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One of life's many pleasures.
Don Wands is one of the industry leaders in bringing alternative materials to the market such as borosilicate glass, urethane, and wood/hybrid adult toys. We strive to provide high quality products at great price points.

Some of the great features of all Don Wands toys is that they are all non-porous, phthalates-free, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and ultra smooth. All our Don Wands Glass Pleasure Wands are hand blown and carefully inspected to ensure the glass is free of imperfections. All Don Wands products come equipped with a thick padded pouch, a sample packet of Wet brand lubricant, and an informational care card with instructions on how to take care of your Don Wand product. All of our vibrating Don Wands products come with batteries included.

News and announcements

  • Curved Purple Swirl Mushroom Tip

    This unique purple curved wand features a full length swirl for added stimulation. If you would like a swirl to add to your experience, this is a very classy wand to add to your collection. The 1" diameter shaft wand has an approximate 7 1/2" overall length.
  • Large And In Charge!

    The Fat Jack-The name pretty much says it all. This behemoth is a staggering 12" in length and approximately 2 1/2" in diameter. For those who feel that size does matter, we have the wand for you. Massive pleasure can be derived from this gigantic 4 lb. clear nubby wand. This is a true collectors item and a great conversation piece.

    All of our glass pleasure wands include a sample pack of WET® Platinum Lubricant and a padded pouch for safe storage. Don Wands Glass Pleasure Wands are waterproof, hypoallergenic, nonporous, ultra smooth and are phthalates free. Don Wands are made from borosilicate, which is more resistant to breaking than most traditional glass formulations. Don Wands Glass Pleasure Wands can be warmed or cooled to your preferred comfort zone and they maintain temperature for an extended period of time. For safety reasons, we suggest that you clean and inspect all of your glass pleasure wands before and after each use. Never use a damaged glass wand.
  • Magnificent!

    The Cobalt Blue Magnificent from Don Wands Glass. This gorgeous cobalt blue and clear wand is for those who enjoy texture. Maximum ribbing on the curved shaft increases stimulation. The 1 1/4" diameter wand features a 1 1/2" diameter clear real tip and is approximately 7 1/2" in length.
  • Hearts So Good!

    This highly decorated wand is for those who love hearts. The raised red hearts create a texture that increases stimulation. Show your love with a gift that can be enjoyed for years. The 1" diameter wand features a 1 1/2" diameter clear mushroom tip and is approximately 7" in length.
  • Put a twinkle somewhere other than her eye!

    This masterpiece features a unique sparkling dichroic ribbon that reflects a colorful metallic flecked pattern. This smooth 1 1/4" diameter wand features a 1 1/2" diameter real tip that sits atop a curved shaft and is approximately 7 1/2" in length.
  • Sweet and Sexy!

    Don Wands has something sweet and sexy for Valentines Day, The Luv Pak. The Luv Pak comes with 1 pink Don Wand and a cherry or strawberry flavored edible massage candle from Earthly Body. As you burn the candle the wax melts into a warm edible massage oil. Spoil your sweetheart this Valentines day by starting the night with a sensual candle lit massage that will lead into an evening of pleasure you are both sure to enjoy.
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