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When Life Throws You A Curve, Take it!

The Curve combines many exciting features of earlier dildos from the Tantus' quality collection. It is also visually stunning, and a perfect blend of form and function.
Gorgeous, great base, multiple functions, firm but soft and velvety, harness friendly.
A vibrating Curve would be amazing.
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The Curve is the introduction of a new breed of Tantus dildos. These new dildos will have wider and thicker bases, that make them ideal for harness play as well as ergonomically friendly for hand held usage. The new Tantus dildos are anatomically targeted to touch the spongy nerve base of the G and P spots, and are perfect for massaging and milking these glands. Every facet of the Curve has been carefully considered. This is an ultra premium, attractive, platinum silicone dildo, that was thoughtfully designed not only to look amazing - but to feel amazing in a variety of applications. It is as if Tantus has found a universally pleasing dildo in the form of Curve.

If you study Curve carefully, and you look at the gorgeous array of dildos Tantus offers, you will notice a few familiar features. Curve look to me like Tantus Acute and Tantus Charmer dildos mated, and their lovechild was a hybrid with the best characteristics of both dildos.

Acute is a dildo with an Acute curve designed to pleasure the G spots and the P spots, and Charmer is a slim dildo with a cascade of ripples running down the top side of the shaft. It's made for exquisite sensation. Now imagine what Curve is like as a dildo!

Not only does Curve combine the best of both Acute and Charmer, but it does so on a much larger, flanged base. The base adds to the erotic possibilities far more than you can imagine. The base is much larger than Tantus' usual dildo bases. It allows for all different types of harnesses to be used, and the wideness and the tear drop shape allow for much more stability of the dildo than a thinner, rounder base. It also cushions more effectively and adds to clitoral or peri anal stimulation. It's also more ergonomically friendly for those who enjoy manual use of a dildo. The teardrop shaped base is large enough, and thick enough to be gripped easily, and manually. The tip of the teardrop is very stimulating to the clitoris during thrusting.

Curve can be used for rubbing the genital area during foreplay, it's soft, velvety, and firm. It is a non vibrational dildo, there is no bullet compartment.

Curve has a large enough base to be used anally. Its silicone quality allows it to be non irritating, hypoallergenic, easy to sterilize, and fits a variety of condom brands as well. The curve of the dildo and the size make it perfect and comfortable for a prostate massage.

Material / Texture

The Curve is 100 percent platinum silicone. Silicone is inert, it is hypoallergenic, phthalate free, odorless, and does not degrade over time. If cared for correctly, it should last a lifetime.

Curve has a velvety texture. It feels smooth to the touch, not sticky, and it does not attract lint easily. Curve is a very firm dildo, it's flexible to some extent, but it prefers to stay in a curved position. It's also a dense dildo, very solid, yet still soft to the touch. There is no bounciness or floppiness to Curve. The firm but soft quality makes it ideal for a smooth insertion. Its velvety matte texture allows for a water based lubricant to stay on more efficiently than a more slick surfaced dildo.

Curve can be warmed in hot water by the bedside, or put in an ice bucket and then inserted for sensation play as well. Because it is the highest grade of pure silicone, it heats up very quickly in the body, and that makes it feel more "like the real thing".

Design / Shape / Size

Curve is an averaged sized dildo, it is a genius idea combining form for maximum functions, and size has a great deal to do with its functionality.

At a stooped height of six and a half inches tall, if you were to totally straighten the Curve it would measure seven inches. So you have some idea of how acute ( - just like its family member the Tantus Acute), the arched spine of this dildo is. Five and three quarters inches are insertable, the rest is the base. It is nicely plush for a base, and is very pleasurable when the base is worn in a harness or pushed up against the body.

The circumference is four and a half inches, the diameter is a comfortable one and three quarter inches. The base is a generous three and a quarter inches from tear drop tip to the back of the base, it's three inches across from side to side.

The head of the dildo is close to the same size as its shaft. The bottom of the shaft of the dildo has a flattened, smooth spine while the acutely curved side has a rippling cascade of curves (not unlike Charmer). If you caress the velvety texture of the dildo where the ripples are, it is as if someone put their fingers in a sculptural medium and squeezed lightly. My fingers fit perfectly into the ripples in the curve of Curve. The tactile sensation is not just limited to handling, its for maximum stimulation of the vaginal or rectal walls. Tantus boasts on its package "The science of sensation" I found the Curve carefully designed to fit this description.

The Curve's acute bend is as if it was mimicking the "come hither" motion of a finger while locating the G (at the 12 o')clock position about one fingers length in the anterior portion of the vagina. The Curve in a harness has the upward angle of a very aroused penis of a young man. The color of Curve keeps it from looking too realistic and ups the fun factor. I chose Purple Haze, a light opalescent, lightly marbelized smoky lavender. Black and a deeper purple are also available.


Insertion was very comfortable. It felt firm, but not cervix busting uncomfortable, during hard thrusting. It was easy to hold with its well designed base, and the tip of the tear drop base was clitorally stimulating. I also used it low and slow for G spot massaging. With a free hand, one could use a vibrator externally to increase the ecstasy.

I also tried the Curve in several harnesses like The Femme, the Aslan Jaguar, the leather Sedeux harness, the Prince (wow, it looked great!) and the Spare Parts Joque. I recommend the 1 3/4 inch O ring with this dildo for best stability.

I also tried the Curve anally, although not to its full insertable length. Since the head was not particularly bulbous, insertion was smooth and easy.

Care and Maintenance

So many options for disinfection. Top rack dishwasher safe, withstands being boiled for 3 minutes in temperatures up to 600 F, can be soaked in 10 percent bleach solution, or cleansed with antibacterial soaps and cleansers.

It is water based lube compatible. Silicone lubes will deform Curve. Also, store all your silicone dildos separated from each other. I like lint free cloth as a wrap and stored in a plastic baggy. While silicone is non porous, it tends to bond to other silicone products.

Curve is very condom compatible as well. Safe sex is great sex!


Curve came in a clear plastic box, with a clear plastic clamshell holder - so the customer could easily view all Curve's curves while reading about silicone, the care of the product, and how safe and health it is for the body. The Tantus packaging can be recycled. Tantus also has its address in Chula Vista, California and its website address on the box. All Tantus products are American made, and Tantus uses FDA approved mineral spirits to clean their machines. They also recycle these spirits. The website offers informative articles and information on the company Tantus, and it allows you to join their information network.

Personal comments

I am looking forward to seeing more Tantus products with bases like the one Curve utilizes. Here is their site for your viewing pleasure and information:


I found the teardrop shaped base revolutionary. It added a pleasurable element to the Curve, that I haven't seen in any dildo prior to the Curve.

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Follow-up commentary
How can you like something more than five stars? Look at the curve on Curve! I don't have to tell you the possibilities. It's beautiful but it's a great, sturdy, firm, everyday dildo. It's going to make a great gift too... its so non-intimidating... it's like the nerdy geek you thought you would never go out with, who turned out to be the fuck of your life.

I also can't wait to see more dildos with bases like this one!
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