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Bent graduate reviews

55 reviews
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Average review rating
55 reviews

Bent Graduate offers a wonderful angle perfect for stimulating the G-spot. The firm glass allows pressure that makes my G-spot sing every time. It's a nonintimidating size that makes it nice for beginners. Anyone interested in finding their G-spot might benefit from this toy. The glass is also great for temperature play. I love to use it cold for an icy treat.

If you are already a female squirter, this can make you cum harder. If you aren't squirting already, this may send you over the edge and get you to reach that point. It's a wonderful toy and my absolute favorite.

Glass is unique for a toy material. It's great for temperature play, and there is a noticeable weight to it that creates a lot of pleasant sensations. Beyond those features, this toy offers two different ends that are very different so it is more versatile. The curve on this didn't fit my anatomy well, but I am probably in the minority.

For the price, this toy is very much worth it. I think it would make a great first glass or g-spot toy. It helped me discover so many things about my body, and for that, I am very grateful! With proper care, it will last you a lifetime!

If you're looking into glass and have never tried it, this is a great place to start. Not only is the price point fair, but it is a good quality toy.

I have always wondered what women meant when they referred to a squirting orgasm, as I had never experienced one until the Bent Graduate. Numerous times myself and my partner have stimulated my g-spot and neither of us has been able to bring me to an orgasm manually or with any toy. The Bent Graduate was one of my last attempts, and upon first use, I had an amazing squirting orgasm. Since the very first time using the Bent graduate, it has never failed me!

A great toy for beginners to glass or dildo play. It offers great G-Spot and anal stimulation. The two different ends make it very versatile and fun to use. Does not offer as much girth or depth for those who prefer it.

I very highly recommend this toy as a solo piece. You will find it very easy to get very intense G-spot pleasure very quickly. Partner play, however, you may find to be a lot more difficult. I give this toy five stars as a solo toy and three stars as a partner toy.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this beautiful glass toy will stroke your g-spot and take you on an adventure to ohmygodland. Dual ends provide for endless hours of entertainment.

Overall, I LOVE this toy. It's perfect for having your first g-spot orgasm or finding your g-spot in the first place. It's aesthetically pleasing, double-ended, and not intimidating in size. The only small disadvantage is the lack of a storage pouch.

Every woman should have a beautiful glass piece added to her collection of toys and that piece should be Don Wands' Bent Graduate. This dildo is a work of art if nothing else, but it performs effortlessly in providing one g-spot orgasm after another.

A great addition to any girls toy box. This double ended glass dildo adds something different than the average vibrator or dildo. Great for beginners and pros alike, there is something to be had for everyone. Easy to clean, easy to store, easy to use.

The Bent Graduate is an excellent g-spot dildo if you prefer smaller toys. The curve and rigidity help pin-point g-spot stimulation, and the bulbed-end serves as an excellent "grip." It was not girthy enough for me, though, and was more of a teaser than a pleaser.

This is rather inexpensive for a glass toy. It is to be used for G-spot stimulation. The toy can deliver pleasure but it is not the most exciting toy on the market. The lack of a storage pouch makes me weary of this toy. Identical toys by other companies come with a storage pouch, I would look there instead.

This toy was a bit of a disappointment for me. The bumpy end is really pleasurable but the pointed end hurts and stabs. This toy just sits in my desk most of the time.

The graduate is beautiful, and it feels fantastic. For those looking for some good g-spot loving, look no further. Whether you're new to glass toys or already have 10, you have to add the bent graduate to your collection.

Great toy for all to use. I still use it with my partner, it makes things more entertaining to have an extra hand in there to help find just that right place. I would love to see this design in a greater length, then I think I would have the perfect G-spot stimulation by far.

If you want a solid dildo with good dual stimulation and a pleasing aesthetic look, then get this. It delivers on everything it promises to, and it looks great to boot. You won't be sorry you got it.

Don Wand's Bent Graduate is the perfect choice for a first glass piece. It's size and shape are great for all levels of users as well. It makes a great addition to anyone's toy collection. Try it once, and you will be hooked!

This is a great buy! Its versatility lends itself to experimentation and allows you to get the most bang for your buck.

The Bent Graduate is a good choice for women just beginning to experiment with penetration; it's body-friendly, slim, curved in a way that's practically guaranteed to hit your G-spot, and you can turn it around if you feel like trying out some texture. Nevertheless, the toy has a few drawbacks that (for me at least) keep it from being the ultimate G-spotting dildo.

The curve on Don Wands' Bent Graduate glass dildo is perfect for G-spotting. The toy is slick and beautiful, but the pointed head is definitely not for all users!

If you're looking for your first glass toy or your first g-spot dildo, the Bent Graduate is an affordable choice that will leave you satisfied. It's also very safe and easy to use.

Bent Graduate had all the right elements - an angle to die for and a firm material for pressure. Why didn't I get the G spot orgasm of my dreams from this? Because the pointed head of it created a bit of a stabbing sensation when I applied a lot of pressure to my G spot (which I require to orgasm). My G spot was not a fan of this and just didn't end up responding to the Bent Graduate. If you can work with the pointed head, the angle is great and the firm material allows for great pressure.

If you want to find your g-spot, stimulate it and make yourself come, then this is the right toy for you.

This item is fantastic, especially for g-spot stimulation and that often elusive g-spot orgasm. It's a great glass piece, especially for first timers to glass. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and will get you off in no time. I would recommend this be in every woman's toy box.

