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Oh Sue, I Love You!

SinFive Sue is a wonderful vibrator that can be used in a variety of ways. Not only is it made of quality materials, but it's also rechargeable and very quiet. Sensitive users to power queens will be satisfied with the vibrations that Sue provides. If you don't mind this toy being a lint collector, this is the one to grab!
- Rechargeable
- Silicone
- Variety In Function
- Color Options
- Premium
- No Storage Pouch
- Collects Lint
- No Light Indicators
- Strange Buttons
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SinFive Sue is a rechargeable vibrator designed to stimulate one of the most erogenous areas of the female body; the clitoris.

Designed to comfortably fit in your hand, Sue makes solo time easy and enjoyable. Unlike a lot of clitoral vibrators that are thin and slippery, Sue doesn't become uncomfortable to hold and stays in place well, even during lengthy sessions. The tip of the toy not only has a great curve that contours to your sensitive external areas, but also can be used for some shallow G-spot stimulation. Though not the best toy for thrusting since the length is on the shorter side, it is girthy enough to satisfy a wide variety of users.

Solo time isn't the only time this toy can be enjoyed! It's a great item to include during mutual masturbation, and though it is a little large to use during vaginal penetration, there's no reason this toy can't be put into the hands of your partner. Allow them to control your pleasure! Since this vibrator is so easy to hold, your partner won't have any trouble satisfying your needs.

Not only can this toy be used on a woman's body, but it can also be used to stimulate erogenous areas of the male anatomy as well. Slide it down the shaft of the penis, tease his testicles, or go a little lower for some external anal pleasure. Because there's no flared base to this toy, inserting it anally is highly discouraged since the vibe could become lost inside the body and result in an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.

The bedroom isn't the only place this vibrator can be enjoyed! The waterproof design of the charging area is perfect for including it in your aquatic fun! There's no concern about any water leaking into your toy, even when fully submerged! The size also makes it suitable for travel. While a little larger than most clitoral vibrators, this vibe can easily be tossed in your purse for a little fun on the go!
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    • Couples
    • Everyone
    • Solo
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    • Anywhere
    • Campus/roommate living
    • Tub/shower/pool
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    • Travel friendly
  • Body / part areas
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    • All over body
    • Clitoris
    • G-spot

Material / Texture

Sue is made out of silicone which rates a 10/10 on the Eden Material Safety Scale. It boasts amazing safety features which include being made from food-grade material, being hypo-allergenic, latex free, non-porous, and phthalates free. Silicone is a very high quality material that not only repels bacteria and dirt, but also retains heat well. It's an all around great material choice for an adult toy.

The only other material on the outside of the toy are two buttons that are made of metal. The included manual doesn't note what type of metal it's made from, but it's not on an area that should easily connect to any part of your body other than your fingers/hands. This shouldn't pose a problem to an average user, but someone extremely sensitive to certain metals might find that it's an area of concern, though unlikely.

Though this vibrator is made from silicone, the inside of the toy is very firm. The whole toy has a very slight squish to it, but only the tip has any real movement to it; you can bend the tip back and forth and easily squeeze it. This poses a slight problem for those that need a decent amount of pressure applied, since the tip will bend a little. The very bottom of the toy can also be slightly squeezed which proves that the internal functions of the toy are clearly based in the central area. No other area of the toy has any type of bend to it.

The surface of this vibrator has no stimulating texture to it, and no texture at all on the insertable portion of it. Only the company name, + and - buttons, two small dimples (one in both top and bottom of the toy), and a thin seam around the toy can be felt. The silicone on this toy seems halfway between matte and shiny, and has a lot of drag to it. The drag doesn't make it feel sticky or tacky but does make it difficult to slide easily over areas of the body without the addition of a water-based lubricant and also causes it to pick up lots of lint. Since it's without texture, it's great for those that prefer smoother toys or for someone who is new and unsure about textures. However, if you need something textured to add to your stimulation, this one will fall short.

There was only a very light 'new' smell to the toy when first opened, and the material also had no noticeable taste.

    • Not porous at all

Design / Shape / Size

SinFive Sue comes in three colors; Violet, Black, and the one I'm reviewing - Raspberry.

The color is a great, deep pink that is very attractive and girly. Fortunately, since not everyone likes girly colors, there should be one that will suit just about anyone.

The shape of this toy was truly designed to work with the curves of your body. Thanks to the angled tip, it works well at stimulating the clitoris and nipples and may work well for those that have shallow G-spots. Whether or not this toy will stimulate that area will depend on anatomy, especially since the rest of the toy is totally straight.

