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Hottie xtra Hottie xtra

Dildo by Happy Valley

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Hottie xtra reviews

9 reviews
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9 reviews

This is a toy that definitely stretches me out. The blue color is a beautiful contrast color to see in pictures and on cam. This is my max girth for being able to thrust. Anything bigger than this is too tight and I can't thrust it, this one, however, I can, and I attribute that to the shape of the head.

Looking for the next level in sizable dildos? Meet Hottie Xtra. At 2.25" in diameter, only true size queens should attempt to insert this firm and girthy toy. If the stretching and fullness is what you seek, Xtra is sure to please. It may take a bit of a warm up to insert, but it's worth the trouble to get there. The bullet was probably an afterthought, so don't get it expecting anything much in the vibration department.

If you're ready for the next step in stretch, the Hottie Extra's exactly what you need. Its excellent construction provides a consistent girth, with just one little staging ground after the coronal bell for texture. Unlike Randy, Hottie Extra is blessed with a bullethole, allowing either deep vibrations or the ability to give the base of the dildo a little flex, for those new to these girths. Don't forget the steamrollerlike g- or p-spot pleasure, and the Extra is a dildo you'll be glad to own.

Do you want to stretch your ass to fistable widths. A titanic head, and large girth displacement will stuff you full and drive over your prostate with a steam roller.

The Hottie Xtra is worth the money, however the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. Also, watch out for the weird film that's left on the toy. I'm sure it's non-toxic and won't do any harm, but it's a little off-putting. The Hottie is a lot of fun and gives me crazy intense orgasms when I use it. The bullet doesn't really offer much vibration, but it's still nice to use if desired.

This was, indeed, a very exciting toy for me. It is super high quality and the silicone is a gorgeous color and totally body safe. The surface slicks up nicely, and the curve hits all the right places (G-spot!) Happy Valley has impressed me thoroughly with this toy, it is beautiful in many ways. In looks, and in use, it is lovely and feels intensely amazing. Two super happy size-queeny thumbs up!

An extremely well made Silicone toy from Happy Valley that I have found to be very pleasurable. This is a perfect toy for fans of anal stretching or prostate play.

The only reason this is getting a lower star rating is because it is very specialized; it is not a good all-around cock. It has a very specific function, for very particular bodies who happen to open that way.

I imagine the internal vibrator would have been amazing had I been able to get it inside me. I had never owned a dildo that had a vibrator integrated within it, and the concept had really excited me.

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