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And God Said to Noah...Look Out!

The Bent Graduate wants you to squirt. It doesn't care if you forgot to put a towel down before you started playing and it doesn't care if the kids are asleep and your moans might wake them up; it just doesn't care. Each and every time I used this toy I was unable to defy its wishes and I gladly succumbed to its desire to ruin my bedding. If you're looking for some firm and direct G spot stimulation that might turn your masturbation session into a biblical monsoon, look no further.
Wonderful curve, anti-slip handle, easy to share and clean, storage pouch included and cute as heck!
May not be girthy enough for everyone, the handle might be a little petite for those with big hands.
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This dildo is angled to make excellent use as a G/P spotting tool, although due to its length its best use it probably vaginally. Its ribbed handle makes anal play safe, although you should still be careful not to let it slip in past the handle (lest it get sucked up!) Because it is made of glass it is best used for solo play because it is easy for a partner to misunderstand the curves of your insides and poke you a bit too hard. However, I was able to have my long-term partner use this (carefully) on me after I got comfortable enough with it to give him good directions. Just be sure to listen to your bits so you don't end up with a sore cervix/rectum the next day!
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Material / Texture

The Bent is made from solid Pyrex glass, which is a popular name brand of borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass has a low thermal expansion rate, meaning that it can withstand greater temperature fluctuations than other forms of glass like tempered glass. It is still capable of breaking due to stress and extreme temperature changes (ex: taking this toy from the freezer to a boiling pot of water would likely break it). However, what is also unique about borosilicate glass is that it "snaps" rather than fractures; it breaks into large pieces and does not splinter. This is another feature that makes Pyrex glass one of the safest types of glass.

While Pyrex glass is less dense than other glasses, it is still much less forgiving than materials such as silicone or jelly. The density can make using the Bent a little more tricky; beginners that are new to dildos or just glass in general should exercise caution when inserting. Take your time getting used to the material before thrusting. Both experienced and beginning glass players should always be careful to heed any pain as a sign to stop as thrusting with glass can result in soreness/bruising to the cervix or rectal walls. The firmness of this toy can be a challenge but is ultimately pleasureful in a way that no other material on the market is because of the delicious pressure it provides to sensitive areas. The size of the Bent allows you to control that pressure as well, and won't fill most players up without leaving some wiggle room for comfort. The Bent is an excellent introduction to glass because of this! You'll really have trouble hurting yourself with this unless your thrusting like a maniac.

Design / Shape / Size

The Bent Graduate is a very simple toy in terms of its design, but its simplicity is its strong point. The sharply curved shaft makes use a dream; the achy and tired wrists often associated with trusting straighter dildos is not a problem with this one. The angle of the shaft allows for your wrist to remain stationary while your fingers rock the toy back and forth. Not only does this mean your wrist won't get tired, but it also makes an unintended thrust with too much force behind it unlikely. Using the muscles in your hand versus your forearm gives your greater control and more delicate maneuvering. The curve of this toy also makes finding your G spot unavoidable! It applies firm pressure without a lot of manual labor on your part, and the bulging head provides a nice little *gasp!* moment each time it slides past your spot upon withdrawal. I'm telling you, that little ridge between the base of the head and the rest of the dildo is mmmmmmmdelicious.

This dildo is relatively small; an inch in diameters at its widest point (the head) and with 7 inches in length, only about 4 of them being designed for insertion. It's not exactly what I would call discreet however; it's small girth-wise but still takes up a lot of room due to its length and pouch. Left out it is pretty easy to guess what it's intended purpose is. Its dimensions do make for a great toy for beginners or just for those that prefer less girth with their toys. If you're a size queen this toy will not be up your alley. I think the size is perfect because it provides a little extra room which makes accidentally bruising my cervix much harder to do.

Finally, this little guy has a convenient handle with four 'bubbles' or ribs to make gripping easier. It's not quite 3 inches long, so while it fit nicely in my teeny little mits, those with larger hands might have some trouble maintaining grasp. This handle makes vaginal and anal play a possibility, although I would still recommend being careful when playing anally. When you add lube into the mix this thing gets slippery, so be sure you have a steady handle on this when using it for butt play! Still, the bubbles provide pretty good resistance so the chances of it getting sucked up inside of you are chiseled down a bit by that. They kind of remind me of those bumps on the sides of highways that are designed to wake you up if you fall asleep, actually.


I just can't believe how EASY this thing is to use. I know that seems like a kind of odd statement to make about a toy; how hard can a dildo really be to use? The answer, in my opinion, is PRETTY damn hard sometimes! The Bent Graduate is amazingly simple and straight forward and is able to get right to where it's going in a fraction of a second. Typically with hard materials like glass, stainless steel, etc. most people (myself included) find partner play difficult; with these unforgiving materials it's easy for your partner (who can't feel what you're feeling) to slip up and thrust too hard or in the wrong direction. I actually let my partner try this on me and when some practice he's gotten great at it. Our play is perfectly painless thanks to its size and great sense of my anatomy!

Care and Maintenance

Glass toys are very easy to care for; glass is a non-porous material meaning that it cannot absorb bacteria, making it very safe to share. It can be cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and warm water, or sterilized by being wiped down with a 10% bleach solution. Make sure that you store it in a protective pouch and to take care not to drop it or bang it. Borosilicate is very strong, but can still be broken so you don't want to take any chances. You should also avoid extreme temperature changes as described in the "Material" section because this can also damage your toy. Finally, this toy and all other glass toys are compatible with all lubricants (oil, silicone and water based) and will not negatively interact with other materials such as silicone or jelly.

Personal comments

This is a great introduction to glass for beginners! The size combined with its accessible design make it difficult not to have a great time with on the first try, even with no prior experience with glass! If you've been curious about this material I would highly recommend the Bent Graduate to you! Also, I'll put it here because I don't know where else to stick it: this toy is not the light, cool pink seen in the pictures but actually a much campier, brighter bubblegum pink. These links don't quite capture the full effect, but it gives an idea.


After putting on a little porn from my favorite squirter super-star Tiana Lynn, I warmed myself up with some petting and stroking. Once I had worked myself up to provide sufficient natural lubrication I was able to easily vaginally insert the Bent. Some careful prodding and massaging was necessary at first; it took a little while to get used to the curve of the shaft, but once my vagina had memorized its slope I was in heaven. Simultaneously working my clit with my free hand I quickly discovered that, between the porn and this toy, I was seconds away from gushing. If there's ANY problem with this toy it might be that it makes me orgasm TOO quickly!
Follow-up commentary
This was my second glass dildo ever. After trying quite a few more since, I've become maybe a little bit jaded and don't find myself reaching for this one as often. But every time I do, I wonder what took me so long to dig it out and put it to good use. Though I've grown fond of more filling glass and metal dildos, and when I use this I do miss the girth, this still hits me G-spot better than 90% of the other dildos I own. It just has an incredible curve that works beautifully with my body. It's pretty much idiot proof. Even my G-spot illiterate partner can navigate a decent G-gasm with this baby. For that alone I thank it, not to mention for all the effortless solo orgasms it gives me on nights where I'm too exhausted from work to labor away for an hour at a climax.
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