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Mistress Mistress

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Mistress reviews

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21 reviews

The Mistress is a perfect first dildo! Made from high-quality, easy to clean silicone with a sturdy suction cup base, the Mistress is ideal for use with strap-on harnesses or alone.

The Mistress stands apart because it can lead to discoveries about preferences including size, firmness, and texture. As a lovely partner-in-crime, this dildo is great for harness play because of its girth and length. As my first dildo, I was pleasantly surprised with Vixen Creations' Mistress.

Overall, the Mistress is a good first step. Though the Mistress isn't a crazy, over-the-top toy with a lot of pizzazz, if you're new to strap-ons and looking for the conventional strap-on dildo, the Mistress is a great option.

The Vixen Mistress was my first dildo; it helped me learn that I do enjoy being penetrated. The Mistress is easy to accommodate anally and its curve makes finding a g-spot or a prostate very easy. The curve is also subtle enough not to be painful while fully penetrated.

This item is worth it if you're interested in trying harness use during sex. I don't know how it will do on solo play, but with the harness, it works AMAZING.

The Mistress by Vixen Creations is the perfect toy for pretty much anything you can think of. From vaginal to anal and solo to partner, this toy is so versatile I probably haven't thought of all it's possible uses. I'll definitely bow down to this Mistress.

The Mistress is one of my wife's favorite toys to use on me. It's one of our first and that sentimental value, as well as the amazing orgasms it gives, keep us coming back to it. The ease of maintenance and the safety of the material make it well worth the money you're going to spend if you plan on being serious about the commitment. The toy is durable and holds up well to all environments and will definitely never feel lonely in the toy box!

The mistress is a excellent dildo to add to anyone's collection. It is ideal for people who are beginners, or advanced. It is suitable for men and women. The mistress has a terrific base suitable for harness use, or for hands free fun from the shower to your bedroom.

This beautiful little dildo is solid, classic, made by an amazing company and comes with a lifetime warranty. What's not to like?

Still looking for that perfect dildo to meet your beginner, intermediate, or even advanced needs? Maybe the Mistress is for you. This plushy delight is made of fine hand crafted silicone and comes in several colors. If you're looking for a toy to use both vaginally and anally that will stay in your collection awhile then this might be it. But beware if your not a fan of lint magnets this one attracts just about everything floating about like a siren calling on sailors.

Mistress by Vixen Creations is a semi-realistic, harness-compatible dildo with a slight curve to stimulate the G-spot or P-spot. It is 100% silicone and extremely easy to care for. The base features a suction cup that makes it good for solo play. It is good for beginners with its 7" length and 1.25" girth, which also makes it a good anal dildo. It is a great thrusting toy because of its smooth texture and shiny finish.

While I do prefer harder materials, there is absolutely nothing to complain about in regards to the Mistress. And hey, if you have any Twilight sparkle-cock fantasies, it's more than you could ever ask for. Take her out in the sun if you don't believe me!

Everything a Beginner could desire, and everything the more advanced ever wanted to take with speed. Caress a G spot or Pound a Prostate with its gentle curve. It does it all and is bar none the best dildo to include in a holes double penetration. Enjoy the Mistress for what she is and gives.

Overall, this toy is made of an excellent material and the shape is flawless. I would prefer it if the toy were slightly narrower, but I do not think this is an issue for the average user.

"Come and take a ride on my disco stick. My disco stick." The Mistress dildo is a wonderfully realistic dildo manufactured by Vixen Creation's that is sure to rock your world. If you're looking for something sparkly, realistic, and actually shaped like a real penis, this dildo is right up your alley. So, what are you waiting for? Hop on this disco stick and take a ride of your own.

I had an amazing time with this toy, a lot better even than what I was expecting. I can't stop singing the praises of silicone after using the Mistress. The suction cup is great during solo play and would also make a great flared base for strap-on play. All in all, probably the best starter dildo around.

The Mistress is a wonderful dildo that I never seem to tire of. Whether using it to warm myself or a partner up for wider toys, or introducing someone to the joys of anal, this cock has limitless possibilities. Made of body-safe, non-porous silicone and packaged in a handy little plastic capsule for storage, this is a dildo you'll be able to keep around for a lifetime with minimal care.

Pretty and practical, the Mistress is a beautifully designed dildo that is perfect for girl-girl strap-on sex or anal play. She is just as sexy as she is fun to use.

The absolute best toy in my toybox. It looks good and feels even better! It's the first one I reach for. You won't go wrong with buying one of these lovely ladies!

I found this toy incredibly satisfying. The gentle curve is perfect for slow penetration and also for stimulating the g-spot.

I swung my butt around and tried it doggy-style but couldn't quite reach it. Now I was determined so I peeled the dildo from the headboard and jumped off the bed. The footboard provided the perfect spot and allowed me to slide my feet up under the bed. Mmmmm. I rocked back hard and my butt slapped the bed with each thrust.

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