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If you're looking for a whimsical dildo, the Rocket may be for you. It has all the good qualities of Tantus silicone. So long as you're okay with the dimensions you're in for a great ride. Blast off!

I love the Rocket for its versatility. It's ready for whatever kind of mood you're in, and it's suitable for strap-on play, anal, or just plain, good fucking. People new to penetration might find it too big, and size-queens might think it's too small, but the size was perfect for me. The aesthetics of this dildo are an added perk on what is already a toy with good design and function.

The Rocket is a uniquely beautiful toy with an average-sized shaft and an above-average-sized head. It's going to take some practice for me to fully enjoy this one, but for those who aren't bothered by a slightly larger size, I highly recommend it!

My fiftieth review and I'm celebrating with something that's bright as any birthday fireworks. If you want to add a little color to the contents of your toy box, you can't do much better than this. It's all color! Well, that and a good meaty substance that might strike some people as being very basic, but sometimes that's all you need. Plus, of course, a little imagination....

The Rocket by Tantus is an attractive and versatile dildo that many folks will be able to get some use out of. It's easy to clean and use and it can be sterilized so sharing between partners is a possibility. Also, the flared base makes this dildo anal safe and harness compatible. Make sure you wash it before and after each use and store it away in a bag or box to keep it from getting dust and hair stuck all over it.

Rainbow Delight!

I knew when we ordered the Rocket that we would probably love it. Having an ever growing collection of Tantus toys this made a welcome addition. It is fun to look at and very comfortable to use. If you are looking for something a bit more unusual in color then I highly recommend this.

The Rocket is a solid silicone dildo that is designed for people who want a moderately-sized toy for either vaginal or anal penetration. It can be used either in or out of a harness and is very easy to take care of. Basically, what you see is what you get: a colorful, no-frills dildo suitable for nearly anything you can think of. Yet unlike some of its competitors, this one can last for years and years with only a little common sense care.

This item is AMAZINGLY AWESOME! It can be used in a harness or for anal. I recommend this item for the flare and the O's you will get.

Warm up your boosters

While I do like the Comet a bit more than the Rocket, they are both out of this world! The awesome color schemes, the great silicone, and the fun shapes make this entire line stellar. This toy is a bit stiffer than most Tantus toys, but it's still soft enough to move with your body and keep the ridge from being too intense. It's a wonderful investment!

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