Trojan ultra ribbed ecstasy - male condom by Church and Dwight - reviews

Trojan ultra ribbed ecstasy Trojan ultra ribbed ecstasy

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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Trojan ultra ribbed ecstasy reviews

58 reviews
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58 reviews

Overall, I would recommend these condoms. Especially to men and women who have had difficulty finding a condom that works for both of them. When you get past the fact that they will leave a residue, they do feel quite nice and are definitely worth trying at least once.

Don't buy this product unless you're unusually endowed, unless it's for anal use with dildos. Or do what I did: read all of the reviews which say "don't buy this conform it's too big" and buy it anyways cause I wanted to be labelled big ;). This condom should be labelled XL. Also, just stick with the Trojan bareskin's!

It's worth it, for the most part. As I said, they are a little pricey, but you get what you pay for.

The sensations that you feel, for both the female and male, with these condoms are amazing. I have never felt closer to my partner when using condoms before switching to this brand.

Not that exciting, but this is a good, reliable, worry-free condom. Has a typical latex smell to it and leaves a residue that needs to be washed off after sex.

One person can tell another how great or bad something is, but you should try it for yourself. Ultra ribbed trojan condoms will make you both come to a incredible orgasm, intense passion, and truly make you want to go again and again. For couples with or without kids, this will keep you safe from pregnancy 97% and safe from icky STD's.!

This is a pretty good condom; the ridges could be deeper, but it serves its purpose. I've never had one break or tear. It's not very stimulating for the man during sex if he isn't sensitive.

If you have to wear a condom, this is the one you'll want to roll with. It is the best feeling condom, hands down.

These are one of my favorite condoms! The dual silicone lubrication stays slick and feels natural. The roomy size and more head room feels comfortable for my guy. The deep ribbing feels amazing for me, Ecstasy has quickly become our newest go-to condom.

These are, without a doubt, the most natural feeling condoms out on the market. Do they really feel like "nothing's there"? Not entirely, but this is pretty close! However, it can be a bit...plain, really, which is why it only got 4 stars instead of 5. Happily, the future brought us "Ecstasy Fire & Ice" and "Bare Skin," which made these a bit obsolete.

Trojan Ecstasy is being marketed as a revolution in condom design. All I can say is--if this is the future of condoms, I will gladly go back to the past! The loose fit makes them feel incredibly uncomfortable and unnatural. If you're not exceptionally endowed, these aren't the condoms for you.

Overall, these are my favorite type of condoms. The only downfall is that I have to switch up using these with a regular condom because I get sore after a while if I am too rough with them or use them too often.

These are absolutely amazing. For us they are extremely reliable and are now the only type of condoms that we use. The ridges do a great job of giving her extra stimulation and you will still get a large amount of feeling with them on. However, the lack of lubricant will definitely require the use of additional forms of lubrication.

Overall this is not a model of condoms that I would recommend to a friend nor buy them again. They cause too much friction, which causes discomfort. They are not very sensitive leaving you felling more of the condom than your partner, which I guess would be good if you suffer from premature ejaculation. The only thing that I can think would be a good use of these condoms is if you have a smooth toy and you want to add more friction to it.

I love these. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a fun time while still being safe. They are very affordable and effective.

I don't like how the price was a bit high for these Trojan condoms. Yet, for what they can do and how they change a sex session instantaneously, I'd pay this price again.

These do not offer the heightened pleasure that is advertised. The ribbing is less than "ultra," and doesn't stimulate much. They are also not very comfortable to wear. Spend your money somewhere else!

These are a great condom with a trusted name. Latex condoms are the standard, but Trojan is superior. These condoms are larger than the average size and aren't as constraining

Overall, these are an improvement to the Trojan brand, but still lacking behind my standard condoms. While these are easy to apply and have good texturing, the thick latex and the eventual odor are bad enough to keep me away and stay with my other brands.

This may be be a good buy for some, but not others. I personally I couldn't feel anything, but that is not to say that you won't. Give it a try!

Save your money and stay away from these, because a night using the Ecstasy condoms will only result in sad faces and a trip to the store for a pack of Plan B the next morning. Trojan really didn't think things through with these, and I doubt they'll bring anyone any real pleasure. Even if you do think they feel good, they'll break. If they aren't breaking, they're sliding off. Not to mention, these are way too expensive for a condom that doesn't even do its job.

All in all, I wouldn't recommend these condoms to anyone. They're awkward, uncomfortable, and EXPENSIVE! Trust me, don't waste your money on these things!

These rip, tear, break and are not good for doing what a condom should do. They do not protect against possible pregnancy and/or STDs because they are so thin and easily tear.

If you are a fan of ribbed condoms, then I highly recommend this one. Although they were specially designed for pleasure, it left me wanting more.

Don't waste your money. These don't do anything that they say they will. Worst condom experience my husband and I have ever had.

If you have been using regular condoms, you should give Trojan Ecstasy a try. They add a little extra pleasure to any sexual experience.

I'm pretty sure these condoms will be our preferred brand for a very long time. They are perfectly shaped and sized for him with added ribs and lubricant for my pleasure. These stimulating condoms are the best we've ever tried.

