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SINFIVE invites people to become sexually surprised
Sex life of women, men and especially couples suffer from daily routine. Relationships might even suffer because of an un-fullfilling sexual life. Even if health problems i.e. impotence occure – the feeling of being unable to satisfy the partner properly - becomes the biggest concern.
We believe that the ability to satisfy him or her should not be down-sized to a personal problem. Since there is not only one way to stimulate each other or to stimulate oneself. That’s why we create possibilities to explore new ways of sexuality and to change routine against surprise.
Once, sexual life becomes surprising – it will become much better!

HOW does SINFIVE surprise?

Unique and great looking:
SINFIVE will always make a difference. Without becoming absurd / too abstract.

Highly stimulating:
Different shapes/designs should lead to different stimulation.
Comfortable to use and clean.

Made in Germany, while using body-friendly components allow a maximum of safeness.

News and announcements

  • flow – guaranteed to get things going!

    flow – guaranteed to get things going!
    flow already became an absolute eye-catcher on this year’s trade convention “eroFame” in Germany.
    The love-toy flow surprises with a rich-structured shape and soft silicone. With its extraordinary shapeable structure it could be eclipse every present toys.

    flow is diversified, intensely and guaranteed to get things going. Turn it into a vibrator with the vibration bullet, or bend and twist the soft silicone to suit your body. Thanks to its surface the flow is soft and velvety, but stays in shape and is easy to insert.
    Depending on its position, flow can stimulate your G-spot, massage the clitoris or enjoy vaginal and anal pleasure at the same time when its inserted as a U-shape.
    Flows surface consists of anti-microbial silicone and fight germs. Due to its waterproofed vibration bullet flow can be used in the bath tub too.

    No matter if woman, man or as a couple – flow can be used multi-functionally and stimulates intensely.

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