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Crystal jellies classic royal reviews

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Nice for those who want a simple first toy I guess, not something I'd ever buy again. It's alright, but there are much better out there kiddies.

I feel that the Classic Royal Dildo is definitely worth a shot. For the price, what do you have to lose? It is a great length, a classic style dildo, and would be great for beginners.

King Kong is definitely worth taking a spin if you like to really fill yourself up. Otherwise, if you don't like to really take things to the limit, I'd advise that you sit this one out.

Gets the job done for the size that it is. If you like toys, you'll love this one. I highly recommend it.

A lot of pleasure from a very healthy-sized toy, and for such a great price, how could I resist? I love it, caresses every spot and leaves you wanting more.

This is absolutely not worth the money. The jelly cracks and becomes nothing more than a home for bacteria. It is difficult to clean because you can not boil it, and it loses its color very quickly. I would spend my money on something better than this!

I enjoyed the feel of this toy and still use it sometimes, but I cringe every time I open the package, due to the smell.

The best reason for choosing this item is because of the low price and this item can be used by all.

If you're looking for length and girth … just skip this and go on to something else—the material, smell and texture are just too bad. The price may be "right" but the toy is just WRONG.

Overall this toy was a big disappointment for me. It was simply too big for my snatch and I like toys that I KNOW 100% are clean.

Be 100% sure that you want a challenge and are comfortable experimenting with very large toys before you order the royal. This toy is not for everyone because of its massive size and the bulbous shape of the head. The jelly material is a drawback that restricts what you can safely use this toy for. The base of the toy is also very plain and is too sharp for any sort of two-person double-ended play. This toy is best suited for advanced users that want to try something truly massive.

The functionality of this toy was great, my only complaints with that are my own personal references. The initial odor, however, was so intense that I developed a slight headache due to it. For users who can get rid of the smell and like a larger dildo, this is perfect. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for smaller built, overly sensitive or newer users.

Jellie is not just for breakfast

A flexible dildo for the adventurous, and with such a small price it should be a staple in every sex toy collection.

I was excited when i received this toy but when i tried to use it, it was more of a job than a pleasure.

After my first use I thought there was no need to have sex with another person (that thought subsided after a few days). But really, on a serious note, this was one of the best gifts I ever bought myself

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