Like a toothbrush for your G-spot. Only... not.

The G-Brush gets its name from its toothbrush-like design. It's angled to hit your spot just right. It's not overly large. It's safe for temperature play. If you're looking for texture, this toy has it in spades at the head. And it's made of food-grade materials. There's just a slight learning curve with it, and it might be a bit tricky for beginners. But because there are no moving parts, you can take this toy with you anywhere.
Safe for temperature play, hypoallergenic, food-grade materials.
Slight learning curve for G-spot n00bs.
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The G-Brush's name gives its use away. It's meant to massage your G-spot with each ripple along the head. Its firm shaft and slightly angled head make it ideal for people who have a more curved anatomy, but still easily usable for people who don't.

While it's not overly large or ridiculously uncomfortable, it does seem to have a slight learning curve. If you're not familiar with your G-spot, this brush gets you in the general area rather quickly, but it's easy to overdo the pressure if you're not sure how much or little to use. Especially with the unforgiving nature of ceramic. Beginners might find it a little harsh at first, but intermediate and expert toy users shouldn't have any trouble at all.
    • Couple foreplay/after climax play

Material / Texture

The G-Brush is made of ceramic and it's this flaming orangish-red color. It's nonporous, hypoallergenic and made of food-grade materials. It's hard and unforgiving, as ceramic tends to be, but the surface is smooth and cool to the touch.

What's cool about ceramic is it's shock resistant, so you don't have to worry quite as much about extreme temperature changes as you do with glass. Ceramic doesn't chip easily, either, so accidentally knocking it against something isn't going to damage it.

Design / Shape / Size

This dildo is seven and one-half inches long and looks remarkably like a toothbrush. Matter of fact, if you painted the ripples on the end white, I'd swear it was a toothbrush for your G-spot.

The "brush" end has six ripple-like protrusions, each about a quarter of an inch apart. They're meant to massage and rub your G-spot and provide an interesting drag. The head is angled up toward your G-spot and, at its widest point, is about one and one-half inches in diameter.

The shaft is rounded on the top and flat on the bottom, which makes it great for when you change toys. All you have to do is lay it flat on the table. It doesn't wobble or roll.


This section always hangs me up on dildos. It's not like they have any moving parts! Their performance relies heavily on my knowledge of my own body and my state of mind. And this toy has even less to talk about with its ramrod straight shaft and smooth surface.

The "bristles" are pretty amazing once you get the hang of them, provided you like a lot of texture and aren't put off by how firm they are. While there's no drag to speak of to the material, the bristles do provide quite a bit when in use. I found hard, fast thrusting to be entirely too much for me, though I can see where it might eventually be enjoyable down the road.

I think the only thing that really bothered me about the performance of this toy is the awkward angle I have to hold it at and the abnormally slow thrusting speed I settled into. But those could be specific to me. Others might not have those problems.

Care and Maintenance

Store it in the velvety black checkered bag it came with. Wash it with antibacterial soap. Boil it. Throw it in the dishwasher. Wipe it down with a bleach solution. Share it, but wash it between orifices and partners.

Try not to drop it. Always check it for chips or cracks before using it. Have a ball with temperature play but please, please, please do not microwave this toy. And don't use abrasive materials (i.e. steel wool, body scrub, etc.) on it.


The G-Brush came in a big white cardboard box and all wrapped up in pink bubble wrap. I'm not kidding! I still have it. I bet you wish your toy came in pink bubble wrap, huh? But you can't have any! It's all mine! Or... something.

Personal comments

I'd never considered taking a toothbrush to my g-spot. I'm not considering it now. The G-Brush wasn't as horrible as my first impression of the Rainbow Mega Nubby, but it was a little uncomfortable until I got the hang of it. I think part of that is because I'm a total G-spot n00b. I'm also a bit of a texture n00b. Two whammies!

It's not all bad, though. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, I was over the moon. I found since I'm still not always spot on with my G-spot, I had to first find the thing, then angle the toy just right, apply just the right amount of pressure... But from what I understand, some toys are just like that. And now that I know how to use this toy, I sort of enjoy it.

Okay, I more than sort of enjoy it.
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