Blush UR3 ballsy dong - realistic dildo by Doc Johnson - reviews

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Blush UR3 ballsy dong reviews

23 reviews
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Average review rating
23 reviews

Overall this is a wonderful toy for single use or in combination with another toy of the same material. Even when used with a partner this toy adds to the experience of having two men inside you. Very life like in feel and look.

Overall, for someone with plenty of patience/experience/a partner, this wouldn't be too bad for the price. But if you've none of the above, I'd simply hop along to something a bit more beginner friendly.

Fun to use but not the safest or most practical toy! It feels nice, just be sure to stay safe and use a condom with Ballsy with every use!

The UR3 Blush is so cool looking but it's material is not safe for sharing between partners or areas. I love the cherry smell but the maintenance is a pain and there are storage issues

Enchant your lover with the realistic feel of Blush Ballsy Dong. Molded from UR3, Blush is semi-realistic. Although it it’s not girthy, it fills you up when you play. Use it vaginally or anally, it is sure to be a hit in the bedroom. Perfect for beginners and advanced users alike, the Blush puts a unique twist on realistic play.

If you are looking for a larger toy that feels like you are having sex with the real thing and you do not mind that its a little hard to clean and store then this toy is for you. Its got a great large size so I do not recommend it for a beginner. Use this toy solo or enjoy a little extra fun with your partner. This dildo is worth every penny spent.

Overall, it isn't a bad purchase and like having this UR3 toy in our box. The lack of suction cup was not a deal breaker for me, but an added suction cup to this toy would be nice to try.

This toy is an okay toy, it's not something I'd die without, but it's also not going to just sit in my drawer and collect dust. I LOVE that I can use it with my partner, anything that I can include him in is always a plus.

I like the texture of this toy, but would look for a different material next time that needs a little less maintenance and is a little safer to use.

No other toy will make you feel this good! I wish I had time to use it every day! I should be using it right now, but I want others to know the pleasures of this toy as well, & that is why I wrote this review.

Generally, this toy is fun for people that like a softer toy. I don't know about anyone else but I tend to get sore after using firm toys for a while, so changing it up and using something soft is a welcome reprieve. It was fabulous for that fact alone. The disappointing side is that it is kind of floppy so it doesn't stand and you have to be careful to not let it slip out. I have a great time when my fiance uses this toy on me because it is so gentle and I love to play with it on my own.

Overall, it was decent for the price. I think I could make it work somehow even though it doesn't feel as real as I had wanted to.

Dont judge a dong by its cover! Although this thing may be flimsy, It can rock your world! It is girthy enough that the texture stands out and I love how the head gently stimulates my g-spot. This toy surprisingly almost had me squirting! It's soft, but when inside my vagina it feels firm at the same time. I love to squeeze it while its inside me, and with a little bullet on my clit, I could cum for days. For me, its pros greatly outweigh its cons.

It is a very good product; but it is not perfect, or a toy I would buy again if something happened to this one. The material safety is the only thing that concerns me with this dildo.

The Blush UR3 Ballsy, to me, useless as a sex toy, it's simply impossible for me to insert. It smells strongly, and is made of cheap porous material. Basically, it's got all the halmarks of a cheap poorly made toy... however I've had so much fun wearing it on my head and pretending to be an elephant I don't absolutely hate it.

If you are looking for a dildo, then look no further than this product. It is does what it is suppose to well.

To anyone who truly wants the 'real' feeling of a penis, you cannot go wrong with this dildo. It's a whole lot of fun.

This item was definitely worth it. If you are looking for a dong that is thick and want deep penetration, this toy is for you. It's everything I expected in a toy. There are some downfalls of being flimsy and wobbly. But, other than that, it is pure hard pleasure!!

Most of all, this cock was impressive for it's sheer cheerfulness. If your trying to introduce toy play, it has a 'soft' quality to it that won't frighten a newbie to the sex play possibilities.

This is a fantastic product for beginners or people who are very visually into their toys. It's a great buy for the price!

Excellent toy--very fun, pleasurable, and durable. Feels like the real thing and really fills you up! I wouldn't recommend it for beginners, though. Definitely worth your money.

Great for first timers, yes it is a bit soft but it does feel good when you get it in.

During the insertion the gentle anal sphincter stretching sensations almost made me faint. Once it was in place it didn’t slide out although the sphincter was going crazy causing the toy to pulse inside sending tsunamis of pleasure all over me. Lying on the side I began with soft strokes. The stroking movement caused a totally new level of sensations on the prostate and in the entire anal area. The erection was one of the hardest ever.

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