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Pointy Pressure

Bent Graduate had all the right elements - an angle to die for and a firm material for pressure. Why didn't I get the G spot orgasm of my dreams from this? Because the pointed head of it created a bit of a stabbing sensation when I applied a lot of pressure to my G spot (which I require to orgasm). My G spot was not a fan of this and just didn't end up responding to the Bent Graduate. If you can work with the pointed head, the angle is great and the firm material allows for great pressure.
Extreme curve to hit G spot, Small size, Firm material applies lots of pressure
Pointed head is uncomfortable when lots of pressure is applied
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Bent Graduate is Don Wand's glass G spot dildo. It intensely curved for optimal stimulation. One end is smooth while the other has a bulbed texture. Both ends come to a point, so if you need more of a flat head for G spot stimulation, this may not work as well for you. The glass material creates firm pressure, lending itself well to G spotting.

Bent Graduate does not flare at the base. It should not be used anally. It does curve at the handle, which could potentially be used as a stop by experienced anal users only. I personally wouldn't recommend using it that way. It's really intended as a G spot vaginal dildo.

You can warm and cool the glass to create temperature play. It can be placed in the fridge or run under warm water to create different sensations. You should be sure to check the temperature on your wrist before inserting to make sure it is neither too hot or cold.

Care should be taken when using this so you don't damage the cervix. As glass is a harder material, it can be easy to thrust to hard and injure the cervix. This is especially important during partner use as a partner will not be able to tell how far is "too far." Because of this, Bent Graduate is best used as a solo toy. It can be used with a partner, but be extra cautious when doing so.

Material / Texture

Bent Graduate is made of Pyrex glass. This puts it at a ten on the safety scale. It is non-porous in nature.

Pyrex is the brand name for borosilicate glass. This is less dense than regular glass. It is used for glass toys as it resilient to shattering should it break. Instead, it would break into large chunks. This means there are no worries about shards of glass breaking off and being a danger. Pyrex is what most casserole dishes are made of, so that should give you an idea of the resiliency of the glass.

Glass is a hard and unforgiving material. There is no give to it. It will not meld to the body in any way. If you prefer a firm material, it doesn't get firmer than glass. If you need something with a bit of give, glass may be a bit too much.

The surface is smooth. Only a pea sized amount of lube is needed for glass to glide in. The lube does not need to be reapplied as the glass does not absorb it. Even without lube, the hand glides easily across the surface. It has zero drag to it.

There is no smell or taste to the glass material.

One side of Bent Graduate has only a small bulge at the head for added stimulation. The other side has three large bulges and one smaller bulge. The last bulge is pointed while the others are rounded. These can be felt during use.

I'm texture sensitive and am unable to use the textured end of this with the bulbed design. I can pretty much get it in long enough to know I need to get it out. As such, I can't comment too much on the feeling of this end, since I'm limited to a use time of a few seconds with it. I supposed it's not exactly a texture as much as it is a design, but I decided to put it in this section anyway. This end will be best for intermediate to advanced users or those that aren't sensitive to textures.

The smooth end has no texture and is suitable for beginners to advanced users. However, my general feeling on glass is that the material itself is more of an intermediate to advanced user material. As it's very hard and easy to cause injury with, I wouldn't recommend it as a very first toy. After a few toys however, glass is a lovely addition to a collection if you decide you like firmer materials.

Design / Shape / Size

Bent Graduate is 6.75" long as per both the product page and my measurements. The insertable length will be around 4" as per the product page. The max diameter is 1.25" as per both the product page and my measurements. The head is 1" in diameter which then comes down to .75". The bulbs come out to 1.25" and back in to 1". The last bulb is a bit smaller at 1 1/8".

Here you can see it in my hand for size reference:

I tend to like smaller toys from 1"-1.5" in diameter, so the size of this worked well for me. It was not too thick or thin. It doesn't create any sort of full feeling, so if that's what you're looking for, you won't find it here. The length was perfect to hit the right spots but provide a good handle. My G spot is about 1.5" in and there was plenty room left to insert, so this should reach G spots that are deeper in as well.

The size will work well for beginners as well as advanced users. It is a non-intimidating size in both diameter and length. Those that prefer larger sizes will be left looking for more, but beginners or those that prefer smaller toys should be very satisfied with the size of Bent Graduate.

Bent Graduate is not a realistic looking toy. It does look like a dildo, at least to me. The head of it is pronounced in a phallic fashion and I don't think there would be a question as to what this is. As such, hiding it will be the best bet if you don't want people knowing about it. It's small size means this won't be difficult. It also can go along for travel purposes, but be sure it goes with you in a padded pouch due to the glass material.