These condoms are simply the best that I have found and believe me I have tried many different kinds. The ribs made the condoms more exciting for me. The fit is the best that I have found. All in all, a great product.

My overall impression of these condoms is nothing to call home about. I have found other condoms to be better than these and for the price, do not think anyone should waste their money on them.

While you'll pay a little more for this condom you will get ALOT more. So thin it feels like nothing is there but protects you all night long. This condom will keep going and going until you and your partner are cumming in Ecstasy! I highly recommend this condom as a night stand necessity.

Trojan makes a decent condom, that's for sure. I really like the lubricant on these condoms, but sadly I don't like the texture of these ones. I could really feel the ribbing, and it was just too much for me.

It's worth it because everyone should be careful and stay protected. Obviously sex without a condom feels better for most people, but as condoms go, Trojan did a good job of making it still feel thoroughly enjoyable.

I don't like these condoms at all. I think they're horrible condoms that are overrated. Just because there's a larger space for the top portion of your penis, doesn't mean it feels amazing.

These condoms are worth the money because they will give you the feeling of being completely pleasured when you are finished using them. Then you can just throw them away.

The sizing is my main concern with these condoms. If a condom doesn't fit properly, then you shouldn't wear it. Period. And the lube is just too tacky for my liking. I'm really disappointed with these condoms.

I think that this item is worth the money, at least for me it was! I am not a fan of condoms, but I did enjoy these, even if my boyfriend did not.

These condoms singlehandedly saved my relationship when, for medical reasons, I couldn't take birth control pills for six months. The ribs feel amazing for both partners, and the lubricant isn't messy at all. Buy these. Seriously.

If you are going to use a condom I highly suggest you use this one. It will make you both happy.

Trojan has finally achieved what all condom manufacturers strive for—creating a condom that makes you feel like there's nothing there! Once you try the Ecstasy condom you won't go back to what you were using before. There's a reason why these condoms are in a gold wrapper!

This is an innovative and comfortable (for most) condom. The silicone lubricant is an enhancement, as are the ribs on the base and the body of the condom.

These Trojan condoms are uncomfortable and baggy, there seems to be to much latex on the end that takes away from the sensation of penetrating your partner. The heat transfer is terrible as well as the thickness of these condoms. They are as thick as a glade kitchen trash bag. The only good thing about these condoms is that they are so thick that they are not easily broken.

If you don't like rubber on your willie, I don't think this product is for you; but I do believe that if you're not in a steady relationship then you should always be safe and this thinner alternative may be a good choice.

Trojan Ecstasy is the ultimate go-to condom. They enhance the natural sexual experience for both partners. Compared to other condoms, Trojan Ecstasy brings a new standard of comfort and excellence.

This condom would be more enjoyed by those who will be using it on something that's at least 6 1/2" long. If you can't unroll the condom all the way, you lose out on the texture at the base of the shaft, and the condom may end up being way more loose up top than you wanted it to be.

Safe sex is important! You might as well make it feel like a pleasure. The Ecstacy condoms are one of the best ways to do just that.

These are definitely worth the money. If you have to use a condom, then I would definitely say grab a box of these. I will never go back to another kind, these are that amazing.

This is, by far, the best condom I've ever used! Excellent sensation, no fear of breakage, and a great experience for both parties involved.

Overall, this is a great condom and an improvement from standard condoms. It might take a while to get used to putting it on and whatnot, but it's worth it. The ribs are very pleasurable, but they do make the her pleasure variety as well.

If you're buying condoms anyways, pick up a pack or two of these and give them a go. Price alone makes them worth it. It's no large investment in some expensive, multi-use toy. It's nothing outstanding, but it may be a cut above some others simply for its ability to let its users feel more skin and less latex.

I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a great condom. It is great for vaginal sex and has proved to be good for anal sex as well. This condom is by far my preferred choice.

These condoms brought no ecstasy to me or my partner. I guess if you like a too thick condom with wonky sizing, this is the condom for you. If you prefer to feel your partner and not the condom, keep looking!

If you have to or like to use condoms, this is a great one to try out. I isn't too heavily lubed, and doesn't smell like a regular condom which is nice. It has ridges on the inside at the base for added stimulation.

No, no, no, no, no, no. Did I say no? Yes I did say no. I want nothing to do with them.

These are wonderful condoms for any couple or soloist. The ribs are an excellent characteristic, and really bring out the animal in the ones enjoying them. The lubricant is smooth, the condoms are comfortable, and the wrappers, I must say, are quite attractive and very shiny.

Trojan perfected the whole lubrication thing. It definitely gives you as close to the "natural feel" as possible while still having protection.

Buy them immediately. The thin design makes for a feeling of almost no condom and the lubricant stays wet for as long as you need it to. Don't let the price steer you away; if you want better sex these are a must own.

Overall, my partner and I really enjoyed these. They are big, strong, soft, and ribbed. Very ribbed. These are pricey but in my opinion absolutely worth it.

The Trojan Ecstasy condom is my favorite condom by far. This golden ticket increases the arousal of sex with its dual silicone lubrication, deep ribbing, comfortable shape and size. If you have not tried one of these yet, you are missing out!

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