Trojan her pleasure ecstasy - condoms by Church and Dwight - review by Jul!a

Trojan her pleasure ecstasy

Male condom by Church and Dwight

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Certainly Not My Pleasure

If you, your man, or your toy is less than 6" in length, skip this condom and go for something smaller. If you can't unroll its almost 8" down past where the taper starts, it will be like making love to a large bag and you won't even get to feel the ribs along the tapered shaft.
Lubricant feels nice, extra head room, and length for those who need it
Not for penises less than 6" or so and may cause more irritation than pleasure
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Trojan is always trying to come up with new ways to please everybody. Since the Ecstasy condoms were such a great hit, they decided to try and make a version just for her. The last time they tried a 'her pleasure' condom, it was definitely hit or miss, mostly miss. The claim with the Her Pleasure Ecstasy is that they feature a revolutionary design that lets you feel the pleasure and not the condom.

The average condom is 7.5" long, 2.04" wide at the base and along the shaft, and .002" thick. These come in at the same width at the base and part of the shaft, but the head and the rest of the shaft have a width of 2.44", which will give penises with wider heads a little more breathing room. These are also longer, coming in at 7.87" in length. These also come in on par with the thickness.

I wouldn't recommend these for a penis any shorter than 6" in length. There are a lot of other condoms out there that will work much better for a shorter penis. For those who can use the regular condoms with no problems, these might even be a little big on you.

I couldn't smell anything without getting real close to it, so there's one plus for this condom.

These condoms, as well as the regular Ecstasy condoms, both feature a tapered base for security as well as ribbing for her pleasure. I was unfortunately unable to experience any of the ribbing, but on a longer penis with a vag9ina sensitive to texture, you'll be able to feel them.

These condoms come lubricated inside and out with what Trojan calls an "ultra smooth premium lubricant." Based on the research I've done, just like the Ecstasy regular, it's silicone based. This means that you should not use this on silicone toys or it might cause a reaction. The entire outside of the shaft is lubricated with this, and most of the inside. The inside of the tapered portion appears to have the same powder that one might find inside something like a latex condom. This didn't bother myself or my fiancé, but if you know you have problems with that powder, stay away from these. I've found the lubricant to be ok as far as how much is there, but also added more just to make things easier to work with. If you're ever feeling less lubricated than you think you should be, make sure to add more of whatever body safe lubricant you prefer. Avoid oil based lubes and stay away from body lotions, Vaseline, and the like. The oil base can degrade the latex and cause breakage, which would be bad m'kay?

These, like all other condoms, should be stored at room temperature, protect them from prolonged periods of exposure to extreme high or low temperatures, moisture, direct sunlight and fluorescent light. If the condom is sticky, brittle, or looks damaged, don't use it. You should always use a new condom each time you engage in a new sex act, never reuse. You would use these the same way you use any other condom with a reservoir tip, pinch the tip to remove all the air, and then roll down the shaft.

The inside of the box does contain instructions for use, but if you're still unsure how to put a condom on correctly, more detailed written instructions can be found here, or Planned Parenthood offers a video that you can watch.

I've never had a Trojan condom break on me and these have been no exception.
I don't know what the exact difference is between the Her Pleasure Ecstasy and the regular Ecstasy, but I just can't seem to use the Her Pleasure. The lubricant seems to give me a slight burning sensation, the condom itself is too big for my fiancé to use comfortably, and the silicone lubricant on the inside as well means that I can't use this on most of my toys either.

He didn't feel anything extra and I only managed to forget he was wearing it one time while we were using these. The other time I tried it, to give it another chance, I made him take it off a few minutes into it because the baggy latex was causing me physical pain.

For me and my fiancé, these were a big fail, but more for personal reasons than having anything to do with the product itself. I still think other couples will be able to get some enjoyment out of these.
Follow-up commentary
Every time one of these comes out, I run. He accidentally grabbed one when I told him to grab a condom one night, and it still burns. I'm giving the rest of these away, since I can't use these.

If you're on the bigger side, it might be worth giving these a try, but I hear the ribbed ones are much better.
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