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Raquel reviews

19 reviews
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19 reviews

This lovely dildo is perfect for beginners and intermediate players. She can be a bit floppy and requires a firm hand. Vaginally, she's great when you find a position that works for you. Anally is where Raquel really shines, and where she blew this reviewer away.

Every relationship takes some work and compromise, right? Although Raquel requires a lot of warm-up for me to use, and even then can only be used in certain positions because of her length, I'm still in love with her for her fabulous texture and shape. (Shhh, don't tell my partner.)

This is a great dildo for beginners and advanced users alike. Raquel is beautiful and easy to clean and store. Completely worth the money, and a basic essential for all toy fanatics!!

If your G-spot is into soft, squishy, but pussy-meltingly spot-on stimulation, get the Raquel. There’s a reason why VixSkin is one of the most lusted-after materials in the sex toy kingdom.

Raquel is just a lovely, dual density dildo that is a pleasure to use. The non-realistic design, flared base and moderate size makes this an attractive choice for men and women to have in their collection.

The Vixen Creations Raquel is a gorgeous, extremely well made toy that is constructed from luxurious materials. While the shape may not have been my favorite, I still love to use Raquel in a harness, and I really enjoy it's aesthetic appeal.

If you're planning on purchasing a Raquel or any other product made out this plush VixSkin material you might as well put away your other dildos now. Chances are this is about to become your go-to. The plush, soft material of the Raquel will make you think twice about what a feels 'real' versus what feels like a toy. Fair warning though what Raquel makes up for in length it lacks in overall thickness.

My only complaint about Raquel may be that Vixen doesn't make more non-realistic, brightly-colored dildos like it. The size is small and will be good for beginners or small size lovers. The material is so realistic I swear even my husband was almost convinced. The design of the bulbed head worked well for my body and seemed to be done in perfect proportion. I have not one negative thing to say. I love everything down to the color selection.

The Raquel is a long, curved, and flexible VixSkin toy that feels realistic without looking realistic. The colors are absolutely gorgeous, and it's very plushy. However, for us, the flexibility didn't work well with the g-spot, and the length was a bit too long. If those things sound like they'd be good for you, though, you should look into the Raquel as a new, quality dildo.

The Raquel is a well-designed toy that gives a lot of pleasure. Even though the toy is expensive, you get what you pay for in terms of G-spot stimulation, experience, and quality. I’ve put the Raquel to plenty of use so far and definitely plan on keeping it near the front of the toy chest.

The closest I've come to a religious experience with a sex toy. Big, easy to clean, and pink, the Raquel is a must-have. Sure, it attracts lint like moths to a flame, but with its flared base, plush exterior, remarkable size and glorious pinkness, who can blame the lint?

The Raquel is a high quality toy with a unique squishy feel, combining a firm inner core with super-soft silicone that feels like real skin when in use.

The VixSkin material of the Raquel makes it a must-have in any dildo-user's collection. It feels amazing and is just as easy to clean as rigid silicone. It's designed for optimal harness use and is safe for anal play as well.

This gorgeous dildo by Vixen Creations is one of my favorite toys. It's big without being overwhelming, easy to use and never fails to hit my g-spot. The only downside is the material is a little tacky to the touch and picks up cat hair. Fortunately, both are remedied with a quick rinse and a splash of lube.

The Raquel is an amazingly plush dildo, squishy and indulgent to the touch with a firm inner core. Girthy, filling, excellent for clenching around and thrusting, the Raquel is harness compatible and amazingly realistic. The opalescence in the pink shaft and white base is simply gorgeous.

I would definitely recommend this toy, whether for solo or with a partner. However, from my experience, it was not the best for anal play.

The Raquel is my first experience with a VixSkin dildo, and I certainly hope it will not be my last! The material is luxurious as well as hygenic, and the shape is ideal for caressing the g-spot.

This beautiful, soft and flexible dildo fits like a glove because it fits you. Its ideal length and bendability make it ideal for harness use, but it's also fantastic manually. It's a staple toy in my sex life!

The Raquel felt great on the outside of my vulva, just rubbing it up and down, and once it was inside me, I felt like it had been designed specifically for me; it was a perfect it… It’s simply outstanding, the best non-wand toy I’ve ever had…

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