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Pleasantly Surprised, So Sue Me

Sue is billed as a 'soft' alternative to harder toys -- but she can bring plenty of her own charms to multiple categories of stimulation. Sue is strong at 4 vrooms for clitoral stimulation and the hooked tip is delightful for G-spots. I love the magnetic button interface, 100% waterproofness and rechargeability. However, Sue's rubbery texture is very draggy, she won't win beauty contests and I just don't think she's worth full retail. Despite these nagging feelings, I'm pleasantly surprised.
Jack of all trades! Good strength, great G-spot tip, insertable as well as external vibrator
Rubbery silicone buries vibration strength, won't win any beauty contests
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Looking for a new clitoral vibe? How about a small G-spotter? Sue can do both -- with a G-spot hook and delicious girth to boot.

Sue is great for:
1. Clit vibe and...
2. Internal vibe lovers alike.
3. Great middle ground for the 'small toy' category yet filling to insert
4. Those who need decent strength
5. Lovers of the middle-high price, 'luxury' vibe market and all that they provide (rechargeability, waterproof, etc) -- but at the low end of the spectrum

Sue can't gun her engines, however, since her thick silicone skin buries her vibe power. However, at 7 levels of strength, there's plenty to choose from.

Sue is best used solo for those who want an external vibe as she's a bit sizeable. Sue is hard to ignore between two bodies, though the hooked tip focuses vibrations and does allow for some partner play. Sue is not the best vibe to stimulate your clit during intercourse, but it's definitely possible.

The quickest way to sum it up:
Sue is a jack of all trades. She doesn't fit any category very well, but she can stimulate your G-spot, rumble your clit, provide a filling sensation AND participate during sex. Not too shabby.

I'll compare Sue a lot to other toys, since I've found comparison points to be most illustrative and concrete when discussing toy performance. Hope it helps!

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    • Couples
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
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    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Sue is 100% silicone, but it's a different kind of silicone than you may be used to.

Compared to the Je Joue Mimi or Lelo Mona 2, both very rigid and hard toys, Sue is quite squishy. While the other toys mentioned have whisper-smooth coats, Sue is draggy. Ever felt a dolphin? Sue is like that. Smooth, but rubbery and kind of poke-able.

Compared to other toys that are billed as 'soft', Sue is strange comparison. The Tenga Midori and Sakura (not available on EF at the time this review was written) are soft, soft, soft. Like marshmellows, your finger sinks into them and they're squeezeable like stress balls and I'm kind of addicted to holding and feeling them. Sue is not. Sue is not comforting to touch, and that's just in your hand -- on sensitive skin such as that of your labia, Sue drags and feels unyielding. I don't know why Sue is advertised as being so soft because she's not. Not really.

Draggy or smooth? So I've said that Sue is draggy -- it's comparable to Fun Factory toys that really benefit from a liberal application of lube. Yet, Sue' silicone doesn't feel quite as 'thirsty' as that of the Stronic Eins or FOU, UFO. Sue is, thankfully, not so draggy as to be tacky, like the We-Vibe Touch.

I received the Sue in a black color. I'm tempted to say it's matte, but there is a slight shine to it. It's not as matte in visual perception as the Form 2 or Je Joue Mimi, but it's not nearly as shiny as the We-Vibe Touch. The silicone has a faint 'new' smell to it, but it doesn't bother me. The entire toy is smooth and texture-less, save the hooked end, which is bendable and provides quite a punch -- I'll get to that.

But know this: Sue attracts lint like no other. If this gets on your nerves, know that Sue will never be free of hairs, fuzzies and miscellany.

    • Flexible
    • Not porous at all
    • Smooth

Design / Shape / Size


Sue is bendable at the tip only...

bendy hook

That Hooked Tip:
Sue's extremity tapers off into a flexible, relatively thin, pronounced, bendy hook. The hook is small enough to focus vibrations yet feels substantial when you manipulate it with your fingers. You can see the tip itself shake a little one the highest steady vibration and this is what grabs your attention and doesn't let go when it's on your G-spot. Try it out. Seriously.

And yet, Sue is girthy enough to fill. at 1.5" in width (that's 4.7" in diameter, which is a recognizable size for many insertable toys), Sue makes her presence known. Unlike toys that offer exaggerated bulbs like the Njoy Pure Wand or Jopen Comet G, or even bulges or curves like the Mona 2 or Je Joue Uma, Sue will provide that filled sensation mainly at the entrance of the vagina and especially at the labia/vestibule. Know yourself! Sue's draggy silicone can irritate and for me personally, I don't always enjoy the feeling of 'early' thickness. However, Sue is the only toy I have that does this, so I welcome the new flavor.

