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Curve dong reviews

32 reviews
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32 reviews

The Curve dong by Tantus is a beautiful, “bumpy” dildo with a large base and a velvety silicone texture. Its curved shaft gives fullness and gspot stimulation, and an added bonus with the “waves” along the shaft which give a unique sensation for vaginal or anal use.

The Curve is a unique toy with few rivals in terms of size, shape, and the strength and width of the base. Whether you use it for vaginal or anal penetration, in a harness or with your hands, with a partner or solo, its versatility means you're just about guaranteed to have a great time with this cock.

If you are looking for a great dildo for G-Spot or P-Spot play you can't go wrong with the Tantus Curve. I enjoyed the Curve but it isn't going to be my go to dildo.

The Curve is the only dildo I own right now (fine with me, since I don't use them on myself), and I think it was a solid purchase. Its material, size and shape aren't so "niche" that I would be worried it might really not be a potential partner's thing. The semi-realism is a happy balance that's definitely what I was looking for.

Overall I was delighted with this toy. It is made from a high grade material and very well designed. If you have ever had a Tantus toy in the past you will know what to expect. We were delighted with this toy.

The curved shape of this really makes it a wonderful g-spot toy. If you can find just the right angle or way to use it, you will love it for that purpose. Some of the texture it has could be too firm or too much for some users, but this is a worthwhile toy if you are looking for something for your (or your partner's) g-spot!

I think this toy is great and definitely perfect for me. I couldn't have been happier with this purchase and I can never wait to use it! Tantus is a fantastic company and I'll certainly be buying from them in the future!

The Tantus Curve is a not too big and perfectly shaped dildo for vaginal penetration with both the curved shape and the ridged texture that target the g-spot with every movement. The flanged base means it's also a great option for both strap-on and anal use. The medical-grade silicone material is safe, easy-to-clean and silky smooth. This was my first dildo and I'm very pleased with it!

This toy is great for couples, gender play, and harness use. It's not the best for solo use, but fun regardless. The skin-soft texture and feel are absolutely unbeatable.

This is exactly the beginner dildo I was looking for in terms of safe and forgiving silicone material, modest girth, medium length, and a curved shape with some gentle ridges for g-spot stimulation. Tantus quality combined with a good price and nice color completes what I was looking for, and we've been satisfied with our purchase.

If you are a person for girth, this one is not for you. If you are a texture lover, i would not recommend it either (Which is what I am). The shape appears exciting, but overall is just ok. I would recommend this for either beginners, or those who already know what they like. The price is reasonable, the product itself was just a minor letdown.

For anyone looking for a great dildo that will stimulate your G-spot and is made of super high quality silicone, the Curve is where its at. Great to be used alone or with a partner when combined with a harness as well.

The Curve is a fantastic dildo to be used solo, with a partner, or in a harness. If you're looking for a starter strap-on dildo, this is a great choice because its base is so large. This toy is made of silicone, making it super safe, smooth, and easy to clean. Great for vaginal and anal use, the Curve has it all!

The Curve is great for years of play. It can be used as a warm-up toy for more experienced users or as a gateway to bigger and better things for novices.

If you're in a relationship with a female-bodied individual and want to share hours of pleasure, buy this cock. It is amazing. It will feel so right against you and in your partner. You'll both cum over and over with the Curve.

The Tantus Curve is a wonderfully designed silicone dildo. It feels realistic, but does not look like a real penis. Its smaller size makes it a great beginner dildo for couples interested in strap-on play.

There just isn't another product out there (that I know of) that can provide such firm, acute g-spot stimulation and textured penetration... especially at this price-point, in this quality material, and from such a reputable manufacturer! It's great for those of us (wearers and receivers alike) that enjoy good, firm stimulation.

The subtle head and ribbing on the Curve, combined with the gentle curve, is great for both of us. I would buy it again in a heartbeat. It's the perfect non-realistic dildo for our use.

The Curve is an excellent teaching tool for first time peggers. It has just enough unique qualities to help you decide for yourself what you really want, which may be the Curve itself.

This toy is perfect for almost any couple or individual, and will work reflecting with any need. It is simply the easiest to use, easiest to clean, 100% safe and pleasurable dildo I have purchased yet.

I recommend purchasing this toy. Can you imagine using it on him while another girl is giving him a blow job? Or using it on her while he makes love to you? What more reason could you need?

The Curve is a silicone dildo that is shaped to provide g-spot and p-spot stimulation. This is a toy that everyone can enjoy because it is made of safe material and is a good size. With its effective design and reasonable price it is definitely worth a try.

The curve is made for those who love direct stimulation of those hard to reach spots. It is an excellent toy for g-spoting and could also be great for stimulating the prostate. It's such a great toy to use, very easy to hold onto, and it's easy to care for. Definitely a must for every toy box.

I HIGHLY recommend this, especially if you're a beginner looking for a solid G-spot dildo! Sturdy base, gorgeous design, incredible can't go wrong! Although it attracts a lot of lint, it's far from a deterrent to using this toy!

The Tantus Curve and Acute are similarly designed silicone dildos each with an angled shaft for G-/P-spot targeting. Both have a base which make them safe for anal play as well as harness compatible. While their modest size my not appeal to individuals looking for more girth, they each offer features that should appeal to everyone. So which is better? I decided to compare them "head-to-head". Let's get ready to rumble!

While this dildo wasn't the perfect match for me, it wasn't all bad. Great for first-time dildo-users and people who like really flexible toys.

The Curve harness compatible dildo by Tantus is not only made of the highest quality materials and manufacturing, but is designed perfectly. From the curve to the large base for harness compatibility, I love it when my wife grabs this baby out of the drawer every time. Just seeing it is a huge turn on. Buy this toy!

The Tantus Curve has an amazing texture, and a delicious curve that finds my g-spot every time. It's not too thick, but not too thin, and just long enough for my anatomy. The base makes it great for vaginal or anal penetration while preventing hand cramps or slippage. The material feels almost realistic. And it shimmers. Shimmering is good.

This is a great cock and perfect for strap-on play. I love Tantus toys and this may be my new favorite thanks to the bigger base and thoughtful design. I really can't say anything bad about it!

I love the Tantus Curve. I can really only sing the praises about it. The material is amazing, the quality is fantastic, the design is great. It would make a fantastic addition to any toy box.

The Curve combines many exciting features of earlier dildos from the Tantus' quality collection. It is also visually stunning, and a perfect blend of form and function.

This is a high-quality, well-designed silicone toy that will last a life-time; Tantus is well-known for its top-grade silicone toys. It's velvety-soft, flexible, and harness-compatible.

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