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The Seduex Please was designed to be used with a harness, but it can be used solo as well. It's too small for many women to really get much enjoyment from it vaginally, however it is just about the perfect size to be the first anal dildo for some. It does work well as a harness, and as a solo anal toy.
Great first pegging dildo, Silicone, Flexible
Too small for most to enjoy vaginally
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The Seduex Please is a great all around dildo that is the perfect choice for those who don't like much size. Perfect for vaginal play or anal play, it can also be used as a butt plug, and can be used in a harness. There's really no wrong way you can use this little dildo, aside from as a paperweight, since it might be too light to be a really good paperweight.

Material / Texture

Please is made out of a really nice silicone. It's really flexy, really bendy, pretty plush, and has plenty of drag. To get rid of the drag, simply add your favorite water based lube. Unfortunately, a side effect of whatever gives this toy its drag, is that it also seems to make it quite the lint magnet. It also seems to pick up scents, like right now it smells like my cleaner. If you find it starts smelling too much like something you don't want it to, just wash it real well and let it air out for a few days.

Design / Shape / Size

Please isn't going to wow you with its size, but it is a nice size for most anal users. You can only insert about 4", and it's only 3" around, but it can reach in a little longer than a finger can in most cases. There is a slight curve in the design, but it's too flexible to really do anything for a G-spot, or even a prostate, although it can tickle both nicely.

The shaft isn't completely smooth, with very subtly indents that almost look like finger holds, but it's still pretty obvious what this is supposed to be, so I'd avoid leaving it out. Feel free to travel with it though, because of its small size, it'll easily tuck into any suitcase.


Vaginally, most women are going to find that this really doesn't do much for them. Those that like to have just a single finger inserted into them at times will enjoy having this inside of them. It's not going to do much for a G-spot unfortunately.

Anally, it's just about the perfect size for those that might not be into larger toys. Because it's about the size of a finger, you won't need much warm-up with it and while it won't do much for stimulating the prostate, it is a great choice for a first pegging dildo. As a plug, if you're sitting or wearing tight underwear, it'll work well, Otherwise it seems like it wants to come out, especially during double penetration.

Want to use it in a harness? No problem, just make sure that you have a 1 1/2" o-ring. It works really well in a harness, sitting close to the body and not flopping around too much.

Care and Maintenance

Because the Please is silicone, you can clean it up in any number of ways. Whether you want to boil it, bleach it, run it through the dishwasher, or just use plain old soap and water, there's really no wrong way to clean it. You can use a spray if you're using it vaginally, but anally you should definitely use something a little more intensive. It should of course be boiled or bleached between partners, or you can use condoms in a quick pinch.

Make sure that you only use water based lubes with this, as silicone based lubes can do some damage to your silicone toys, and that's never pleasant. To store this, I recommend a plastic bag, or you can use the original packaging it came in. If you want to use a storage pouch, make sure that it's a satin (or something similar) lined one to help keep it from gathering tons of lint. You should probably rinse it off before each use as well, since it does like to pick up lint and other particles like crazy.


This was our very first pegging dildo, and came in a set with a harness. I've used it a few times vaginally, but for the most part, I only ever wanted it while my husband was giving me oral since it's about the same size as his fingers, but since his fingers are always closer than this dildo, I just don't use it much.

He does enjoy this one a lot. Because it's pretty small, he can easily take the whole thing with no problems. The texture doesn't do much for either of us, but the size is really nice anally. We've also tried it for dual penetration, but with a lack of a harness that went on him, I was wearing it like a plug and with all that movement, it just sort of came right out.

Overall, this is a fantastic dildo. Sure, it's not the biggest thing ever, but it'll hold up well and last for a really long time.
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