Combined with the hook, Sue can exert some significant G-spot pressure. Really, don't be fooled by the category Sue is placed under when you're shopping (clit toys) or that Sue seems to have an older sister named Grace that's designed for insertion -- Sue does it too.

In Summary:
I was never blown away by Sue's dimensions or design visually. Holding it in my hand out of the package, I felt underwhelmed. However, I've since changed my mind. Generally, when using clit toys or small toys (less than 6" or toys deemed primarily clit toys) I just don't expect to satisfy any penetration desires or G-spot itches. But Sue does both phenomenally well, all in one modest package. I let myself be convinced by expectations! Don't make the same mistake I did.
    • Beginner

Functions / Performance / Controls

Buttons Like These:
I've seen a number of magnetically-charging, 'clickable buttons that are also my site of recharge' toys. The Tenga Midori and Sakura are worth mentioning, as well as the Je Joue Uma and Mimi. Nothing feels quite so sophisticated as Sue's buttons, I must say. Uma and Mimi are notoriously hard to push. It's just true and it sucks. Sakura and Midori, by contrast, are very responsive, with highly depressible, even 'clicky' buttons so that you absolutely know when you're changing function.

other mag buttons

However, the Sinfive Sue has buttons that are immovable yet responsive. Not so sensitive as to change function when you don't want to, but responsive to pressure. Also... it just feels like a dream. I imagine space ships have these kind of buttons. I'm just so impressed. Thank goodness Sue has + and - searching buttons as well, and a linear sequence of steady vibrations that ascend to patterns. That just makes sense, thank you.

But Is Sue Powerful?
Actually, yes. Sue earns all her 4 vrooms, which feel deep n' rumbly.

I perform water tests on my vibrators to visualize the vibration strength. I immerse the vibrating end in a shallow basin of water. Strong toys move the water around a lot, while weak toys move the water very little. Buzzy toys create tight ripples that correspond to high frequencies while rumbly toys create large ripples. Sue is a delightful mix of power of rumbliness, comparable to the Leaf Life or We-Vibe Touch in strength. Check out my other reviews to see other toys performing the water test.


But I kind of get the feeling Sue could be so much more. The dense silicone tends to muffle the vibration, and it can really muffle the vibration as soon as you get away from the concentrated tip. Hope you like pin-point stimulation, because Sue can deliver that in droves.

So I've mentioned other magnetically charging toys -- Sue manages to avoid the hellish problems that Fun Factory's Click N Charge introduced (why won't you sit still?! What do you mean I left you alone for 5 hours and you didn't charge at all?) but also won't take up an outlet. Sue charges via USB, and the magnets are quite secure. I don't have a problem with We-Vibe's magnetic charger technology, but Sinfive's Sue is way, way more secure, I'd even say firm. You can't accidentally bump Sue and interrupt the charging, you'd have to like, knock it off the table. No worries here.

USB charger

My only complaint is that Sue has no LEDs to let you know when she's charging, when she's fully charged, etc. Sue will buzz when you connect the USB to a power source to briefly tell you that a connection has been made, but after that, you're on your own. Sue seemed to be fully charged after 2 hours. Other than that, I can't speak to any 'normal' or 'abnormal' charging behavior in case of electronic faults.

Sue is pretty quiet. Even better, the sound that Sue does make is fairly deep in frequency, making it less likely to irritate, travel distances or through walls and it doesn't sound much different than other appliances or cell phones (unlike the FOU or UFO, which sounded crazy and would attract attention immediately if they were heard). I would rate Sue at a very tolerable 2 bees.
    • Discreet sound
    • Easy to use
    • Rechargeable

Care and Maintenance

Due to Sue's waterproof nature and lack of texture, clean up is delightful. Warm soap and water are the easiest to me, but a 10% bleach solution or toy wipes are acceptable. Do not boil the Sue, place in the dishwasher or microwave due to the electronic component. You should pay attention to the rectangular indentation of the control panel, since this will naturally collect lube or fluids.

Water-based, of course. Being silicone, do not use silicone-based lubricants, unless you're willing to do a patch test. That's at your own discretion.

Sue's packaging left something to be desired. It's a non-descript (no branding, pictures or logos anywhere. There's a sticker with a picture of Sue on it, but that can be removed), black, rectangular box that's quite discreet but there's a lot of extra space inside and no accessories. Not even a travel pouch. At nearly one hundred dollars, come on -- I need a travel pouch! I go places! It's really just black cardboard with a smooth paper covering. It's not very durable or sturdy. There's really no excuse for this price bracket.

However, as a storage option, it has an elastic band that secures Sue well. It'll do.
    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store
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