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Sedeux Please is a great introductory dildo to get you or your partner started with anal play, or first time vaginal penetration. This great dildo is made of body safe materials and can be used in a variety of ways. While it might be a little small for some users, it's an awesome beginners toy that's sure to please just about anyone's curiosity!

With its small diameter and length, firm-yet-flexible silicone composition, smooth undulations for gentle sensation, attractive color, and affordable price, this is a solid intro toy for vaginal or anal penetration.

If you've been thinking about making a foray into anal sex but haven't found a good starter dildo or just don't know where to start, this toy is a great purchase. Even once I am more experienced, I think it will have a place in my toy chest.

The Sedeaux Please exceeded my expectations as an anal dildo. The design and construction allow for easy use without discomfort, and make maintenance and cleanup easy. I am more than happy with this purchase. The somewhat small size (diameter)and lack of a suction cup base are the only negatives I have found to the Please, although I think some texture could also be a plus. Overall, this is an amazing dildo for anal use, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

What more can I say about this that I have not said already? It is worth getting if you are just starting out in this sort of thing and a beginner to anal.

My Sedeux Please is going to be my warm up pegging dildo for a while. It's the perfect size for a anal training or for taking an anal cherry.

A small introduction tool for anyone. Men, women,couples, and or both. Used for vaginal play, anal play, or just a show stopper.

We don't regret buying the Please, even though it was a bit too short for strap-on sex. We have had some fantastic sex with it in a variety of positions, and still find that we can use it in new ways. Perhaps the best thing about the Please is that it gave my partner an easy, pain-free and totally pleasurable introduction to dildos - and now, they're as hooked on penetration as I am!

I highly recommend this dildo along with a partner for double penetration. The size is very beginner friendly. Plus it is also designed for anal.

The Sedeux Please is a great addition to anyone's toy box. It's small enough for those just beginning in any kind of toy play as well as for those wanting the occasional smaller toy.

If you're new to dildos and want to explore with something that isn't horribly intimidating or overwhelming, this dildo is right up your alley. If you're new to harness use and searching for a dildo that is lightweight and easy to use while learning how to properly use a harness, this dildo is right up your alley as well. With its smooth, flexible, and sleek design this dildo is sure to have you begging and pleading for more.

The Sedeux is nice for anal play and for ciswomen who prefer slim toys. I feel that it is best for harness play, and it's available in a kit for only $3 more.

The Seduex Please was designed to be used with a harness, but it can be used solo as well. It's too small for many women to really get much enjoyment from it vaginally, however it is just about the perfect size to be the first anal dildo for some. It does work well as a harness, and as a solo anal toy.

This toy is a disappointment when it comes to vaginal play. It is small and did not stimulate my g-spot. Although it is harness compatible, if one is looking for a realistically-sized dildo, look elsewhere.

This is the toy that brought my sex life to a new level. I decided to get a high quality toy for my partner's first anal experience, and we were both blown away! This toy may look plain, but it is not lacking in good design. I generally like larger anal toys, but the feel of this one is so alluring I just have to get one for myself as well!

I think this is an ideal anal toy for beginners. It's well-crafted and can be sterilized. While there's not a lot that makes this one stand out from the crowd, the size is really great for butt fucking 101.

This is a dildo that moonlights as a plug. Extremely versatile and well made, it's a worthy addition to the toy box. The material and construction are top notch. It's perfect for pegging or solo play.

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