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Desensitizing Condoms

Overall, this wasn't a terrible experience. It was more so an educating experience. These are too thick, and desensitizing due to the thickness. I need a condom much thinner. The taste and smell is ridiculously strong and Trojan really needs to fix that. Forget getting or giving head while using these. Texture can't be felt by your gal so just forget that. However, these fit well and won't break if used correctly.
High quality, Fits anyone, Good for men who can't last long
Texture can't be felt, Strong taste/smell, Very thick, Desensitizing
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I have a lot to say about these condoms, but I'll try to keep it as short as I can and to the point.


Being a rather long and thick man (not trying to brag - it isn't all it's cracked up to be.) many condoms fit too snug or do not fit at all as far as length. I have had them roll off or squeeze me to the point of cock suffocation. These condoms will fit most likely any man that it 10 inches or smaller and are definitely fitting for any girth. There won't be that extra baggage that feels like you're having sex with a loose trash bag, and you won't feel like you're being choked with Saran Wrap either.

FEEL (Man's POV):

The condom feels very thick. It isn't uncomfortable, but it is as if you are fucking a fake pussy with quite a bit of drag. the thickness of the condom causes me great desensitization and I am a man who cannot stand that. Therefore, after using two (we gave these two shots) we had to make a corner store run. These would be GREAT for a man who has issues with cumming too fast. So if you or your man has this problem, this condom is the answer. I personally do not have this issue, so I couldn't cum at all.

FEEL (Women's POV):

My wife has mixed views, but has narrowed them down to two points.

1. These give her longer sex... But it bothers her that I can't be pleased. - "Our sex is long enough as it is, but I truly don't mind 45 minutes to an hour of hardcore thrusting. These condoms add time and I love that. However, I know my husband has severe issues cumming in these condoms therefore it makes me feel awful knowing so."

2. Cannot feel texture of any sort. - "Trojan claims these have added texture for a woman's pleasure, however I feel nothing. Having worked at a female health clinic for five years, I know that a woman's vagina has only a small amount of nerve endings that would pick up texture from a condom. So keep that in mind. I felt nothing, and this was just like a regular condom. Actually... It felt more like a ... Dildo! Because they were so thick. It was like having sex with rubber."


There is a scent and a taste. My wife smelled the latex from the beginning and refused to suck me off. So I put the pants on and licked a condom (a new one, no worries) to let you know how strong the latex was. I usually do this ahead of time so I know if my wife will mind or not. Out of ll the condoms I have tasted, these are up there at about a 7 out of 10 intensity of latex taste. The smell is definitely at 10. You could smell these when you opened the box!

Quality: I can't knock these entirely and say they are awful condoms. If the fit, feel, etc. is okay with you and you have issues cumming too quickly, you will love these. They are reliable and will not break as long as you put them on correctly and make sure they are stored in a safe place where they cannot get damaged.
Our experience wasn't fantastic, but I know there are people out there who will enjoy these condoms. As long as oral sex isn't important during use of a condom (or your gal doesn't mind strong latex taste) and the thick condom doesn't bother you, these will be just fine. I am a man who needs thinner condoms, and my wife cannot stand latex taste or smell. Therefore, we have to really pass on these for now. Mayberry later down the line when I need help lasting longer I will pick up a box of these.
Follow-up commentary
Still don't like these. Can't knock them as far as quality, because they're great in that department. But they are too thick for me and I can't cum easily at all wearing something this thick.
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