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The G-brush may look a little frightening, with its sharply angled head and intense texture, but everything is made "just so". The angle is exquisite, the texture very focused and only on the front of the head, making it far less obtrusive and jarring than toys that are textured all over. A definite "must have" for the g-spot girls out there.
Excellent pin point g-spot stimulation, nice (though intense) texture, great angle
May be a bit much for beginners, firm, unyielding material makes it seem bigger than it is
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I'm not afraid to say it...

The G-brush is the scariest toy I've ever reviewed.

I mean, look at this thing; seven inches long, one and a half inches wide, pure, hard, firm, unforgiving ceramic with deeply ridged "bristles".

Bottle brush for the vagina, anyone?

In reality, however, it's a lovely toy. The ceramic is a warm tomato red with a shiny, sleek finish that slides across the skin with absolutely no friction. The only texture on the toy is the angled, ridged head - which is about two and a half inches long - so you don't have ridges and texture stimulating every inch of your vagina when you insert it. The ridges are quite deep and prominent but the small surface area means you can very easily concentrate them exactly where you want them - against the g-spot.

I'm not normally a fan of a lot of intense texture. It's overwhelming to me and slightly painful. The G-brush is different, however. The shaft and the back of the head being completely smooth means the texture really is focused only in a very small area, which is incredibly stimulating. The texture combined with the tilted angle of the head make it easy to locate and massage your g-spot with very little effort. I've found that rubbing, massaging and shallowly stroking the toy work really well - while deep and rapid thrusting feel rather awkward.

Like all ceramic toys, the G-brush feels heavy and cool to the touch. It warms quickly, making it excellent for temperature play. Cool it down or warm it up under running water at the temperature of your choice. Stick it in a bowl of ice cubes. Leave it room temperature and discover the differences between a summer room temperature and a winter one - intimately!

Clean up is a breeze - warm water and soap work fine, as does boiling or a mild bleach solution. Just be sure to concentrate on those deep ridges as they do tend to gather lube in the crevices. An old toothbrush can be used if you need but don't use an abrasive brush or pad as it can mar the finish.

This is a heavy toy and feels very substantial in the hand. It's girthy and proportioned in a way that it is wider across than up and down so it can feel even larger than it is. Be careful that you don't thrust too hard and bruise yourself and definitely use a bit of lube to help give that textured head some glide. Any lube that you like is fine with this one.

Store in the cute, checkered, fold over (rather than drawstring, rather like an envelope) faux suede bag it comes with, in a place where it won't bang against other firm toys or around the drawer. Ceramic is pretty sturdy, rather like a coffee mug, but can chip if you drop it. Check for chips or blemishes before each use!

Overall, I'm really glad I got this. I truly only did to sort of "complete" my Duncan Charles collection, was afraid of it for a long time, but am finding that my fears were unfounded. It's not great for times when you're feeling uber sensitive - the texture is intense - but it makes fast, fast work of stimulating the g-spot, especially if you're already aroused. Using this after partner sex, when I'm not quite done or he's in the mood to leave me a limp noodle, I've found it makes me ejaculate a LOT. Like... quickly and repeatedly. I don't often choose it if I'm not already worked up, it feels a little obtrusive if it's the first toy I grab, but once aroused it's a simple yet amazingly effective tool.

A word of caution... The handle, being untextured, can get quite slippery. It is nicely sized and easy to control but keep a cloth or something close by to wipe it down on occasion if using it for an extended period. There is also a seam in the very bottom of the handle, where the ceramic is plugged, that can accumulate lube and body fluids. It's fully sealed and no liquid gets inside the toy but do be aware when cleaning to clean the handle, too!

Also? This is not safe for your butt so do not put it there.
Follow-up commentary
I still have this, though sometimes I wonder why.

Not that it's an awful toy or anything, it's just not my thing. My vagina is far too sensitive to textures these days for me to enjoy it.

The angle IS excellent, though, so those who like textured g-spot stimulation would love it. Even though it's not my thing, it's a shame it was discontinued.
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