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The Rocket is a solid silicone dildo that is designed for people who want a moderately-sized toy for either vaginal or anal penetration. It can be used either in or out of a harness and is very easy to take care of. Basically, what you see is what you get: a colorful, no-frills dildo suitable for nearly anything you can think of. Yet unlike some of its competitors, this one can last for years and years with only a little common sense care.
High quality silicone, reasonable size and shape for most users, safe for vaginal or anal use.
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The Rocket dildo is part of Tantus' new "Space" line of toys, which also includes the Comet G-spot dildo and the Meteorite and Asteroid butt plugs. Aside from their solid silicone construction, what they all have in common is the wild green/orange/fuscia sherbet-striped design, that makes them stand out as some of the most whimsical-looking silicone sex toys on the market.

The Rocket is designed for either vaginal or anal penetration, with or without a harness, and its moderate size should be suitable even to first-time users if used vaginally. Anal beginners may want to acquire a tad bit of experience before they take on this toy's coronal ridge, or at least be prepared to take some extra time to work up to it slowly.

Material / Texture

Made in the USA of 100% platinum grade silicone, this toy is cast in one solid piece, with not a seam or blemish to be found. Its surface is semi-glossy and smooth, which means that very little lubrication is needed to use it. However, as with most silicones, it does feel "grabby" against the skin, similar to an eraser, so inserting it dry isn't a good idea. This also means you need to give some thought to where you'll be storing it, as it will pick up lint and dust quite easily.

This is a fairly firm toy in terms of its pliability, yet it's far less rigid overall than earlier Tantus toys, such as the Acute or the John Doe. If you're familiar with Tantus' O2 toys (Mikey, Mark, etc.), the squeezable firmness of the Rocket is comparable to those, but there is more flex in the motion of the shaft.

Straight out of the package this toy has a very faint "factory clean" scent that does dissipate with washing.

It's worth mentioning here that Tantus really knows their stuff when it comes to silicone--- their toys are designed to survive many years of use, rather than to be thrown out after a season or two.

Design / Shape / Size

Combined with the bright candy colors, the Rocket's abstract realism will appeal to folks who don't like toys that resemble disembodied dicks. True, it is *somewhat* phallic looking, but not in an extremely blatant way.

It's also a moderately sized toy, which most women will be able to use vaginally without any special preparations. Consider the statistics that say the average penis is 1.5" wide, and you'll understand why we say neither the 1.25" shaft width, nor the 1.5" coronal ridge of this toy, is intimidating. The shaft's insertable length is reasonable as well, being only 5.5" long.

For those of you who wish to use it in a harness, the base measurements are 2.75" wide by roughly 1/2" high (it does taper an extra fraction or so toward the shaft), and it is completely flat on the bottom. The base does flex and conform against the body, but it's still firm enough that you can grip it during use and not have it fold over on itself.


The tapered, rounded tip makes inserting this toy easy, and the Rocket is a dildo that's clearly suited for thrusting. When you hold it horizontally, the shaft is firm enough that it remains erect, yet there is enough "willy wobble" that it does conform to the body in a comfortable way once inside. The coronal ridge can be felt subtly, and since it is only prominent on one side of the toy you can rotate it to give a little extra pressure to whatever area you choose.

Care and Maintenance

This is a low-maintenance sex toy. It can be washed with just soap and water or a toy cleaner, but it can also be sanitized by boiling or bleaching, which we highly recommend if you plan to share the Rocket or switch from anal to vaginal use with it. It doesn't need to be powdered or petted or anything fancy. The only thing you have to be careful about is what sort of lubricant you might use with it-- silicone lubes can damage silicone sex toys.

As for storage, you can put it pretty much anywhere you'd like, since the worst it's likely to sustain is some gathered lint on it (which can be easily rinsed away). We wouldn't suggest dropping it in a box of jelly toys or anything, since those can and often do deform and affect other toys, but the Rocket itself won't degrade. To avoid lint and other issues, you can keep it in the clear plastic box it comes in, but as that's not very sturdy you'll ultimately want to find something else or just put it in a Ziploc bag. If you're really feeling bold, set it up on a shelf-- the flat base lets the Rocket stand on its own.


Alan says:
It's larger than I prefer for prostate play so I can't say much except it's everything I've come to expect from any Tantus toy. Well made, durable, and worth the money if you're looking for something that will last.

Michele says:
When we reviewed the Tantus T-Rex I said I wished they'd make smaller dildos in that same, more flexible (as compared to their older toys) silicone, and that's what this seems to be. If you have an O2, imagine that without the hard inner core. Personally I'm pretty fond of it. The head isn't pronounced enough to give me any major G-spot joy or anything, but just the overall feel of it when thrusting is really good.
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