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Rainbow bliss reviews

32 reviews
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32 reviews

I did not care for this toy, but that is just me, who knows this could be the toy for you, but I think I am going to look for another glass toy.

If you want a well-crafted, high quality glass toy to use vaginally and anally, this is a wonderful, inexpensive dildo to consider. It's a great choice for those who already enjoy texture, and it's a great toy to try if you're wanting to experiment with texture for the first time. I like the girth and the length, and the flared base makes for a great handle.

The Rainbow Bliss by SSA Glass is a beautifully designed glass dildo that is truly versatile in its uses. Being so versatile makes this dildo great for just about everyone, unless of course glass isn't your preferred material. Just grab your favorite lubricant and get to having some of your own bliss!

Rainbow Bliss is an attractive, but simple looking glass dildo that's sure to surprise you! With the bulbous head, lightly textured shaft, easy to hold base, and many different ways to use this toy; it's a great addition to anyone's collection. It might be a little large for a total beginner, and it might seem a little small for a size queen, but it's just right for the average user.

This toy is safe to use any way you want. This toy is a straight and hard classic glass dildo.

This is a great toy for beginners or first time glass users looking for a light texture. If you're a more advanced or adventurous user, I'd recommend something with a little more texture, girth or curved if you're looking for a more gratifying experience. Overall this is a beautiful glass dildo beginners will love.

This toy is great for those looking for a first time glass toy or with minimal toy experience. But for those more adventurous or looking for a lot of texture and stimulation, I'd look elsewhere.

Bliss is a great way to describe this glass wonder. The mild swirls hit all the right spots. It's a joy to use and a wonderful piece of glass to own.

I would recommend the "Rainbow Bliss" made by SAA Glass to anyone. No need for experience, but it don't hurt.

From the pronounced head to the lovely, raised, colored swirls of glass that circle the shaft this toy screams pleasure. It pleasures the eyes as well, the soul, and the body. This is a great toy for new toy users and can enhance the play time of even jaded players, such as myself.

And here I thought Pyrex glass was for the lab and baking! The Rainbow Bliss is a great glass dildo for anyone looking for light texture and temperature play. Sterilizable, it can also be shared for more *ahem* sexy situations.

Rainbow Bliss is an excellent choice for a beginner to glass toys or a longtime fan who appreciates simplicity. At a very reasonable price, it is a great addition to any collection, whether it is your first or fifty-first toy.

If you are looking for a new type of toy and interested in glass, by all means, try this one out! I highly recommend it to all toy users (except virgins because of the larger sized head).

I rate this one 5 stars because it is a wonderful glass toy which is sure to work for most people. I am new to the hard glass texture and found this to work well for me. Beginners and advanced users alike will enjoy this beauty.

The Rainbow Bliss is a lot of fun to use. You can use it either vaginally or anally with or without temperature play for lots of fun. The sturdy base prevents this from slipping into the anus, and the light texture is barely felt during use. The Rainbow Bliss is very pretty to look at, and will make a wonderful toy for your collection.

The Rainbow Bliss is an easy toy to appreciate for it's beauty as well as it's sensibility. This toy will never require batteries of you, and is super easy to keep clean. It does come with a storage pouch, but it is not very thick and will not protect your toy if it is dropped or clinked up against another glass toy.

I didn't experience anything spectacular with the Rainbow Bliss besides the wonderful colors. I find it to be a highly crafted toy with exquisite color combination, but the design didn't do anything for me climax wise.

This toy has many many good points and very few drawbacks. I would recommend this as a first time toy for beginners to the glass world, and as a first toy in general. It is worth the $$$ and was a useful addition to my toy box.

The Rainbow Bliss was a pleasant surprise for me. I didn't know what to expect, and thankfully it felt good. The material, size, look, little lube requirement, lack of taste and smell, and feel of cold glass definitely make this toy worth checking out. Although I'm not a texture guy, I can forgive this one for being so awesome in every other case.

Whether you're using the Rainbow Bliss for vaginal or anal penetration, clitoral stimulation or temperature play, there is something in this toy for everyone. It's a solid, beautifully-made piece for a great price that makes this toy an incredible investment. I would highly recommend the Rainbow Bliss to anyone.

I give this toy five stars because it is absolutely incredible in every way. I have yet to think of a single flaw. The ridges and ability to be hot or cold are an added bonus and heighten the orgasm. Achieving an orgasm is very easy with the Rainbow Bliss and comes to me a lot more quickly than with most toys.

I would highly recommend this glass dildo to anyone wanting a new glass toy! It's beautiful all the way around and it's priced at $27.99 which is well worth every dime of it! It's easy to clean and fun to use.

This one truly is a blissful experience. Glass lovers, rejoice! Glass newbies, get on board! This glass dildo has the perfect level of texture and feels absolutely amazing. It is a ten on the safety scale, easy to clean, and delivers orgasmic results!

This is a wonderful little glass toy. It's beautiful, and functional. You can use it just about anywhere, and in a ton of different ways. Vaginally or anally, throw in some temperature changes, maybe even bring it with you to the bath! There are a ton of ways to play with glass!

This is the best dildo I have ever owned. It glides easily, is easy to clean, fills you up, and looks fantastic. I can honestly say that I will no longer be using any of my other dildos, because they do not even compare to the Rainbow Bliss.

This is a toy that everyone needs. It's prefect for beginners to glass and/or texture. It's perfect to get you warmed up or after an earthquake of a climax. It's easy to clean and pretty to look at. Great dildo!!

This gorgeous glass dildo will bring you to bliss every time. It is great for beginners or advanced users, has awesome texture and is just flat out pretty. This would be a great starter for anyone who wants to take a chance on the wonderful world of glass.

The rainbow bliss is a women's or man's best friend. It has this beautiful color affect, and just so lovely to look at. It is inexpensive, and the size is perfect for beginners and the advanced. I was so glad I ordered this dildo. You can use it for temperature play, if angled right its perfect for p-spot and g-spot stimulation. It is an incredible work of art, and is in my top five favorite glass dildos.

I found this toy to be enjoyable textured, pretty to look at, and definitely awesome to use. The colorful ribbons do not look like they are a whole lot but trust me, they are wonderful. I really don't have anything negative to say about this toy. It would be a great introduction into the world of glass for any user.

Rainbow Bliss has a unique shape that will spice up your bedroom play. If you haven't tried glass yet, you should start here.

This pretty little toy makes a great first glass dildo to welcome someone into the world of glass delights. Simple and not gigantic, this piece is lovely and is non-intimidating. While experienced users and collectors may find it plain and uncomplicated, the Rainbow Bliss doesn't have the steep learning curve of many of the more daring shapes, making it a good first. With a padded bag pretty enough to gift in, let the Rainbow Bliss pamper you and teach you to love glass.

With its beautiful design and amazing texture, this gorgeous glass Rainbow Bliss will having you begging for more. Her bulbous head hits your g-spot like something never before . Her smooth hard glass allows you to have a bit of temperature play. Whether you want her hot or cold, she is always ready to play with. You'll be screaming with orgasms in no time.

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