed. The texture on the condom actually caused it to wrinkle, making my partner feel inadequate. The lube wears off quickly, making the condom drag and bunch. We tossed these away quickly.

I adore these condoms and I think they are definitely worth a try for anybody sampling what condoms are out there. They fit and feel so much different (and better) than all the condoms we have tried, and simply have not broken once for us. They are actually a turn-on to me, unlike the repellence I feel towards many other condoms. Naturally, I do believe that for anybody close to my man's measurements, this would be a worthy pack to try.

This is one of the best condoms I have found for a woman's pleasure. It has texture to stimulate women more than regular condoms do.

These condoms are good for women who have trouble getting pleasure when using condoms. These work really well. I would highly recommend these condoms to any women who have trouble feeling pleasure with condoms. They can cause intense orgasms and just overall good performance.

Overall, not really worth the price that you pay. They are a bit uncomfortable and don't provide the pleasure that they promise us on the box.

This exciting product is great for beginners and experienced couples alike. There are very few products of this caliber on the market.

Her Pleasure talks the talk, but the condoms don't walk the walk. Sure, it basically says it is made for women, but I can't find any feature that made these condoms more vagina-friendly than any other that I've tried. In fact, these condoms are slightly thick and will be overly lubricated for many. I don't presume to know what all women like, but I'd say most can find a condom that works better for them than these do.

These condoms are worth the extra couple of bucks to make the woman of your life a little happier about using a condom.

These condoms were simply disappointing. I thought that we'd finally found something that would feel great for him and even better for me, but we didn't. The lubrication and fruity smell are reasons alone to at least try them for a fun session, but they're too thick to feel very much sensation and the ribs aren't even that noticeable. I'd suggest passing on these and trying something different, as these just aren't very pleasurable for anyone.

I wouldn't waste the money on these. There aren't many in the box and they don't perform the way that they should, so it is a complete waste.

This item was on the fence for me. It was expensive and thick but still felt nice and was well lubricated. I would not buy these specifically, but I would consider it a bonus if they were included in a pleasure pack.

It's pretty much your typical condom. If it didn't have the ribbing, you wouldn't be missing anything, or even notice, most likely.

Trojan Her Pleasure condoms are decent condoms. I don't think the ribbing justifies the higher price because they don't feel any different from a regular condom.

Trojan's "her pleasure" condoms are thick and painful and they are the antithesis of pleasure. Sex is supposed to be fun and enjoyable but these condoms make it deplorable. Ladies Stay away.

This condom is somewhat of a miss. The name makes you expect a lot more, but lets you down. In the end it is just a normal condom, but a quality one at that. If you are interested in this condom because of the ribs, I'd suggest the Ultra Ribbed.

Normally I couldn't care less about condom brand; as long as they're reliable, I’m fine leaving everything else up to the guy. If a condom is marketed specifically at women, I’m going to hold it to higher standards. I was a bit skeptical of Trojan’s “Her Pleasure” condoms, but I still really, really hoped they would deliver. They didn’t. Try them if you want, but don’t fork over the cash with the idea that you/your partner will enjoy them more than other condoms—it’s not going to happen.

While this product does fulfill it's purpose of protection, the whole added sensation promise falls completely short. Cumbersome feel to the product for all involved parties.

I don't recommend these. They are thick and painful for her, they do exactly the opposite of giving her pleasure. This her pleasure thing is solely a selling gimmick.

The Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms did not work for us, but that may not be true for you...they just didn't live up to the description.

This is a great choice for a condom for her pleasure. A little pricey, but definitely not your average condom! The ribbing on it makes all the difference for the woman's pleasure, and hits the right spots.

The Her Pleasure condoms are great for added enhancement for a woman's more sensitive areas, though they're a little pricey for the amount of condoms in a box.

These are very nice for their price, though the price could be a bit less expensive. These are worth the buy and everyone should try them out at least once!

Overall I would say that the Trojan brand "Her Pleasure Condom" falls extremely flat on its face. I would tell anyone to save their money and buy the normal kinds or even recommend the Twisted Pleasure if you want to actually feel a change. These condoms not only seem to break easier but also have no feeling different than a normal condom does. "Her Pleasure" is a term used lightly when discussing these.

I have used other ribbed condoms before and loved them. But looking back at this one, it just did not meet standards. Although this is a very comfortable and pleasing condom.

I have never had a Trojan slip or break, and I believe that although these condoms will get the job done, they were certainly not designed for a woman's pleasure. The boring texture, smell, and taste leaves a great deal to be desired.

