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SinFive Pikilo reviews

10 reviews
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10 reviews

The Sinfive Pikilo seems so intimidating, with the pronounced nubs, the unforgiving texture, and the size. But behind all of that, this dildo has some pretty outstanding features. The material is guaranteed to be compatible with everybody, and this has anti-bacterial properties. This has a strong removeable suction cup so you can have some hands-free play. The Pikilo is definitely a rough dildo, for those that want a challenge or some fun in a BDSM partnership, but it's also a very unique dildo.

I've experienced a bit of a "honeymoon period" with new toys in the past, but so far I don't think that will be the case with the Pikilo. I've used it several times now, and it gets better and better each time. The anticipation between uses is pretty intense as well. All in all, I love my Pikilo and hope to have many happy years with it going forward.

This one is more for the dare devils of the extreme pleasure world. Unlike some textured toys you are going to feel every one of the protruding nubs on Pikilo. I could see this dildo in some kind of dungeon in a D/s setting where a sadistic Master enjoyed torturing his/her slave. Turns out this sub much prefers spirals to bumps!

My anticipation of this dildo was immense and I was not let down. I love the size and the nubs that this dildo offers. The attachable suction cup was just an added bonus!

Do you love the satisfying feeling of tackling a foe and coming out on top? SinFive's Pikilo dares you to take it on. This hardcore dildo is daunting, but once you hop on, you'll find that you will win every round. Elastomer is more forgiving than glass, so while the nubbins look daunting, they can do you no real harm. The elastomer construction is matte, though, so you'll feel the sensation of unlubed, rough sex. The Pikilo is a worthy opponent, and it feels so nice to win.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with this dildo. It is unlike any dildo I have ever had. Although others have compared this to dry sex, I did not find it to be like that. It is rough, big, and great for a little hardcore fun.

Rough sex sensations all jam packed in a dildo that is perfect for the size queen. Meet the Pikilo, a beautiful, high quality german designed dildo specific for those who like BDSM play with an edge.

The Pikilo is a stallion studded dildo that is not for the faint of vagina. The intensely raised ribs were too much for me to handle but may be exactly what you are looking for if you like texture. The dildo can be used vaginally and anally and is made with safe materials.

It's just too much. I love girthy dildos and I usually don't notice mild texture...this isn't mild. Even with added lube, this could be borderline-torture. All sadistic Doms should own one, though!

The Pikilo is the closest I've come to finding rough sex in dildo form. The rows of small nubs create an entirely unique set of sensations that range from simply delicious to "this hurts in the most wonderful way." This is a great dildo for adding some variety to your collection, exploring a completely different kind of stimulation, or providing a new element to your BDSM scenes.

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