Almost Ecstasy

This condom would be more enjoyed by those who will be using it on something that's at least 6 1/2" long. If you can't unroll the condom all the way, you lose out on the texture at the base of the shaft, and the condom may end up being way more loose up top than you wanted it to be.
Silicone lube feels nice, Extra head room for those who need it
Not good for penises smaller than 6" or so in length
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Trojan is always coming up with something new and innovative. Sometimes those new designs are a bit hit, sometimes they're more of a flop. For most people who have tried them, the Ecstasy condoms were a big hit.

These come in on par with average condoms with the thickness and width at the base of the shaft, coming in at .0027" thick and 2.05" wide. It is longer than average at 7.87" long, which is great for lengthier guys, and the wider head of 2.44" will give thicker guys some extra wiggle room too.

I wouldn't recommend these for a penis any shorter than 6" in length. There are a lot of other condoms out there that will work much better for a shorter penis. For those who can use the regular condoms with no problems, these might even be a little big on you.

I didn't notice much of a smell to this one without getting pretty close. Both these condoms and the Her Pleasure Ecstasy condoms feature some fun ribbing on the base/shaft of the condom, but these add in some more ribbing on the upper part of the shaft, aiming to stimulate both the vaginal walls and the entrance. When the condom is unrolled, the ribs are felt pretty easily with the fingers, but are subtle enough that unless you have a fairly sensitive vagina, you might not feel anything different than a regular condom.

Both the inside and the outside of these condoms are said to be coated with Trojan's "ultra smooth premium lubricant," which based on research is silicone based. That means that you should probably avoid using these on any silicone toys. The lube was indeed nice and silky feeling between the fingers, and was adequate enough for use for us. If you decide you want a more slippery time, feel free to add any water or silicone based lube to the mix. Avoid oil based since they can degrade latex and cause breakage.

Like pretty much all other condoms, you should make sure you keep these in a cool dry place, like, not the glove box, or the center console of the car, or the wallet you sit on all day long.
I'm so very torn on these condoms. They seem to work a lot better for me than the Her Pleasure Ecstasy, and I'm not sure why, since they're essentially the same. They seem to have the same lubricant, and I don't really run into that burning sensation with these that I did with the others. My husband and I have the same issues with the length that we did with the other ones, since he's on the shorter side of average, the condom bunches at the base and doesn't fully unroll. No base ribs for me. I can't seem to feel the ribs on the upper part of the shaft either. But it's not a total loss. If I add extra lube, I can manage to get that great "almost invisible" feeling that everybody rants and raves about. For my husband, it varies as to how much he can feel these. He almost always feels like there's something there, but it's never been enough to bother him.

While these are both a pretty big hit and miss with us, I do feel that somebody with a larger partner and a more sensitive vagina would probably enjoy them more than we did. I'm not opposed to using these again in the future, but they're not on our "must replenish" list.
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  • Contributor: Purpleladybug
    Thanks for the review!!!
  • Contributor: Kdlips
    Good review
  • Contributor: Jul!a
  • Contributor: Howells
    Dunno why they put lubricant INSIDE it.. Never understood. Do you know why? Makes me think it'll slip off. I always towel dry my Colonel (couldn't come up with a better name now) then apply a condom that has no lube on the inside.
  • Contributor: Anjulie
    Great review!
  • Contributor: Jul!a
    Howells, I think the reason for lube on the inside is to help promote that "nothing there" feeling by allowing the condom to move freely because it's lubricated. But that's just my guess on the matter.

  • Contributor: ZenaidaMacroura
    Good review. How did you find out that the lube was silicone based? I've wondered with the Magnum condoms, but it also says something like "premium lubricant," rather than what it is exactly. Definitely good info to have. At least I know with these now!
  • Contributor: Jul!a
    This one says the same thing, but I spent some time looking at a few websites online and they all seemed to indicate that the lube was silicone based. That and the few times I managed to get some of the lube on my fingers it felt more like a silicone lube than a water based, took forever to wipe off, etc.
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