All in all, these condoms are not worth it to me. They were not any extra pleasurable to me. I was hoping for something really exciting, and i did not get that. I would not use or buy these condoms again.

This item is worth it if you're going to rubber up due to the ribs and the lubricant. Many condoms offer neither and since it's all about's justly in the title.

While I thank Trojan for having a women's satisfaction in mind, the Her Pleasure condoms were poorly designed and were no more effective than your average condom. The added ribbing that is meant to increase pleasure was not felt. However, I did enjoy the smooth lubricant. Not a terrible condom but the desired effects were not reached, for me at least.

This item is worth trying out! It is inexpensive and the things it offers make it worth it no matter what!

Although it is not what we were looking for, this condom is just as durable and comfortable as any other regular condom. I liked the lube, reservoir tip, and a few other features of it, even though we weren't completely satisfied. Trojan condoms are safe, though usually latex, and protect against pregnancy and STDs with a war face. They do a great job in many respects and this condom was just as good as any other regular sized condom. Overall, it was all right.

My girlfriend and I would probably not buy these again. We prefer Trojan's Ecstasy condoms. She found them to be uncomfortable.

This was a good condom, and the ribbing in it was really fun. It's your typical condom, and it holds up to a lot of use and abuse. But it's one that I would only pick up if I couldn't find the ones that I love.

This condom was meant to be a "gift" for my partner. I was looking for a condom what would add to her overall enjoyment. Despite its intended addition in pleasure, we both did not notice anything amazing and often noticed a loss in pleasure. The only time we wound up using this in the future was when we ran out of other varieties.

I enjoyed our experience with Trojan her Pleasure condoms and I would purchase them again as well as recommend them to others

These condoms are great. They were my first, and they're great for toys. They are comfortable, clean, lubricated, and highly functional. These are very classy high quality condoms.

Maybe these condoms should be called for "his pleasure". My partner and I sure think so. These condoms are well lubricated and have no rubber smell. Thin enough for men, not thin enough for women.

Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms are the same great quality condoms we all trust with a twist. Her Pleasure condoms are ribbed and designed to offer the female extra stimulation during intercourse. They are lubricated and have a reservoir tip for safety.

Does not do what you would think it would do. There for safety only, your man may enjoy it you will not feel the pleasure.

This was another big hit or miss product from Trojan, however the Her Pleasure condoms are much less of a fail than the Twisted Pleasure. Her Pleasure still has a large head for 'friction induced heat' but all it's really good for is catching semen. Overall these condoms perform just like any regular old condom.

Bring other condoms along for a second go-around, because after using this you will be left feeling orgasm-less and disappointed in the efforts of condom science.

This condom is supposed to be a wonder to women, but it was a flop to me. With a poor design and thickness, it doesn't enhance feeling in the slightest. It does however have no latex smell which is very nice!

I would caution anyone thinking about buying these condoms. They are much different than other condom experiences I have had in the past, and just don't make for a pleasurable sexual experience. Of course, if you love a baggy fit, and balloon-like scent, this may be just what you need!

It is a reliable and comfortable condom, but don't expect too much when it comes to the the 'selling point' of the texture.

These are not bad condoms if you like to switch it up or are looking for something slightly different from a normal condom. Just don't count on this condom to bring the woman any extra pleasure that normal intercourse or a little extra love on her couldn't bring. Trojan "Her Pleasure" condoms are made out of latex they should not be used by anyone who has latex allergies.

It's worth a try if you want a condom that will do a little more than basic condoms but don't expect too much.

Overall I was not impressed with the condom. I didn't feel or get any difference from it compared to a normal condom. Not worth it.

Overall, this is a good quality condom. While they do provide some extra pleasure, they aren't the best thing ever. The ribs added a little bonus, but they will not do much on their own (at least they didn’t for me). But, like I said above, don’t expect miracles.

These are a good condom, similar to the normal Trojans in thickness of the latex, except the fact that they are ribbed.

Definitely not the greatest condom out there, but it's done well in creating pleasure "for her". It could stand to be a little thinner, but for what it is, compared to other condoms of similar thickness, it does a very good job.

Truly this isn't worth buying alone. Trying it isn't a bad idea, but you may be as sensitive as me and find its more pain then pleasure.

This item is definately not worth your money just simply because it is not any different from any other condom.

All in all Trojan Her Pleasure condoms are a good, reliable condom. They just are not all that different from a regular lubricated Trojan.

If you like regular Trojan condoms, these are fine - just don't get too excited about the 'her pleasure' part.

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