Bent Graduate's claim to fame is the intense curve that is on one side of it. While many toys have only a slight G spot curve, Bent Graduate comes in at an almost 90 degree angle. This more intense curve can work for people who have harder to hit G spots as well as those who have easy to hit G spots. The head of the G spot end comes to a point for pinpointing the G spot.

The second end is done with the three bulbs, which I went over in the Texture section, since I wanted to make sure those who were texture sensitive got that information there. That end also comes to a point.


I have an incredibly picky G spot. It requires intense curve to hit it (minus, for some reason, the Fling). I have very few toys in my box that can actually give me a G spot orgasm. The ones that do are more curved toys and most of them are firm materials. My assumption was that Bent Graduate had all the right things going for it. It had one of the most intense curves I've seen on a dildo. It was made of glass, a firm material. It was bound to give me a mind blowing G spot orgasm, right? Eh, not so much.

As usual, my G spot proves to have more finicky tastes than once imagined. While the main components were all there, there was something I overlooked while lusting after the Bent Graduate. The head of the toy comes to a point. I never really payed much attention to this fact. Mostly because I was busy looking at the awesome curve, but also because I really didn't think it would make or break the toy. Turns out, I was wrong. The pointed head did not get along with my G spot.

I could hit my G spot with this. I could feel the pressure on it and I didn't feel like I lost pressure very often. The problem seemed to be only in the somewhat poking sensation that the pointed head was giving when I was applying a lot of pressure to my G spot with it. I could feel the pointed head stab into my G spot, which didn't feel bad, but didn't feel spectacular. My G spot apparently didn't think so either, because it wouldn't yield to the Bent Graduate. After quite some time trying, I was able to coax out what I would call a "G spot orgasm light." As in, I think I maybe had an orgasm, but I wouldn't put money on it or anything. That's how light this potential orgasm was.

I can't use the bulbed end at all, but I knew I wouldn't be able to when I made the purchased. Textured glass and I are just not friends. The hard material combined with textures hurts my sensitive insides.

While this didn't blow me away, I hear a lot of people rave about it. So don't take my words as the only ones. If you think you can work with the pointed head, this may be worth a shot. The curve is really nice on Bent Graduate. It's rare for a toy to get pressure and maintain said pressure on my G spot. This did do that. My guess is that if the pointed head doesn't bother you, this will be a real winner.

Care and Maintenance

Glass care is very easy. You can wash it with soap and water or toy cleaner. You can quickly boil it, but make sure you don't submit it to extreme temperature for extended periods as this may cause warping of the glass. You also shouldn't go from the heat directly to cold (as in the freezer or fridge) as this may cause the glass to break.

All lubricants can be used with glass. Oil, silicone, and water based lubes are compatible with Bent Graduate.

This toy comes with a large padded pouch for storage. I would recommend using this to protect the toy from damage. You could keep it in a regular baggie if you find the padded pouch takes up too much space, but your toy will be less protected.


Bent Graduate comes packaged in a clear cylinder that was meant for hanging. Inside the cylinder the toy is placed in front of the pouch and can be seen through the packaging. The front top says "Don Wands Glass Pleasure Wands" and has some bullet points about the safety of glass. The back top has short care instructions. The back insert has some information about glass. It talks about how it is hypoallergenic, lubrication friendly, and can be used for temperature play. On the other side of the insert is a longer set of care instructions.

The packaging is not discreet as the toy is visible through it. It isn't particularly fancy, so if you're looking for a gift that's discreet or that will wow someone, it's probably not the best gifting package. However, it does come with a really nice padded pouch and a lot of care instruction.

Personal comments

Though it didn't work for me, I can see how it works for many. My general thought is that I think the flat head on G spot toys will probably work for more people, but since it's glass you get the pointed (or rounded) head. I really wish this had the rounded head instead. If you're looking for a G spot dildo and think the point won't be an issue, this will probably be amazing for you. If you have found the flat or rounded heads work best for you, then the pointed head may pose a problem.


I covered most of my experience already in the Performance section. I think I maybe lusted after this for too long and expected too much from it. I generally try not to expect G spot toys to work since most of them don't. I made the mistake of really expecting this one to, so when it didn't I was really upset about it. I guess since this looked like it had all the right things going for it, I just made an incorrect assumption on its effectiveness for me. I'm going to go back to just assuming things won't work for my G spot so that I'll be pleasantly surprised if they do.

For me, this is just an average product. Yeah, I can get pressure on my G spot. That gives it at least some credit since many toys can't manage that. But the fact that the pointed head creates enough of a problem to stop this from working drops it back down. It doesn't work for me as a regular vaginal toy because the curve is so intense that it's really designed for G spotting only if you don't use the other end.
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