The size makes it really comfortable and easy to hold. It's not small like most clitoral vibrators, but is much shorter than most G-spot vibes. It's really an in between option, but might make certain play a little more difficult. You can't deeply thrust with this toy, but light thrusting shouldn't be an issue.

Because the full length is only 6", it's a decent toy for beginners. It gives a beginning toy user the opportunity to try a clitoral vibrator, and a non-intimidating insertable toy in one. Though the vibrator is a little thick for a new toy user, its insertable length of 3 1/4" makes it a little easier to handle. If for some reason a diameter of 1 1/2" is too much to insert, it's not at all a waste since it's a great external vibe! For the more advanced toy users, this is a great item to have! The size is great for internal and external stimulation and is compact enough that it doesn't take up too much space.

Traveling with this toy is equally suitable! Though it's not discreet and you'd have a difficult time passing it off as anything other than a sex toy, it will work for on the go. Toss it into your purse, backpack, briefcase, etc. to take the fun with you wherever you go!
    • Beginner
    • Ergonomic

Functions / Performance / Controls

Sue is fully rechargeable and comes with a USB charger that magnetically connects to the toy. This features makes the toy totally waterproof since there's no hole for water to leak inside. Unlike some toys that have the magnetic charging system, the magnet on this one is very strong, eliminating any worry about the toy accidentally becoming disconnected when you're trying to juice it up!

When Sue first arrives, it has a partial charge, but it's always a good idea to charge it to ensure that it doesn't lose power during your first use. The small instruction paper that comes along with the toy shows you to first connect the charger to your toy, and then insert the USB into your computer. When the toy is first plugged in, it gives off a small 'vroom, vroom' vibration, indicating that the toy is connected and charging. This is a nice feature since there are no light indicators showing whether or not your toy is properly connected and charging. The annoying part, it's not obvious when your toy is fully charged. Without having an obvious answer, I would say that it takes between 1 hour and 2 hours to charge the toy when the battery is fully drained, but that's an estimation since there's no real way to prove it

There are two buttons on this toy that control turning the toy on, turning the power up and down, cycling through the patterns, and turning the toy off. The buttons are the actual metal circles where the charger connects, not the '+' and '-' signs next to them. One press of the (+) button turns the toy on to the lowest setting; a steady vibration. This first setting will only please the most sensitive user since it can hardly be felt unless you're simply holding it in your hands. Fortunately, there are seven more levels of vibration that intensify with each press of the button. Don't feel like pressing it eight times to get to the highest setting? Simply hold the (+) button down and it will climb through the intensity levels. Did the power become too much to handle? Simple press the (-) button until the intensity satisfies you. Holding down the minus button also turns the toy off.

Once the power has reached its highest point, that's when you can get to the patterns. There's no separate pattern button on Sue. Either press and hold down the (+) button or press it nine times to go through the intensity levels and reach the patterns. The patterns are all one intensity, the level of power behind them cannot be changed.

The patterns are as follows:

Pattern 1) Quick Pulse
Pattern 2) One Long Escalation followed by One Short Escalation (repeats)
Pattern 3) Roller Coaster (lowest setting, to highest setting, back to lowest, repeats)
Pattern 4) Variety - Pulses and Escalation (doesn't seem like there's a true pattern)

The intensity levels associated with the patterns vary; they go through all levels of intensity with each pattern. This is great if you're someone that loves power, but the patterns might be too much for someone who's very sensitive to vibrations.

The buttons don't stick out from the toy, but are actually in a small dip; making it difficult to accidentally change the setting. This is a great feature of the toy since bumping buttons can be very frustrating, but it can also be a little more challenging when you're trying to change the setting; especially during use. It seems best to set the toy on the setting you'd like, and then start playing.

The vibrations are more on the rumbly side, but could be considered slightly buzzy, but that's only if I'm picking it apart. The tip and center of the toy are where the vibrations are concentrated, but they can be felt on the bottom of the toy as well. After extended use, your fingers feel a little numb for a short time, but it's not bad.

Just like there's no indicator for when your toy is fully charged, there's also no way of knowing when your toy is about to die. After being used a few times for a total of an hour, it didn't lose any power and seemed like it was going strong. If you're concerned about the toy dying on you after you've already used it for a previous session, just make sure to charge it after each use.

The sound level associated with the toy is very modest. While is can easily be heard from under the covers, it's not heard through a closed door, even on the highest setting. This makes it suitable for use if you have a roommate, but not the best choice if you're trying to keep your toy use hidden from someone you're sharing an actual room with.

