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I couldn't be more pleased with G-Brush. I'd been looking at it for weeks with a growing case of the "I wants" & had decided to get it long before ordering. The exquisite texture feels nothing like any other vaginal toy or g-spotter I have used. The best I can describe it is to say that it feels like an uneven surface rubbing my g-spot & vaginal walls, like no other type of texture does. It feels so amazing - the only dildo I have experienced any pleasure with. I love it!

If you want a new g-spot centric toy or a toy that will make squirt super fast, don't pass this one by!

Texture lovers rejoice

The G-brush is the toy of choice for adventurous texture lovers who want to add the luxury of ceramic to their play. It warms quickly and is made of a safe, easy care material. You will probably want to go slow with this one and it may not be a toy for everyday use, but if you like texture it will give very satisfying results.

If you like unyielding texture and g-spot stimulation, the G-Brush is an easy to care for, no-batteries needed, high-quality toy that will make you sing and get your juices flowing. If rigid texture makes your girl-parts wince, should probably look elsewhere.

The G-brush may look a little frightening, with its sharply angled head and intense texture, but everything is made "just so". The angle is exquisite, the texture very focused and only on the front of the head, making it far less obtrusive and jarring than toys that are textured all over. A definite "must have" for the g-spot girls out there.

The G-brush is a curved dildo that is handmade of 100% ceramic, with an interesting tip that has ribs that brush against the G-spot. These ribs are very noticeable and can create quite a sensation. If you like extremely firm toys with texture, then this is the dildo for you.

The G-Brush gets its name from its toothbrush-like design. It's angled to hit your spot just right. It's not overly large. It's safe for temperature play. If you're looking for texture, this toy has it in spades at the head. And it's made of food-grade materials. There's just a slight learning curve with it, and it might be a bit tricky for beginners. But because there are no moving parts, you can take this toy with you anywhere.

This toy is truly fabulous! It has immediately become one of the top 2 favorite toys in my collection. It's so easy to bring such great results with the G-Brush, sometimes too quickly. The simple and streamlined design of this toy will surely put you over the edge. No batteries required!

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