The Bent Graduate is the ideal first glass sex toy, especially for G-spot seekers. The curved end is great for locating and then effectively stimulating the G-spot, while the straighter end offers more girth and a taste of texture with its bulbous ridges. Plus, it's affordably priced and even comes with a padded storage pouch.

I loved it! It was my first glass toy, and I have already bought 2 more because I love the hard, slick feel of the glass so much. Mrs. Robinson never had it so good!

The Bent Graduate is the Holy Grail of G-spotting. Whether you're a G-spot enthusiast or have never found it, this dildo will open up a world of pleasure for you. Sleek, smooth, and elegant, this toy is a great buy at under $30. Any glass toy collector needs to have this in their toy chest.

The Bent Graduate is a wonderful G-Spot glass dildo that is made for beginners to the world of glass toys, alas if you are someone who prefers toys large toys this isn't for you.

This is an excellent glass toy for both beginners and advanced users. It hits all the right spots and I have yet to have a negative experience with this toy. If you would like to find your g-spot or you have never bought a glass toy, this is perfect.

$30 for a pyrex g-spot dildo is a hell of a deal. Especially when it does what it is designed to do, stimulate your g-spot. If you want a new toy but don't want to break the bank, this would be a wise choice.

The bent graduate is beautiful glass toy with a really good curve to it. The angle of the curve is perfect for hitting your G-spot, and with some care it can be used anally to hit your P-spot as well. The handle makes this toy really easy to use, and the handle can be inserted for a different texture as well.

This toy is a must have for every woman. It is a great intro into glass dildos with a great price. It will make you love glass. It has so many uses with the same result - orgasm. You may even squirt and it is a great toy to try with. It's easy to sterilize and can be used on a guy also, if you are super careful. I never regretted buying this toy.

This toy is one of my favorite toys ever. It's perfect for a beginner or an experienced g spotter. It's multi functional and a wonderful toy to have

One of the very first glass products I ever purchased and I'm so happy that I did! Not only is it comfortable to both hold and insert, offers two different ends to experiment with and extremely affordable for the level of quality, but it's also amazing when it comes to temperature play and targeting the g-spot. Easily give this one 5 out of 5 stars!

If you are searching for something you can use for g-spot stimulation, and experiment in temperature play with, then this is the Don Wand for you! Gorgeous design, pretty color and fantastic price -- what are you waiting for?

This item was worth it to me because it was a new thrill and I never imagined that I would enjoy it as much as I did. This was a surprise and so glad that I made the purchase!

This toy can provide stimulation to the g-spot and to the clitoris simultaneously or individually. It is smooth, firm, non-porous, and enticing. It is fully capable of providing an intense g-spot orgasm.

This is a wonderful toy that deserves the praise it gets. It is a fantastic beginner toy that will also appeal to the more casual and advanced users. Excellent price, excellent features, excellent performance...a must own.

The Bent Graduate is a multi-gender friendly glass dildo. It is very high quality, especially for the price. This toy is a wonderful first time glass toy and is just so cute and not intimidating in the least. I was so impressed with how user friendly it is for G-spot stimulation. For those of us (ladies) who can ejaculate it is a treat. For those who haven't yet, it could be perfect! Super cute and versatile, two thumbs up!

The Bent Graduate is a beautiful g-spot dildo that really hits the spot, and it does so easily. This is simply the best g-spot toy, and to top it all off it doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

This toy was definitely worth every penny. We were both pleased by how well this toy hits our fun spots and leaves us satisfied.

The Bent Graduate is a perfectly-shaped glass g-spot dildo that should work for most, if not all, users. Its size and lack of intense texture make it good for both beginners and advanced users.

I could sum up this toy with three little words - OH MY GOD! But, since you came here to read a full review I am more than sure I can supply you with a good one. The Bent Graduate is excellent at G-spot stimulation. For me, the Bent Graduate is THE BEST g-spot toy I have EVER tried!

The pink Pyrex glass toy from Don Wands is a great addition to the toy box. The smooth material perfect for searching for that elusive G-spot.

The Bent Graduate is an inexpensive glass G-spot toy that surprised me with how well it performed given its small size. It's easy to hold and manipulate.

I highly recommend this toy if you want to manually stimulate your prostate. It is a fantastic choice for both the beginner or expert alike, and would make a great toy to share with an understanding partner. I am so glad to have made a new friend with the Bent Graduate.

If you are looking for your g-spot and desire that g-spot orgasm, you cannot go wrong with the Bent Graduate. This toy should be in every woman's toy box, if for no other reason but the gorgeous glass, the incredible price and g-spotting capabilities.

The Graduate is an amazing toy, and I highly recommend the Graduate for first time g-spot, and glass toy users. I always return to this toy for the amazing orgasm is always produces.

This was a positively fabulous 'first' for me with the glass - and rumor has it (according to the forums at least) that it's an excellent tool for all you squirters out there!

Ladies, prepare to be taken to the next orgasmic level! This dildo is fabulous and is a great addition to your toy collection...practically guaranteed not to disappoint!

For first time glass users looking for some amazing G Spot stimulation look no further. Oh, and watch out for the geyser, its a doosy!!!

The Bent Graduate wants you to squirt. It doesn't care if you forgot to put a towel down before you started playing and it doesn't care if the kids are asleep and your moans might wake them up; it just doesn't care. Each and every time I used this toy I was unable to defy its wishes and I gladly succumbed to its desire to ruin my bedding. If you're looking for some firm and direct G spot stimulation that might turn your masturbation session into a biblical monsoon, look no further.

Honestly, this item is worth the money if you are just starting or different temperatures really get you off. Now that I have explored sex toys more, I don't think this pretty little thing will get much more use!

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