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Ballsy Cactus

This one is more for the dare devils of the extreme pleasure world. Unlike some textured toys you are going to feel every one of the protruding nubs on Pikilo. I could see this dildo in some kind of dungeon in a D/s setting where a sadistic Master enjoyed torturing his/her slave. Turns out this sub much prefers spirals to bumps!
~ Anti-bacterial formula
~ Suction cap
~ Torture nubs
~ Rough-ish matte texture
Rating by reviewer:
extremely useful review

I had seen this one many times in my search travels through Eden, but never really gave it too much thought. Then a friend pointed it out. Due to the fact it has a lot of texture which I have come to enjoy, along with others saying it was something great - I had to give it a try.

main image


The Pikilo by SinFive is created in WTP and made in Germany. WTP is a specially formulated thermoplastic substance. It sports a safety rating of 8 due to having anti-bacterial properties, non-porous, phthalates and latex free. Both water and silicone based lubricants can be used with the WTP material. Avoid oil based products. There was no odor when I first lifted it from the package, but it does take on a very slight hint of the soap I wash it with. Then again I do use a reasonably strong smelling anti-bacterial hand wash.


Again I chose the purple, but Eden also sells it in black and a red. The shaft is a slightly different shade to the ball base with a white strip to break the two. The shaft is a deeper purple which to me almost makes it look dirty or like you'd imagine it would look if stained from a certain feminine bodily fluid.

This thing is like some kind of Chinese torture device! Let's hope they never discover it and start using it in such a manner. It features what looks like to the eye as small nubs all over. They are in uniform rows and alternating each other so that there is no vertical lines where there's none of these killer bumps. Not only do you have to deal with these, but the shaft (including the nubs themselves) is a rough, yet still smooth enough matte surface which creates quite a lot of drag on the skin. I found this just added to the torture experience. WTP has a dense squishiness and is more flexible at the tip half of the shaft. The white strip is shiny plastic and the solid ball base is completely smooth with a slight sheen to it.

close up of nubs



Pikilo doesn't have a realistic penis shape at all so isn't intimidating in that aspect. It starts out with a rounded tip which is 3 ¼” in girth and gradually flares slightly to just over 5” before it hits the white strip. When first inserting this dildo you might be thinking there's nothing to it, but watch out. The tip is easy as the nubs only protrude 1 millimetre from the shaft, but eventually grow to 2 millimetres midway and then shrink back down again towards the base. Not only do they stick out more, but the nubs go from 4 millimetres in diameter at the tip to 5 millimetres half way down. The entire dildo is 8 ½” with an insertable length of 5 ½”.
On the bottom of the three ball base is a clear suction cap which screws into place. Pikilo will stand on its own even if you choose to leave this off. It will stick to everything and when trying to release from whatever surface you decide to suction it to make sure to poke a finger nail under the edge. This thing sticks like glue and for sure will cause damage if you just try to pull it.


WTP is very simple to care for due to the built in *antimicrobial effect. Cleaning is simply performed by using anti-bacterial soap and warm water. You may wish to give Pikilo a quick scrub over with a toothbrush just to make sure all nubs are thoroughly cleaned. Because of the nubs I personally feel it's a better cleanse to use soap or toy cleanser rather than just a wipe. Although a wipe could be used as a quick clean with intentions of a proper wash at a more convenient time.
Never place WTP toys in hot water or in the dishwasher.

* SinFive toys are impregnated with antimicrobial effect which allows the material to prevent the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. These molecules are firmly rooted into the material and retain the germ-resistant property for many years. This antimicrobial effect attacks the metabolism of any microorganisms that come into contact with it which renders them incapable of surviving.

The packaging was a simple flimsy cardboard box with a front flap that isn't magnetic so it doesn't stay closed. But around this is a cardboard sleeve so Pikilo can't escape. This sleeve features a large image of the toy on the front and on the back is a very basic write up in numerous languages. There is no plastic clear covering beneath the front flap so once you open it the toy is right there to grab out. Inside the box is a molded plastic base in which the toy sits snugly. I found the suction cap, information booklet, antimicrobial effect information and a 5yr extended guarantee card in behind the plastic tray. The company no longer throws in free lube or a pouch. The box isn't the most ideal storage as it can be easily torn easily.




I probably wouldn't recommend this one to those new to toys due to the extreme texture and how I reacted to it. I'm use to and love a lot of texture, but this one is over the top! For those dare devils who wish to go there, it could be used anally which would make it great for both the girls and guys. I found it more than rough enough vaginally so I won't be testing this one anally – I treasure my butt too much. Because there is no motor it can be used in the shower or anywhere else you desire. Use it with or without the suction cap base. The cap is fairly firm and I found it a little rough on the hand when using Pikilo for thrusting so I prefer it without the base.
If you're sharing this between orifices or other people whom you're not fluid bonded with I recommend using a condom.
Could be the perfect toy for Doms out there who like to dish out some rough play to their subs.


I have other toys which have the slightly coarser matte texture and haven't had an issue at all. But when you add nubs to the mix it tends to make it feel quite rough. I love texture and size queen toys, but this one is just too much for me.
Included is a 5yr guarantee card that you can send away to Germany within the first year of purchasing your new dildo. Personally I won't be doing any such thing. To me it would be a total waste of a stamp!
SinFive say to never place it in the washing machine either which cracked me up! I guess throwing a handful of toys into the washing machine may seem like the perfect cleansing method for some.

I'm giving Pikilo 2 stars.
Follow-up commentary
As much as I hate to throw away a toy (unless it is made from one of the toxic smelling materials), I just can't see me ever using this one again. I swear my kegels are working overtime so my vagina is clamped closed each time I even think about the Pikilo.
And there is no way it's going to enter the back door.

Frankly, I could really use the cabinet position it's taking up, so a pleasable dildo can take its spot.

Bye-bye Pikilo!
This product was provided at a discounted price in exchange for an unbiased review. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.
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    Fantastic review, looks like one I would like! I've always wanted a dildo that the nubs could be felt really well on!
  • Shellz31
    If you like the full on nubs that are more than felt, this one is sure to please!
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    Nice review!
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    Thanks for your review!
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    I'm really curious about how this one feels.
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