The toy preforms very well in the shower and bath and takes all worry out of water damaging the toy thanks to the great charging system.
    • Discreet sound
    • Rechargeable
    • Strong patterns

Care and Maintenance

Silicone toys can be cleaned using antibacterial soap and warm water (which is recommended according to the instructions), or your favorite sex toy cleaner. Since there are internal working parts, you can't boil this toy or put it in your dishwasher since that could ruin it. If necessary, this toy can be disinfected by using a 10% bleach solution which should always be done if you're planning on sharing with a partner. Always make sure to clean this toy before and after each use since it does pick up a fair amount of lint.

This toy is compatible with water-based lubricants only since using other lube types could cause damage to the surface of the toy. Similarly, storing this toy directly next to a toy of a similar material is discouraged since it could cause the same results.

The box this toy comes in can double as storage, or you can put this toy in a pouch or Ziplock bag. Other than the packaging, no additional storage option is provided.

    • Easy to clean
    • Easy to store


Sue comes in a long, black cardboard box. On the top of the box is a sticker (that can easily be removed to make the box more discreet) showing an image of the toy and around the middle of the box is a stretchy band that has the company name on it. The band is in place to prevent the cover from accidentally coming off. When the cover comes off, you immediately see the toy inside. The toy is held in place thanks to a plain black band that's connected to a piece of thin cardboard. The band prevents the toy from rolling around inside during storage. When the cardboard piece that the vibe is attached to is removed, it reveals the charger underneath. The only other item in the box is a small paper that gives very minimal directions for use and care.

My first thought when I opened the box was how short the toy was in comparison, but it appears as though SinFive makes the same box for all products of this type; including the larger vibrators. Since this box takes up so much extra space, it might be a smarter choice to simply break it down and recycle it, or use it to hold a different toy or product you own. The box is pretty durable and it would be a shame not to use it. I'm a little disappointed that this toy didn't come with a storage pouch, but it's not a huge concern.

SinFive is a German based company. The instruction manual, a simple double-sided piece of black paper, has the information listed in five different languages; English being second. The information is very minimal and even has a small typo which I have underlined for you on the following image.

Once the sticker is removed from the box, it looks very elegant and upscale. It would make a very nice looking gift, but might be embarrassing for the receiver once the box is opened. The vibrator is very obvious as soon as the lid comes off and couldn't pass for anything other than an adult toy.

    • Minimal
    • Would make a nice gift


When I first saw Sue pop up on Eden I was very curious to try it out. I waited a little while, debating whether or not I should just grab it, or wait for a review; I ended up just buying it. Lately, it seems like the new arrivals aren't nearly powerful enough to satisfy my needs, and I was desperately hoping that Sue would be just the one to please me.

I wasn't wrong.

At first, I was surprised by the size of this vibrator when I took it out of the package. Unlike my common go-to vibrators, this one is much thicker. Considering I planned on using it for more external purposes than anything, I was a little curious about how much I would enjoy this toy. If felt very solid in my hand and I was excited to turn it on. I thought that you had to press the actual '+' and '-' symbols, but after playing around a little bit, realized that it was the metal areas that needed to be pressed. I was pleased to see that it had a partial charge already so that my curiosity could instantly be satisfied. Each press of the (+) button got me more and more excited. As the intensity increased, so did my desire for trying this toy out. Rather than jumping right in, I charged the toy first like a good little toy user.

And I waited.

After about an hour I realized that I had had enough! I grabbed Sue and we made our way to the bed! Since I'm a power queen, I instantly pressed my way to the highest setting, eight clicks in. When I started playing I found myself slightly concerned at first. Aside from needing a lot of power, I also need a lot of pressure. The silicone tip was fairly soft and wasn't allowing me to press as hard as I normally like to. While that was slightly concerning for me, I kept at it. The more I played, the more I figured out that Sue and I were going to be good friends!

Rather than giving me a quick, pinpoint, pressured build up, Sue gave me a more gradual incline. Though it wasn't great for a quick orgasm, it was a much slower, more powerful climax. It felt more like Sue was making love to me, whereas my other go-to toys were quickies. It turned into a beautiful experience!

Sue isn't the best for me if I'm wanting instant pleasure, but it will be my new go-to toy for when I have a little extra time for self pleasure. I'm glad I ordered this vibe and didn't wait, I would have hated to read great reviews and have to wait for it to arrive!
Follow-up commentary
I still think that Sue is a great toy, but I don't find myself reaching or it quite as much at the moment. I love the slow built up it provides, but it's not often I get enough time to myself to get me there. The quality is still great, it's working really well, and it's still very pleasurable. I would still highly recommend this toy if you're looking for a nice, rechargeable vibrator.
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